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  1. Amazing. If this is accurate, the ability to add 2 more players to this squad would be incredibly beneficial. I feel like the 11 we have currently could win the MAC again, but to add anyone to that would be a massive bonus.
  2. I still don't think I've gotten an answer on this. Do we have a scholarship left to offer anyone?
  3. What was the competition like that he was posting up against? Same size guys or bigger than him?
  4. I'm bored - the new norm. So, here's an accurate by-position list (I believe) of the roster (excluding walk-ons) for next season (grade reflects next season). Guard LCJ (5'8" RS SR) Garvin Clarke (6'0" FR) Greg Tribble Jr. (6'1" SO) Bryan Trimble Jr. (6'2" RS JR?) MIkal Dawson (6'5" SO) Tre Edwards (6'6" SO?) Forward Jermaine Marshall (6'6" SO/JUCO) Maishe Dailey (6'7" SR) Cam Reece (6'7" SR/JUCO) Ali Ali (6'8" SO) Taylor Currie (6'8" FR) Am I missing anyone/anything? Do we have any open schollies left? We need one big in there, at least 6'9"/6'10". Our perimeter defense will be unmatched, though. Our height and athleticism will be a nightmare for other teams. Guys like Trimble, Edwards, and Dailey saw first-hand what Groce wants to do on offense and defense, and should have no problem living up to the expectations set by this year's squad.
  5. Can we get an updated Scholly Chart if possible? There's nothing better to do nowadays. 😂
  6. X is the kinda guy I wish we could have had for 4 years. He represented the Blue & Gold incredibly well.
  7. My guess is no because he's a JUCO. I believe it's a seamless transition to DI ball from there. I said this in the Recruiting thread for him, but he looks like a slightly weaker Reece with a jump shot. He finishes well around the rim with/after contact, and is heady on defense with an aggressive approach. Groce's strength & conditioning program should have no problem putting size on him. I think he'll fit the system nicely, and as we've seen with Groce's recruiting tactics, it's all about the system fit - not the "traditional basketball" fit of grabbing guys just because of their height, etc.
  8. Interesting... Looks like a slightly weaker Cam Reece, but with a jump shot. He looks athletic enough to stretch the floor, and seems to finish well with/after contact around the rim. He plays bigger than 6'6", and Groce's strength & conditioning program will have no problem putting size on him. I like the idea of adding more experience to this squad!
  9. Only two players that scared me from that squad. Well done WMU. Hope The Rona was a good enough excuse to submarine your program even more.
  10. 100% agree with all of this. LCJ definitely isn't going anywhere, and this team is going to be just fine from a leadership standpoint. Completely forgot we have Garvin coming in. By the way, did you mean Tribble? Trimble and Tribble will be confusing for the next couple of seasons haha. I'm looking for Tribble to make a massive leap, and hope he focuses on his shot & free throws. Trimble, coming from the St. John's program, should be able to step in right away and produce. Any word on what Buffalo's recruiting is like this year with the newish coach and a disappointing year? Akron has to be the pre-season favorite with LCJ returning (nobody is going to dig deep enough into the MAC to look past LCJ), but OU will be VERY formidable. Boals & Groce are building something special at their respective schools, and that's going to be a fun rivalry all the way around - coaching (although I can't hate Boals), players, and school.
  11. One way to cut through time is have a couple players on the bench that have to sit out during a year where we had great chemistry. Guys like Trimble and Dailey should be able to fill the leadership roles with Cheese, Riak, Banks, & X departing. The key is LCJ. Him returning is massive for this program, and we owe it to him to show how thankful we are.
  12. I know there wasn't a postseason for us this year, but One Shining Moment has been the social media posts from this squad. These guys were truly close. It's a shame they were robbed of showing the nation just how special this group was. I hope we never take the 2019-20 Zips for granted, because they have been one of the best groups ever to represent the University.
  13. With this being the only coaching change in the MAC, I wonder how much the absence of the MAC Tourney played into keeping some of the other coaches. Did the coaches convince the ADs they could have made a run in Cleveland?
  14. Interesting quote from an ESPN article. "I decided to change leadership of our program days before the COVID-19 crisis emerged. A comprehensive national search in this time of anxiety, despite exceedingly strong national interest in the position, just didn't sit well with me," athletic director Kathy Beauregard said in a statement. I don't know if that's a cop out, but if I'm a WMU fan, using the Coronavirus situation as an excuse to not have an extensive HC search wouldn't sit well with me.
  15. Hang the banner! "SI.com Simulated 2020 NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen"
  16. Many MAC players have used this rule throughout the years. It's quite beneficial to them. They get pro training experience, networking, and the return to college card in their back pocket.
  17. Turner was recognized at their senior night. This wasn't a surprise. It is good news though.
  18. I'll be there, assuming there won't be more than 10 people in attendance. Shouldn't be a problem considering the last time Akron played at OSUcks, they were already practicing social distancing (super small crowd). This matchup makes perfect sense. Groce was an assistant at OSUcks and I believe has a good relationship with Holtmann.
  19. Interesting but not surprising. I appreciate that he stayed with the program as long as he did. I agree with Clark that he was never the same after his injury. Wasn't his injury due to a BS technical earlier in the game that potentially sat in the back of his mind and made him let go of the rim too early on the dunk? I wonder how Groce will fill the extra scholly.
  20. We most likely should have been anticipating our seed and matchup for the NCAA Tournament today. Instead, the sports world shut down and the world in general is shutting down. I caught myself realizing this team didn't get the proper recognition from the fans at the end of the season. Not because the fans didn't show up, but because a special season like this is usually capped off with a community celebration at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on a Saturday night in March, maybe followed by a NCAA Tourney watch party at the JAR for our seed/matchup. I wanted to let Coach Groce know how much Zips Nation (not this site but the fans) appreciated this group of guys and the season. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mr. Groce, I am not an Akron alum. I was born in 1994, and I'm pretty sure I learned the Akron Blue & Gold fight song before I learned to even breathe. My dad and grandma are both Akron alumni, and I bleed Blue & Gold because of them. Two quick stories before I continue. My parents tell this story where after an Akron basketball game in the mid-late 90s, I fell asleep in the back seat instantly. My dad would whistle the fight song, though, and apparently I woke up just in time to say, "Go Zips," at the end before passing back out. One year, my mom asked me who I wanted to be for Halloween, fully expecting me to say Batman or a firefighter like every other kid in the world. I said I wanted to be Bruce Weinkein, a former Akron 7' Center from the 90s. She made me a custom #00 Weinkein jersey that I would wear to every game, and it eventually got me on the news and got Bruce's attention. One Christmas, he had us meet him after the game and gave me a game-worn Weinkein jersey (I still have it), while also inviting me into the locker room for the next couple of years on Senior Night to get the autographs of the seniors on a basketball (I still have that as well). My roots are Akron, which is why I had mixed feelings when Akron hired you - not because you aren't a great coach, but because we had to get the bad taste out of our mouths from all the butt-whoopings you gave us and the success you had at our rival Ohio U. I remember the first game of your tenure against Cleveland State. We had some raw skill, but I was already impressed with the style of play you preach and practice. It's very fun basketball, and not just because of the faster pace with fluid motion on offense. It's fun basketball because it's fundamentally sound. Thank you for bringing that back to Akron. I love the emphasis on defense, effort, rebounding, and FREE THROWS. The Kent game to end the year was the PERFECT example, with that game being won because of our clutch free throw shooting and effort on BOTH ends of the floor. The 2019-2020 Zips Men's Basketball team was an easy group of guys to get behind. They put the effort in during the off-season to take the program back to a level we're accustomed to at Akron. LCJ was incredibly special, and everyone around him was fun to watch. Most importantly, though, the character on this team was incredible. These are good people, first and foremost, and I want to thank you for recruiting them to Akron. On top of that, thank YOU for being a good man as well. I have heard nothing but great things about you and am proud to say you're the Head Coach of the Akron Zips Men's Basketball program. Thank you for choosing to come to Akron. Team 119 will always be remembered not because of how the season ended, but because of how much joy it gave us as fans. This team won a lot of people over, and we all appreciate the effort from the program to deliver that joy. Who knows what the future has in store, when basketball/sports will resume, etc. I'm excited for the future of the program with you at the helm, and thank you & the team again for such a special season. Go Zips.
  21. Thanks @1981 grad. I don't know if I expected as great of a season as we had (certainly did not predict LCJ's play), but I was excited for the year. As you said, it just ended too soon, and not in the usually fashion...
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