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  1. If you don't consider JoPa "sportsman" of college football coaches, who is? Having met JoPa and sat through a quarter of an NFL preseason game with him, IMHO, you couldn't be more off.
  2. Sports Illustrated lists its Spring Heisman candidates and Charlie is not there. But they give Gradkowski the "long shot" call. I think Charlie is going to have to knock off PSU or Virginia to get noticed. THE LONG SHOT: Bruce Gradkowski, QB, Toledo, Jr. Just when you think the MAC may be tapped out of quarterbacks, another one surfaces. Gradkowski takes the torch from Byron Leftwich, Dave Ragone and Ben Roethlisberger, ready to earn national attention on a non-BCS stage. Gradkowski threw for 3,210 yards in 2003, and his completion percentage of 71.2 was bettered by only one QB -- Philip Rivers, the hottest QB commodity after Eli Manning in last week's draft. If you think Gradkowski can't hang with the big boys, review the tape from the Rockets' Sept. 20 upset of Pittsburgh, when he completed 49 of 62 passes for 461 yards and three TDs, orchestrating a thrilling fourth-quarter comeback. The Rockets air it out enough for Gradkowski to put up Heisman numbers, and he has a premier target in senior WR Lance Moore, who led the nation with 8.58 receptions per game. IN THE SPRING: Gradkowski was mostly a spectator in the spring game on April 17, but if the Rockets' playcalling was any indication of the makeup of their 2004 game plans, it bodes well: They passed on 51 of 74 plays. Gradkowski threw just eight of those, completing four for 42 yards and allowing one interception. The best news was that four of Toledo's regular-season games will be on ESPN or ESPN2, meaning the QB will get a reasonable share of mid-week national TV exposure. The rest of the article
  3. D-I teams barred from playing non-collegiate opponents in men's basketball By The Associated Press Friday, April 30, 2004 INDIANAPOLIS -- Major colleges will no longer be allowed to schedule men's exhibition basketball games against non-collegiate opponents, such as foreign teams, AAU clubs or Athletes in Action. The prohibition was approved Thursday by the NCAA Board of Directors and will go into effect for Division I schools on Aug. 1. Contracts signed before Oct. 21, 2003, will be honored. The measure was designed to eliminate possible advantages some schools might have in recruiting by playing exhibition games against teams that could include prospective college players. Division I teams still would be allowed to make foreign tours, which are not considered exhibition games and therefore not subject to the new rule barring non-collegiate opponents, as long as they are completed more than 30 days before the start of preseason practice.
  4. Hixon & Co. I don't think we will match the talent at the wide out position of last year. BUT I don't think you will have to worry about receivers. Of all people, JD will make recievers out of whoever. Look at his track record with receivers. Don't forget about the TE this year. I predict good things for D. Basch this year. Tight Ends thrive in JD's offense. If you were at the Blue/Gold game you would have seen Hixon's talent at WR. He looked GOOD. Here is a telling quote by Hixon found on Gozips.com "He always puts it on the numbers, so all I have to do is catch it." Good QB's make WRs. Charlie is a good one.
  5. Mike Brake scored 5 times as many TD's as Kellen Winslow last year. He should get #1-type money ! He should hold out in camp.
  6. Lucky for the Jaguars. Here's to wishing Matt the best in his NFL career. I might have to make a trip to Jacksonville's training camp this year to wish him well. I hope Matt can come back to the board and give us an update once or twice. Matt and Leftwhich, who would have thought when we watched Leftwhich limping around the Rubber Bowl that Matt and he would end up hooking up in the NFL?
  7. First off, let me say I think it is hard to get any kind of "real" read off of a spring game. This year it is even more difficult because of a new staff putting in a new system. A good source told me they had put in plays that morning. I like Hixon at WR, he stuck out. Good hands. Good athlete. Jabari looks a little raw (to be expected), but he did have a DB beat deep, but #5 under threw him?? Good to see the O throwing a deep ball to stretch the D. I thought Elie looked good, had a nice INT, played the ball perfect. I watched the secondary run some nice looking two deep covers. I like the blitzing. Stayed in a 4-3 mainly. I heard Frenchy talking about a 3-3-5 D before the game where Chase has the option to play DE or LB (interesting). I guess that's what JD was talking about when he said we are going to play a D that nobody in the MAC has seen before? Saw some defensive players in the backfield, hope that continues against opponents. Seems like a zone blitzing, bend don't break D to me. Those defenses usually create some exciting turnovers. Gotta be better than past years. Other than that, I don't have anything new that hasn't been said here already. Nice day to watch a game. Nice to see all the board members there. The Frye2004 Heisman paraphernalia looked pretty good. Good start. Keep it up. Thanks to MW for the shout out at the game. Oh yeah. Spotted Shippy on the field (good to see).
  8. To save a few of you an extra click this is what Zipsrifle is speaking of: Frye For Heisman Campaign To Kickoff Saturday Fans will be treated to numerous giveaways at Blue and Gold Game at Rubber Bowl. April 22, 2004 The University of Akron Department of Athletics will kickoff the Heisman Trophy campaign for senior quarterback Charlie Frye Saturday at the Rubber Bowl. The festivities will be part of the annual Blue and Gold Spring Game, which begins at 10 a.m. Admission is free. Campaign materials that will be given out to Zips fans attending the scrimmage include "FRYE 2004" yard signs, bumper stickers and campaign buttons. Each premium item will feature the new "FRYE 2004 HEISMAN TROPHY" logo that will be featured in multimedia advertising throughout northeast Ohio over the next six months. Beginning this summer a new web site will be launched dedicated to the exploits of Frye as he enters his senior season. The site will feature weekly interviews with the awards candidate and UA coaches, a full statistical breakdown of his career at The University of Akron and multimedia downloads for fans, including screensavers and wallpaper for your computer desktop. All fans attending the Blue and Gold Game will also receive a raffle ticket upon entry to the stadium, making them eligible to win one of many prizes donated by the Zips Team Shop, Athlete Tech, and adidas. Saturday's game can also be heard locally on FOX Sports 1350 AM, with Steve French, Joe Dunn and Tommy Gelehrter handling the call.
  9. I'll be there Saturday with CK. Been real busy. Looking forward to seeing JD's boyz go at it. Hope to see some 3-4 :blink: . Hope to see some JA at WR. Hope to start the tailgate season... See you there
  10. Thanks for the post. Good info. Too bad about your "longer" report. I agree with those who think Jabari should be on the field. I was excited when someone reported that he would get a crack at WR. Looking at the depth chart, that doesn't seem to be the case.
  11. What "bigs" are you speaking of? Italian league? CBA? or NBA? Not that there is a great deal of defense played in the NBA, but Tarver plays very shoddy D. After watching the MAC tourney at the Gund, I would have to say Tarver may have been about the 4th or 5th best "talented" in the MAC.
  12. Anybody put on some serious muscle in the offseason WJRB? Who has stepped up in the weight room? How about yourself? Working on speed? Good to see your post, let the rest of the "gang" know we are behind them and can't wait for the beginning of the season. Beat Can't State WJRB !
  13. We are going to blitz from everywhere??? That will be a change from blitzing from NOWHERE ! I like everything that JD has to say, what a breath of fresh air. As other posters have stated the "we were one good break away from something" and golly gee attitude was wearing on me It's going to be fun to watch defense now. I agree with ZFF, steel city has influenced JD philosophies. I can't wait to watch the D. I think he hit the nail on the head when he spoke of players being "good on one play, and bad on the next" We all know to whom he speaks. I also like his deception on the questions of what offense and what defense you will run. He wouldn't come out and say WC and 3-4. I hear that JOPA had his radio tuned to 1350 last night in Sharon PA Can't wait for Sept 4. 164 days and counting. Do we need a counter somewhere on the board ?
  14. I knew it ! Thanks for a good laugh today Zipdude.
  15. I vote let him stay. I like him. Just block him from using this smilie
  16. I just posted this under the "heisman" post. I would move it but I don't know how yet. This is the first mention (in the article) I have seen about the West Coast offense (in print). I know they run it at Pitt and I mentioned once on the old board that JD would probably be bringing it here and some poster disagreed. Does anybody know if we are running a true West Coast offense this year
  17. This is the first mention I have seen about the West Coast offense (in print). I know they run it at Pitt and I mentioned once on the old board that JD would probably be bringing it here and some poster disagreed. Does anybody know if we are running a true West Coast offense this year? Top 100 players to watch....#80 is Charlie Frye
  18. Jabari to WR. I like that move. He is a big target at 6'4" I guess when the coach of Antonio Bryant and Larry Fitzgerald tells you he thinks you can be a WR, you better listen. Standing next to Jabari, he is an physical speciman. I like the way Brookhart is thinking so far.
  19. Hey ZIPMAN, do you make it to basketball games? Heard one guy at a game say he was from Port Clinton and thought it might be you
  20. That is a good name, because I miss the trey also. Next year will be different though, we might actually set some picks to set up the trey. I say let McFaden shoot the trey at will next year ! This is what I felt like this year when I would see B. Hipsher at the scorers table... PS I don't think we could get 71,603 points off the trey though. What's the record?
  21. Funny story for you ZIP. I think it was three, maybe four years ago. The Dolphins had a week off and the Zips were playing at the Rubber Bowl. Jason comes in with his now wife and sits down next to us in the end zone. My brother is a HUGE Dolphins fan and couldn't make the game. So I new I had to get his autograph for him. I grabbed a popcorn box and ripped it open. I asked Jason to sign "This is what you F'n get for not being at the game" Jason laughed and said "I can't do that", so he signed "Should been there, Jason Taylor" Should been there We still laugh about it today. Biggest hand that I ever shook in my life ! :blink:
  22. I won't be able to make it tonight. I was there yesterday, but didn't see the advertisement. How did it look?
  23. I want my MTV...I mean Zip TV
  24. They are showing a live feed of the press conference at gozips.com at 2PM. Lebron's old coach to coach the Zips
  25. Didn't you lose a bet ? Your not suppossed to be posting anymore. PS Tarver wasn't here when Dan was losing first round Mac tourney games the first seven years.
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