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  1. This game was complete garbage from the beginning. I sure hope they're ready for Ball State or things could really start to get ugly. Blah.
  2. 45-56, it's not quite over yet. At least I hope it's not...
  3. I guess if the last two games are any indication then we've got them right where we want them? I've got nothing else... Ugh.
  4. Manny should build a new place across the street.From what I've heard Manny is the one who opened Ray's in Highland Square next to a bar called The Matinee which is also a Nemr owned establishment. Speaking as a student I can't wait until the new stadium goes up. And yeah, the Plasma Center needs to go. I hate trying to walk past that place when its open. I can't think of a time I've walked past that place and haven't been asked to spare change , if I have a cigarette (I don't even smoke), threatened, or had a home bum attempt to scam me or my buddies in some way. I understand everyone has problems and sometimes people fall on hard times but hitting up college students for money is an exercise in futility. I just want to be able to walk to class or to the Taco Bell without having to make up excuses about why I've got no cash flow or why I can't sign their "petition" with my phone number and credit card number.
  5. The thug from Can't who had to be restrained by the ref was #11 Jordan Mincy who had to be restrained from attacking Dials. There's a picture of it up on ESPN and the caption gives his name. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/photos?photo...ameId=280232309
  6. You know whats funny?.....the browns suck and pittsburgh beat you twice...ha ha ha love it. and went to the playoffs....just a serious question though.....are the browns showing off their super bowl trophies next year for the season opener?!?!?!?!?! hahahahaUmmmmm... Just out of curiousity, what does that comment have to do with Zips basketball, the OU Can't game, MAC basketball, or basketball in general? Anyway, I felt that OU turned in an excellent effort at home and their offense seemed to move more smoothly without Walther in the game, better passes and a good job kicking the ball out for open shots. Honestly I'm a little more nervous about facing Can't at the MAC Center now that they've tasted defeat in conference play, they're really going to be ready for us. However, I'm confident that the ZIPS will be fired up and Coach D will have the team ready to break out of the MAC Center with a W. But not to overlook tomorrow, lets remind the flunkin' falcons why we're #1 in the MAC!!
  7. Nice free throw shooting tonight by the Zips. A very physical game and a good road win. Back to the JAR for two. See you all there!
  8. Wood's presence inside is crucial, as well as free throw shooting. Come on Zips lets finish this one off!
  9. Sounds like a brutal first half. 35-29 Zips.
  10. This game should be in triple OT right now. Can someone please explain why Dials wasn't awarded three free throws? Clearly he was shooting the ball. That was a bonehead call if I've ever seen one. Regardless, great effort by the Zips. Time to get ready for Miami.
  11. At 3:03 a.m. Zippy's lead is only 41 votes. Zippy 22,324 votes. That Ridiculous Orange Blob thing 22,283 votes. The Roo needs our help. If our favorite marsupial is going to see the finals she is going to need everyone's help. Go Zippy.
  12. Northern most Denny's in the world, haha. Excellent pictures. Keep them coming! Go Zips!
  13. I hope to see all of Zips Nation at the Rubber Bowl for the final game of the season, winning record or not. We are Zips and Zips don't quit. The Senior class deserves a worthwhile send off. With all of the heart that the seniors, and especially starters like Arthur, Tate, Corner, Stokes, Cecchetti, Schepp, and Mackey have shown this season the least us fans and students can do is get out to the final game of the season to show our support. With all that Mackey has left out on the field for our team this season I would find it near impossible to not show up next friday. The ESPN commentators were right about that guy, there should be an award named after him. LETS GO ZIPS!
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