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  1. Unlike the toilet paper aisle, it's a ghost town. I was just thinking this time last week we were a day removed from beating PCCC, and we were prepping to root for CMU. Now, the sports world is shut down, and I'm not sure what to do with my life...
  2. It's gotta be a slap in the face to the players for the NCAA to be talking about still playing the tourney next week just a day after cancelling everything.
  3. Suckeyes coach Chris Holtmann was on 92.3 The Fan this afternoon with Bull & Fox. The hope is potentially revisiting re-opening the NCAA Tournament later this year. Matt Norlander is saying there are talks of still revealing a 68-team bracket. He also mentioned a 16-team tournament starting next Thursday. This would be incredibly stupid and contradictory in my opinion.
  4. Possibly some good news and confirmation? From LCJ's Instagram (accompanied by a pic of him cutting down the nets)... little_loren3 After hearing the news yesterday I was devastated. My brothers and I worked so hard to get to where we are at and our goals still being able to be accomplished. I’m hurting for my brothers @chanlo_loc @ty4cheese @xwilliams20 @dengriak @quelleee_ you guys are true definitions of warriors and I’m grateful to have played alongside you guys. The Akron fans that have watched us grow throughout the season and supported us thank you. We will be back to carry on the legacy that those 5 seniors have paved for us and accomplish the goals we set out that were cut short. I love y’all boys you guys have done more for me then you even know. Forever my Family. #1Akron #TTP
  5. I'm going to direct you to Mr. Steinbrecher, as he makes more than me and may know more.
  6. According to Lunardi, we would have been 8 pt. underdogs to Maryland.
  7. Steinbrecher is on 92.3 The Fan with Baskin & Phelps right now. He said that conversations are being teed up about granting an extra year of eligibility. He said spring sport athletes will be an easier argument for that, while winter sport athletes will be a more difficult discussion due to them playing a full season and only missing the postseason. All MAC recruiting activities have been suspended (he's hoping the NCAA puts a blanket ban on recruiting activities). Formal practices of any kind are not allowed, while voluntary activities are. Also mentioned that alterations would have had to been made to MAC Tourney if it would have been played. They were allowing 120 people per institution, but Dewine banned gatherings of 100+.
  8. Ohio cancelled its state playoffs. Good luck to Luke Brown and Blackford!
  9. Considering China started the cover up in December, there's a good chance it has been here since then.
  10. Finishing off the season with a win over PCCC. The celebration of the team at the end showed how special this group is/was. This team deserved a shot to make noise in the postseason.
  11. You're telling me we could have this roster back next year, plus all the transfers/redshirts? Count me in!
  12. Seems like just yesterday we were allowed to be elbow-to-elbow in a gym watching basketball...
  13. Amazing. What a time to be alive... Meanwhile it's safe to send kids to school tomorrow, but not on Monday. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th by the way.
  14. RIP March Madness 2020. Unbelievable.
  15. The only thing immune to COVID-19.
  16. Why? Gobert went around touching the mics and messing around with teammates' stuff. There was direct contact there between Mitchell and Gobert. The NCAA has time to move these games out of the NBA arenas and into smaller arenas if it's that big of a concern.
  17. Revisiting this after the NCAA decision to have a fan-less March Madness (or even cancelling potentially) - you're looking like a genius.
  18. Apparently MAC officials are meeting this morning to discuss the tournament because the Jazz played there recently.
  19. Semi-Finals/Finals matchup in the Quarterfinals. Focus. Effort. Aggressiveness. Free Throws. The reason I included "aggressiveness" is jump shots in Cleveland can take time to adjust, let alone in an empty arena. Who knows how we'll shoot from deep, so I'm looking for us to be more aggressive and drive to the basket. That being said, darkhorse MVP of this game: Tribble.
  20. Well how about you unite us and distract us with a Game Thread for today. You've made 'em all season and now, TOURNEY TIME, you don't?! We're doomed...
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