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  1. Rain cancelled the event, but Arth and the staff will still be at Lake Forest CC at 11am for a meet and greet.
  2. UA signed his contract, and UA fired him. If there’s any grousing over TB getting paid not to coach the Zips this year, who should get the blame?
  3. If UA fired me, I’d put what’s best for me ahead of what’s best for UA too.
  4. The good news is we can’t possibly shoot any worse from behind the arc than we did last year regardless of where they moved it to.
  5. I think the traditional "Senior Night" is officially passé. Too bad...I always like the ceremony with the parents alongside the kid that you watched grow from an 18 year old role player into a 22 year old All MAC'er. Call me sentimental, but "Transfer Portal 5th-Year Eligibility Night" just ain't the same...
  6. I'm guessing he'll foul out, get a couple rebounds, score a couple points, make 40% of his free throws and get a couple blocks consistently in Utah.
  7. Trevor Brown doesn't merit even a 4th team all MAC mention? He's started every game at Left Tackle for the last 2 seasons, and done a great job.
  8. So far, only an offer from Hampton? Bowden had said a lot of P5 schools were after him to play LB, but he wanted to play RB. Now he's listing himself as an LB? Twitter
  9. Wasn't Abreu suspended for that game? Maybe Tree too? It was a fun trip. UA chartered a nice bus ride to Morgantown. Even provided beer on the bus!
  10. I'll let you know once we return to being a legit contender for a MAC Championship.
  11. McElwain Tells Hicks to Hit the Bricks
  12. Sorry, there's too large a gap between a 72 Roo and a 19 Roo.
  13. He’s only going to get better. Really looking forward to seeing what Arth and Gasser do with our WR’s this year, and next (with everyone returning).
  14. Makes me want to drink Tres Agaves.🌵
  15. That’s a little puzzling and very disappointing. He got a lot of reps in the spring. You’d think he’d be happy about his chance to be an RB here for 4 seasons? Maybe the staff wanted him to switch to the defensive side? I believe he was a gray shirt, so he could play immediately elsewhere. Too bad.
  16. A couple weeks ago Zips redshirt sophomore receiver Jeremiah Knight was nice enough to answer a few questions from me and Dr. Z after practice. Here's his story - Catching On As always, thanks to Dr. Z for the great supporting photography and layout!
  17. That makes sense. I quit attending Zips hoops games during the Coleman Crawford era. The games stopped being fun. Crawford was the nicest guy in the world, but a completely inept college basketball head coach.
  18. You're correct.I fixed it. We were discussing Suggs yesterday and I guess I had Suggs-on-the-brain.
  19. It was tough to get to my keyboard this weekend. Here are some belated practice notes - As per usual, there were group practice drills, interspersed with a few scrimmage periods. Lots of work in the red zone. We are going to have a lot of red zone options this upcoming season. It will be tough for anyone to cover Dre, Boogie, Nate and Jonah when we go 4-wide. Someone's going to be open. It doesn't seem like there's any doubt that this is Kato's team. In comparison to last season, he seems much more mature and poised. An Achilles heel of his has been letting his emotions get the best of him. Maybe Arth's calm demeanor is rubbing off on Kato a little? Speaking of Arth, he's definitely coaching "harder" in week 4 of the spring. In the first two Saturday practices there weren't very many critical assessments. Everything was positive. Today you heard a little barking at guys that lined up in the wrong spot, or who didn't know the play. Expectations are higher than one month ago. Reggie Corner was on the sidelines. Apparently injured. Ditto Dre Williams. Sampson and Keyondre White also didn't play. If the number of practice reps has anything to do with the QB pecking order, it looks like it's Kato, then Kelley, then TJ Deshields and then Ramart. Deltron is definitely bigger. Hopefully that helps his durability...staying healthy has always been a struggle for him. He had a really nice 35 yard TD run in one of the scrimmage sessions where he made a couple inside juke moves, then broke it outside and outran everyone to the endzone. Jonah Morris looked very good yesterday. Made some nice catches in the endzone. Nate Stewart continues to impress. He's had an excellent spring. There's no way diminutive RB Brandon Lee isn't seeing meaningful snaps on offense this season. He has the height of Franshon Bickley, but the comparisons end there. Tough runner with great speed. Jerry Fitschen got a couple opportunities to kick the ball through the uprights instead of just kicking off, and acquitted himself very well. He hit a 37 yarder to end the practice. Kato hit Dustin Burkhart on a long 50+ yard TD bomb late in the day. It was fun seeing Shawn Featherstone back in action. That's all I've got. It was more drills than scrimmaging today, so there weren't a lot of "sexy" happenings to report on. The biggest positive I walked away thinking about is - A more mature, improved Kato, plus 4 high level WR's in Josh Boogie, Nate and Dre means our offense is going to be a lot of fun to watch next year. We have a nice jab and punch combo in the backfield, where we can go small/fast with Sands and Lee, and power/big with White and Alce. Floyd has looked good too. And, I think Arth will find a way to feature Wolfley. He was underutilized last season.
  20. Arth needs to work on loosening up those hips!
  21. Terry's busted cheating off someone's paper!
  22. Need to wait and see who graduates. It’s tough to keep up anymore.
  23. I wouldn't mind seeing another grad transfer, like Duvivier, plucked from the free agent market. He was as good as Utomi, and more consistent. As much as the mid-majors are losing their senior "stars" to Power 5 schools, the seniors sitting on the pine at Power 5's are transferring down to MAC-level programs.
  24. I had the opportunity to interview Josh Ward after last Saturday’s practice. Yet another great representative of Zips football! Thanks as always to Dr. Z for the nice layout and great supporting photos! Article
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