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  1. 2019 Offers

    Only 6'8" though
  2. Baseball's Coming Back

    That's not a thing. Maybe indirectly as there's less scholarship money available later in the game but yeah, no.
  3. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    Not much buzz on Kyron Brown huh? I really thought he'd have a shot to make it at the next level
  4. MAC Hoops 18-19

    UB won at WVU last night
  5. Maishe Dailey

    It means he hasn't graduated yet
  6. Maishe Dailey

  7. Ole K.D........

    Wow. Would be rough to have to deal with a max exodus of players this late in the game huh? Sounds familiar for some reason..
  8. MAC Hoops 18-19

    I think we're on different pages here. Easy jobs aren't the good jobs. Texas/Bama/USC/ND are widely considered the best jobs in CFB, they sure ain't easy. UCLA is a top CBB job, you think Mick Cronin has a long leash?
  9. MAC Hoops 18-19

    Not to mention he's basically from NYC and may even personally prefer it
  10. MAC Hoops 18-19

    That's so little of a factor. Sure AZ has the edge, but if there was a ranking system of 100 points, maybe 5 would be allocated to that. And it's not like you have to live in Queens proper.
  11. MAC Hoops 18-19

    Coaching in the Big East, in NYC at THE GARDEN is so much of a better job than ASU. Not even close.
  12. They already announced. UB is headed there
  13. Here we go. Should know something soon on the tourney front
  14. Well, that's the bracket. Let me see when it was announced that we'd participate
  15. I posted the news on the Cayman tournament in June 2018
  16. When was the last time anyone could say our offense will be fun to watch with a straight face?
  17. MAC Hoops 18-19

    Meh. What did those Butler units do for the Horizon? Or Gonzaga/St Mary's and the rest of the WCC? They'll benefit us if we're the ones winning them for the conference imo.
  18. There was a tweet that Utomi has been looked at by UNC, UVA, Xavier and another handful of good programs. He'll be alright
  19. Astoot observation, I think we're all in agreement there
  20. EMan and Ivey were two of the five.
  21. man that's a tough loss
  22. oh geez this discussion again
  23. UA's Direction

    the irony of your signature in this discussion is amusing
  24. MAC Hoops 18-19

    They've made the tournament twice since 2006, that's not as easy as you make it sound