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  1. Dang hopefully your weekend has been going better. Sorry my thoughts didn't agree with where you wanted the conversation to go. Have a good day!
  2. 2 buy games a year would bring in 1 million extra in cash and lose possibly as much in other costs.. we're setting ourselves up for 2-2 at absolute best going into MAC play with no momentum and probably a good amount of injuries. I'm not a fan at all. The year coming up @ OSU and @ Auburn is going to be ugly.
  3. I think playing Dayton every other year is one of the dumber posts I've read. They don't have scholarship players, not gonna happen. YSU also has to agree to play at Akron every other year, also not gonna happen
  4. So was 35% getting out of hand? I wonder what the percentage was before they moved it back the first time
  5. It's the perfect bowl for our champ to go to really between distance for best attendance and getting a crack at a B1G team. The hang up is the champ just played there two weeks ago so it's hard to get some fanbases to make the same trip twice. If the MACCG was in Indy or Cleveland or somewhere else it'd be perfect
  6. sounds to me like maybe someone suggested he leave
  7. Yes, and we beat them too. Well usually
  8. It'd be idiotic to not have a 1-AA game at home every year
  9. No he would play half of this year and three full years. I think that's a thing. Maybe I'm losing it.. anyway I doubt that's what the deal is, why pick Akron over Mizzou and such if they're offering the traditional route and we aren't? Someone's gotta be on the way out
  10. Perhaps he greyshirts (is that right, maybe blue shirt?) And starts playing spring semester
  11. On the bright side, 50% of the new system will be better than 100% of Milwee's
  12. Perhaps we liked this kid more
  13. So I'm starting to wonder.. in baseball some kids will hold off on committing because the June draft opens up a lot of spots. I wonder if some kids will wait until this time of year to commit with the transfer rules the way they are and hope to get a better offer when teams start scrambling
  14. Yeah I don't know much about this specific player but not all offers are committable
  15. That's not a thing. Maybe indirectly as there's less scholarship money available later in the game but yeah, no.
  16. Not much buzz on Kyron Brown huh? I really thought he'd have a shot to make it at the next level
  17. It means he hasn't graduated yet
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