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  1. Perhaps force their hand? The majority of schools losing money far outnumbers those that make money. Let the 20 profiteers play one another all year. That might be pretty boring? Maybe the professional leagues should be permitted to start drafting athletes out of high school? Pretty absurd that these "power conference" profiteers are permitted to interfere with a person's right to earn a living. Idk. I don't have all the answers. Like most posters on this board, I just want the best for my alma mater and it is sickening to me when our school's athletic department starts posting white flags of surrender on its social media page. Perhaps we can start wishing Can't good luck during the battle for the wagon wheel on our social media? Very disheartening. Just felt compelled to post on the issue. Akron can do far better. Akron is a great city with an excellent university and that is something to take pride in. Congratulating an opponent after defeat is fine and good sportsmanship. If our football team competed in a bowl game against ohio state u and lost to them, posting a congratulatory comment on social media would certainly be acceptable. However, actively advertising an in state opponent and rival that we have not competed against this season is beyond absurd in my opinion.
  2. The NCAA should act as a governing body and create an even playing field for all division one FBS participants. Unfortunately money runs the "even playing field." It is patently absurd that at least half of all division one FBS football programs are systematically excluded from any legitimate chance at competing for a national championship. Only 20 or so athletic departments are actually in the black. It is disgusting that these institutions have created a system where other athletic departments are relegated to incurring absurd amounts of debt merely to keep competing. Not only do these profiteers manipulate this system toward the destuction of its participants, but they use it to justify their prominence as well as the inadequacy of their competitors. It is sick and dishonest beyond words. An honest field of competition would place all conference champions in the playoffs, just like the NFL. Champions should be decided through honest competition between true student athletes, not the bottom line. #WeH8OhioSt8
  3. 2013 MAC Basketball Championship attendance: 12,102 (Akron did play).
  4. 5 assists, 11 turnovers in the first half. 13 assists, 3 turnovers in the second half. I think that pretty much sums it up. Kwan had a nice game with 17 points and 11 rebounds, his first double-double I believe.
  5. Ohio is pretty strict with regard to incidents of domestic violence and does not require a victim of domestic violence to press charges. "Prosecution Declined" simply means that the prosecutor chose not to pursue the case. Additionally, a Division I basketball scholarship is not a fundamental right or liberty, it is a privilege. Just because he was not charged with a crime does not necessarily mean he should now be putting on an Akron basketball jersey. If the alleged facts are indeed true, I would honestly rather he didn't. However, without knowing all of the facts, all anyone can do is wish the best for all parties involved and move on.
  6. Excellent job finishing 3rd in this tournament. Had no idea what to expect out of this team coming into the season, but things look very promising so far. Love Foresythe's play thus far this year. Tonight was a dogfight and he looked like a starving pit bull fighting for a steak. The improvement in back court play over last season is just ridiculous. Antino and Noah are already difference makers. Having a solid point guard is just so fundamentally important. Cheatham and Evans have taken huge steps forward. Love their play so far. Kwan poses a lot of matchup problems with his diverse skill set. Four years of hard work are paying dividends for Deji. Great game tonight. Played under control and with confidence. Could become a nightmare for conference opponents. Reggie and Jake will find their groove this season and remain solid contributors. Will likely be difference makers at least a few times during the conference grind. I think this team has the potential to be much better than last year's team. From what I've seen so far this looks like a group of unegotistical guys who are coachable, play hard on both ends of the floor, and play for each other, which is not only great to see but could potentially result in a lot of victories. Southen Cal and South Carolina are nowhere near world beaters, but for a MAC team to have wins over the Pac12 and SEC four games into the season it looks impressive regardless. Keep up the hard work.
  7. Ohio U made their sweet 16 appearance in the 2012 NCAA Tournament.
  8. Akron often a tough trip for Herd Bowden complimentary of the Thundering Herd Herd sees shades of own offense in Zips
  9. I really didn't see it as "playing not to lose." From what I was able to ascertain, these were two pretty closely matched football teams. This was evidenced by Akron's ability to stop the psu run game dead in its tracks without completely loading the box and our ability to generate good pressure on their quarterback by only rushing 4. We didn't really have to gamble a lot because we were getting pretty good pressure all game. I also felt the offense was able to move the ball very well on numerous drives. Really, the problem was stalling in the red zone. I believe we were in the red zone 4 times. 3 points from 4 red zone appearances will likely win zero games. In my opinion we could have ran the ball a little more than we did, but then again I'm sure I wasn't seeing exactly what AJ or Coach Bowden was seeing from the psu defense. They were showing a lot of blitzes and crazy stunts. For example, on a few plays they dropped all their lineman and rushed 4 linebackers. Also don't understand the Chisolm hate. He was quick,explosive and agressive in the touches that he saw. As for the first down play - had it blown up on the big screen in 1080p - the green grass was waving hello between his toe and the sideline. Either way, that was a result of momentum, not ducking tacklers. He's a good back. Good luck to the lions the rest of the way, they gave us the best that they had and fought hard for the win. However, had we executed as we should have offensively, the outcome may have been somewhat different. In my humble opinion, it seemed like this loss had more to do with our failure to execute at opportune times than it did with Akron being overwhelmed or outclassed by the opponent.
  10. Thoughtful article in USA Today about the offseason tragedies that struck Akron football and the Bowden family, and now the triumph the Zips seek this season. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/mac/2014/09/03/college-football-akron-zips-terry-bowden-jeff-bowden/15028799/
  11. Excited for the upcoming season and the new additions in the back court. Hasn't been much quality depth there in a while. Hope Melo's been working on that jumper in the off season. Keep the "scouting" reports coming!
  12. Seems like an intelligent guy with a really good attitude. He'll have a great experience at Akron. Welcome to Zipsnation "Robo." Looking forward to basketball season.
  13. I don't really mind this pick. With his speed and elusiveness I can certainly see the potential for him to become a contributor at the professional level. I know he's been compared to Darren Sproles by some, hopefully the comparisons are warranted. We'll just have to wait and see how he pans out. Could be a bust or could be a diamond in the rough. Go Steelers.
  14. To be honest, my personal favorite in this extremely important candidacy was Dean Martin Belsky, however, my opinion is likely somewhat biased. Regardless, best of luck to Dr. Scarborough, I certainly hope you embrace this university and community with pride, honor, and the progressive vision that Dr. Proenza has demanded from the Akron community, its students, and its alumni. "We pledge anew, we're all for you" and Akron expects nothing less in reciprocity. Nothing but the absolute best. Welcome Dr. Scarborough
  15. Nice. Hope you keep up with Akron basketball a little bit even after Q's time here. Hopefully the program keeps moving forward and becomes even more nationally relevant and truly exciting to watch. No short shrift to those that came before and allowed the university and community to have those expectations. #StrongCharacterStrongFoundation
  16. Not too far from hitting 1,000 in a Zips uniform too. Good for him. Congrats. He certainly gave it all for Akron Basketball. He played big in a lot of big games for this school. Contributed a lot tonight too. Makes me think back to when we played Notre Dame in the tournament when Q had a great game and wasn't intimidated in the least. Heart of a lion.
  17. I want to say that we're better than this. But at this juncture, maybe we just aren't. I've become accustomed to a certain level of Akron Zips Basketball and this just isn't it. I certainly understand that teams encounter adversity throughout a season, but to put up this sort of defensive effort with the season on the line? I don't really know what to say about that. It's not like they were intimidated by the atmosphere of all 2,000 people there or anything...
  18. SMDH. Defense? Defense? Anyone? 47 points given up in 20 minutes? On pace to give up 94 points tonight? I'm sure we'll come out victorious with a second half effort like that...
  19. Zips are now the only MAC East team left. Crazy.
  20. Spectacular. Titan of the Tankard indeed. One correction though. You misspelled "broodoo."
  21. Interestingly enough, Caremelo is hitting 33.3%, or one third, of his three point attempts this season, although he certainly has far fewer attempts than most. It would be very reassuring to see Carmelo add to, or at least remain consistent with, his performance at EMU. If this team is going to go places in March, he is the "spark plug" that is gonna get this Zips engine firing on all cylinders. Not because of his three point shooting prowess of course, but because of the innate fluidity the offense demonstrates with his presence. It certainly appeared as if this squad turned a corner at EMU. Hopefully. GO ZIPS!
  22. Carmelo is having a nice game so far. Perhaps he's starting to put it all together, he's been showing some good things recently.
  23. I didn't even have to clear my cache. I just checked it out earlier today. I entered the school name in the search box, clicked on the school, the voting pop up came up, I clicked on "vote now" and it required me to enter a captcha, I subsequently entered it, clicked on submit, closed the pop up and searched for the school again to see if it permitted multiple votes, which it did. Although, I did click on the "vote now" before creating a login of any sort, so perhaps that explains it.
  24. That's incorrect. If you just click on the "vote now" option you can vote an unlimited amount of times per day and you don't need to log in to ncaa.com, google plus, twitter or facebook to do so. Obviously you have no chance of winning the individual prize if you don't log in to one of those accounts at some point, but you don't have to log into anything to contribute to your school's vote total. I'm sure that's how a school like Arkansas State is currently leading the first round.
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