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  1. Technically he played, not sure if you'd see him in the box score or not that day
  2. No movement off the ball, too many 3s, bad defense, Kittens shooting the lights out. Bad combo
  3. all 3 losses are to the "West," who'd a thunk it?
  4. give me the Zips and under, these early games seem to be sloppy.
  5. Are you the one that said there's an "odd obsession" with OU on this board when I mentioned they were turning things around a few weeks ago?
  6. A buffalo win is only good for us if we beat UB
  7. From your lips to Zippys ears
  8. This guy is openly praising this flop
  9. Eh I wouldn't call it expecting more. Just recognizing they're not playing very well. That said it's nice to still come out with wins when you don't have your A game. But they'll need to find it soon
  10. I don't disagree with him. His job isn't to be a cheerleader
  11. Just not great planning imo. What if one of their games the last week gets canceled and they have 1 less than everyone? Just play all the games you can and let the chips fall where they may
  12. I am quite alright with it as an Akron fan but I'm not sure I agree with them not making up a Toledo game
  13. I really like the kid but it just wasn't his night. We were getting crushed underneath and he wasn't providing anything on the offensive end either. I think our second half runs came with him off the floor
  14. The walk on dropped about 6 other boards. It wasn't really his day
  15. I love the Zips threads, but NIU shouldn't have been allowed to wear gray against them
  16. this uniform matchup is hard to watch
  17. Without Jim Christian the best press conference of all time wouldn't have happened. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
  18. Why didn't they stay in D-1? Have they transferred back up to a better school? We've already wasted too much time on this ?
  19. The vaunted West Florida Argonuats lost to whatever "Carson-Newman" is the year they won the title. I'll take the team with 75-85 scholarship players over the one with 36 scholarship players
  20. No D2 team is beating most MAC schools
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