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  1. Kent is playing good, aggressive D. Is OU simply that soft?
  2. Btw, on the year thus far, about 1:30 of PT for Taylor Curry & 0:00 PT for Tre Edwards. the way we were clicking -v- Ohio do you think Groce has found the rotation? Aziz should be available now, right?
  3. LCJ thoroughly outplayed Jason Preston. I was thinking Preston would overtake LCJ as MACPOY this season. Looks like I was (happily) dead wrong. LCJ has mastered the game. If he were 6 feet tall he'd be an NBA player.
  4. Correct. As in football, this is kind of like an exhibition season.
  5. Congrats! He looks good. His OC better not be Milwe.
  6. About an hour ago I passed the OU bus coming north on 77 near Arlington. Getting excited! Go Zips! 💪💪
  7. Michiah seems like a great young man. Can't fault him for looking for PT. Good luck, Michiah!
  8. Freeman's turned into a nice PF. But he's out of position at the 5. (Ditto with Reece.) Malone's tallest player was 6'7", so Freeman's not going to be able to do that against MAC opponents. We really need Currie (or Aziz) to come in so Freeman & Reece can slide over & play their more natural 4 position.
  9. While we struggled against Malone, Buffalo is currently leading Syracuse by 14 with 5 minutes till the half.
  10. We’d better get our act together or this game will get ugly. we haven’t figured out our starters yet, let alone any sort of rotation. No chemistry yet. Should Freeman start, or should we ease him along a bit more slowly? Reece off the bench? the only certain starter is LCJ. Tribble may still be hobbled come Tuesday so our backup PG may be true freshman Garvin Clarke. He’s gonna be a good one but he’s probably not ready for the intensity of an OU game after only playing 2 games.
  11. Glad we’re not playing Kent today. Good grief 😂
  12. Sadly, no. GT’s just on vacation 😕
  13. Is the Malone game airing on ESPN+?
  14. Incoming QB DJ Irons will enroll in January and take part in spring practice, as will Monaghan (TE), Gathings (WR), and Mumpfield (WR). IIRC Ryan Jankowski (QB) is already enrolled. DJ Irons was the Georgia big-school-division Offensive POY his senior year in high school.
  15. I was a Jonah Morris fan because 1. he was a Zip, and 2. he was a local product. I'm always partial toward the local boys. However, even seeing him play a handful of times in high school, he never blew me away. I think people were just enamored with his potential at 6'4".
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