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  1. Why “Mr.” And “son”? Can’t a poster be female?
  2. I thought Slate did a nice job on the last Zips game he called. He obviously knows the players and coaches in today’s MAC really well. And I liked his coach point of view. He’s no Michael Reghi, but who is?😜
  3. The Zips have their highest ceiling when Dailey is on the floor. He’s just got to start playing to his potential.
  4. Solid choice. Can't go wrong with the son of God. Probably a better choice than even Lee Owens? But is coaching the Zips football team worth coming back after 2000+ years of laying low? Coach Halford still seems like the likely choice.
  5. If I were to pose a "disagree" point of view - 1.) The Embick hire was a no-brainer. It's who Porter wanted as his successor. He was already within the program. Compare that to the identification and hire of Porter after Lolla left. THAT was a great hire. No one thought we'd upgrade after Lolla. 2.) Groce was just fortunate timing. Like when Gary Waters fell into CSU's lap after Rutgers. He was just fired by Illinois and looking for work...he was highly familiar with the MAC, successful in the MAC, and Akron was appealing with it's string of 20-win seasons and championship appearances. Another no-brainer. 3.) I dunno if most wanted Bowden fired. At best it was probably 50/50, with 50% giving him one more year. And 50% of fans always want the back up QB to start, and the coach fired. It took some balls to fire Bowden, pay him off, and pay off UTC to get Arth. If it turns out all the expense netted us one win in 2 seasons, and 70 kids in the transfer portal, it was a colossal botched hire. I really wonder if we'd need to drop to a lower division because all players transfer out. We'd need to file for some sort of appeal with the NCAA to field a D-1 team. In a program with no great hires in it's 34 year D-1 history, if Arth leaves now his hire would be hands-down the worst. I don't think there would be an opportunity for redemption for a guy responsible for killing the football program. We'll see what happens if Arth leaves. He's not returning GT's texts...but it could be that he just doesn't want to discuss the next Pixar movie.
  6. I never thought I'd see Rob Halford on the short list. Ripper Owens held Rob's position, is a local guy, and we could get him for the price of a tribute band lead singer. Win-win?
  7. HC Charlie Frye. Chase Blackburn as DC. Hixon as OC. With transferring being so easy, would there be any players left to coach?
  8. I said it earlier, but he's been our 3rd most impactful player this year. He reminds me a lot of Deji Ibitayo. Long, athletic and raw as a freshman. Improved every year.
  9. SB playing Duquesne on espn2. BG Buffalo on CBS Sports
  10. A Zips fan’s glass of hemlock is always half full. 😀
  11. There are some years when the Zips can handle an OOC schedule like this, and 2021 isn't it. If in 2020 we surrendered 70 points to Kent State, and only threw for 87 against Bowling Green, I can't imagine how uncompetitive these games will be.
  12. We go from playing a non-scholarship FCS team, to Ohio State. That should be quite the change of pace.
  13. I think there's a lot to be said for continuity, and the Zips haven't had any this season. Few practices, and fewer games. That's tough for a team that has so many new faces. That said, those are the cards we've been dealt. The door is wide open for any player desiring playing time to get it if he can provide a consistent offensive presence, and get a few floor burns on defense. Aside from brief flashes of marksmanship from Trimble, none of our highly touted newbies has shown they know what it takes to win in the MAC. They need to dig deeper. Make an impact on defense if your shot isn't falling. Get some fast break points. Our #2 best player is a walk-on. And it is arguable that Ali Ali could be our #3 most impactful player this season. Their energy and athleticism stands out. That's beyond surprising, considering we brought in players from Iowa, Wake Forest and Saint Johns whose energy has yet to stand out.
  14. With a decade invested on ZipsNation and 7,800 posts, I choose to trust you. And if you aren't quite 100% certain of Brandon Bischoff's scholarship status, that is something I can live with. 😁 Thanks for all the content you bring to ZipsNation! I don't acknowledge it often enough!🦘🥇
  15. Dirk Nowitzki and Willis Reed? Don't know any Dirk's and Reed's from the Zips, so I guess you can have them.
  16. I can't wait until he becomes the first Grad Transfer to transfer back to his original school!👨‍🎓
  17. Boogie departing is disappointing. He wasn't a star, but he was a solid MAC player. And the Zips need all the upperclassmen they can get. I get the historical argument that coaches could leave a program whenever they pleased, but players had to sit a year whenever they transferred. I also get that a student athlete has 5 years to play, and then the ride it over. So a senior who sticks with the Zips probably looks at 2021 and says..."I wanna win, and I don't see that happening in Akron in 2021, so I'm outta here." But... But is it good for college athletics to have student athletes transferring whenever they please? Are those transferring going to find a landing spot, or will many of them become ordinary Joe's, paying their own way if they want to attend college? It seems like a big mess. It's no fun being a 20 year old college student right now. And it can't be any fun being a college coach in 2021 either.
  18. Big Dog was 6-16 on FT's. I think he missed his last 6 or 8? It was criminal that we lost that game. Should have beat OSU by 15.
  19. For those of you who shelled out the big. bucks for a CBS subscription, you can check out KD and old friends TDMartin and Mike Hughes right now as Duquesne takes on Davidson.
  20. You are correct. Sorry about that. He was injured in camp. And I haven't even started drinking today...
  21. I believe that was Jonah Morris in game #1 two years ago, after a personal foul call?
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