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  1. If his kicks were that good they wouldn't be returning them
  2. If the upperclassmen are gone and he's not playing the "youngins".. then who is playing?
  3. Yeah, he had 3 catches last year
  4. I'd be curious how many of those yards came after they were down by a bajillion. Though the same applies to the Zips, too.
  5. Who said that? I bet they'll actually lose by 50
  6. Sure if you think they root for the Zips.
  7. That's fine. This is a Zips board. If you don't want to root for them, this isn't the place for you. 25 carries for 0 yards, sounds familiar. Enjoy. Go Zips!
  8. They're down 14-7. Go post on the ULM board
  9. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2021/08/failure-of-auburn-coach-bryan-harsin-goes-far-beyond-football-field.html
  10. Apparently the Auburn program is a tire fire right now because the coach wouldn't encourage kids to get vaccinated and now he is out on quarantine. The Auburn fans don't seem pleased
  11. Sucks about Dent but being in early on guys that end up with that kind of offer sheet is not a bad sign at all
  12. The World Chase Tag Championships are on ESPN right now. Being held at Goodyear Hall
  13. Ehh the R. Kelly halftime show is always a good one there
  14. yay this again. zipsoutsider's spidey senses are going off as we speak
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