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  1. Mumpfield!! 🙌 Best Zips freshman WR since David Harvey?
  2. Boateng in the game #23 Ronald Jackson's a player
  3. Nice article by GT. Extremely impressive, mature quotes from Kato. He's beginning to sound like a future coach. But... all the players' quotes are from Kato; none from Irons. So... yeah, gotta think Arth didn't make Irons available to the media due to him probably not going to be able to go today. Sh!t 😕 If we lose today... this is a must win game
  4. Where did you see the home whites? Can you post a link?
  5. Can't wait to see this team play. Man, am I jonesing to be back in the JAR.
  6. It’s just a link to the bio of Portland State University’s new assistant soccer coach - former Zip Ben Zemanski.
  7. I just get general admission tickets, but you can always sit right on the 50-yard line in the upper deck on the visitor’s side. The seats are pretty awesome.
  8. Welcome! Should be a beautiful day for football! Go Zips!
  9. Nice! I took a group of 8 to the Bryant game. We had to leave following the third quarter so we missed most of the action. 😕
  10. Got some new uni's coming! I've been looking but this is the only picture I could find so far.
  11. Right. Liking a tweet doesn’t mean you necessarily agree with it. He probably just thought it was funny & liked the attention (like all humans). Lol
  12. I meant to posted this in this thread, but I'll leave it up in the OSU thread as well: I don't fall into the camp which thinks all publicity is good publicity. I'd rather have none than this: We don't need potential recruits seeing stuff like this, nor any thoughts being put in DJ's head. (He "liked" the tweet.)
  13. I don't fall into the camp which thinks all publicity is good publicity. I'd rather have none than this: Additionally, we don't need potential recruits seeing stuff like this nor any thoughts being put in DJ's head. (He "liked" the tweet.)
  14. The following year, when Lee Owens was hired was the year I really started following the Zips closely. But I remember that game. I had hope for the Zips' future then (yep, hope's been springing in my heart for 27 years) because in that game the Zips started a true-freshman QB named Brian Magrell (sp?) & came away with the epic W. Brian's one of the better athletes to have come out of my proud alma mater, Green HS. (That's not saying a whole lot 😂)
  15. I've wondered the same for years. We're always talking about payday games, but you never hear Walsh or Dayton... or for that matter even high schools... talking about payday games. Our facilities are, obviously, more expensive to maintain than D-II or D-III schools, but other than that, what's the big difference?
  16. Good man. This should be a good game & I’m looking forward to beginning MAC play with a win over the Kittens 💪💪
  17. This is missing the point. It’s not payday games in general, it’s scheduling the best-of-the-best, at this point in our programs “development”, instead of the other 70% of schools we could schedule for payday games; games in which we may have a slight chance at not becoming a state-wide laughing stock. It’s Monday, as a known Zips fan I now can enjoy being mocked & having eyes rolled at me at work today. Auburn and Ohio State, this year, with this team, was imbecilic.
  18. We would've beaten Nebraska. Then one of the football gods - which one I don't know, they're all against us - hurled a lightning bolt to stop the game.
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