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  1. To clarify, I was addressing your "athleticism" comment, and your belief that "it will come". Simmer down, Sonny.
  2. I agree. I think that's a reasonable goal to shoot for.
  3. The first two are your opinion. I disagree. But let me just say that Zeke Marshall was the example of an unusually "athletic" center. And I wasn't Zeke's biggest fan. But I will address the 3rd point: Poke is a 6'8" bean pole, with no post game at all, and mostly all bench time last year. He was playing 20 minutes per game. Sayles (who shows good potential) sat the entire year last year. He was playing 15 minutes per game. During that time, Mark was playing a few minutes per game, I believe? Does this tell you anything about how the coaches are seeing this? The "young and inexperienced" and "takes time to develop" excuse doesn't fit what's happening. In case you didn't know, BOTH of these guys who are taking almost all of Mark's minutes are the SAME AGE. And neither of them had the benefit of spending a year at an IMG academy to "get developed" either.
  4. I did. Because its astounding for a guy who rarely touches the ball, and is a post player, to have 5 turnovers in a single game. And his seasonal trend on turnovers in relation to his other production is really bad too, as Kreed detailed for you.
  5. Wrong. I knew plenty about him before he came here, because he was a NE Ohio HS player, and I still have relationships with several coaches in this area. Same as I knew similar things about Egner, Sullivan, Forsythe, etc., before they came here. So, no, this is not a shot in the dark based on a few minutes of play. And I saw practices and scrimmages before the season started. Seeing him on the floor simply confirmed what I had already been told that I would see. Why are you calling this "bias"? You think I made an early judgement because of his skin color? I've joined many, many discussions on this board whereby I've stated some of the guys who I believe have good potential. Unfortunately, he just does not happen to be one of them, and I can't wait to have some other guys return, who were all already playing in front of him anyway. In addition, you do realize that having a staff that can develop someone from a 300 pounder with a few raw skills into a Conference MVP is EXTREMELY rare. Don't you? (cue the next anti-Dambrot post)
  6. I know several of this kid's notable issues have been mentioned already, but it should be mind-boggling to anyone when your Center leads the team in turnovers in a game. I think some people just choose to ignore what doesn't fit with their hopes. Fortunately, the guys who played in front of him will hopefully be returning next year, with the addition of at least one more capable post player.
  7. Exactly. And the same ones who say that just keep coming back.
  8. That part has always made me laugh. Who do they think they're fooling?
  9. Oh, I played basketball for many years, but probably maxed out at 12" vertical. My brother was the dunker. I think he got better genes. Hey, I'm fine with eliminating the "mandatory 1 yr. of college" rule. It does bother me that they are using colleges as "minor leagues" for the nba, and these kids enroll with absolutely no intention of ever getting a college education.
  10. The athletes get a Free College Education. If they don't care to get a Free College Education, then you can elect not to be a college athlete. I would have done anything to get my college bills paid when I was a dirt poor 18 yr. old.
  11. I know. It was absolutely horrible being a fan of the school that had the most successful record in the MAC Tournament for more than a decade. Please, let someone else have that.
  12. Someone might hire you to try to sell ice to an eskimo.
  13. It's amazing how delusion people are when they are determined to double down on their mission. In the last 12 seasons, we failed to make it to the MAC Championship Game only 3 times. And in ALL of those 3 seasons, we made it to the Semifinal. Yet, you'll insist on criticizing that (see above), while simultaneously demanding that we praise this current "becoming stronger" Akron team? I want what you're smoking.
  14. Sorry, I had to laugh at that one. A few guys hate Keith so much that they don't even realize what they are doing when they poke fun at a Duquesne loss.
  15. I think the picture is clearer now. The only team that's still reachable and currently sitting in a Top 8 spot is Bowling Green, and they have to lose their last two games, we have to win our last two games, and we get the spot in front of them because of the tiebreaker. And winning those last 2 games guarantees that we'd also be in front of Central and Northern for that 8th spot, since we own the head-to-head tiebreaker over them. That would only leave OU (we split with them) as the only other team that could get that spot, depending on the tiebreaker with them. So, if we lose to Buffalo this week, we are definitely going to be somewhere between 9 and 12 and have a road game next Monday, no matter what happens anywhere else as the season comes to an end. I think that's right.
  16. To quote my own post from earlier in the season, "They will still struggle this year until they get some big additions next season". Or something like that. They've still surprisingly doubled their conference wins from a year ago, and have done some things they haven't done in a long time, with a very depleted lineup. I think they've definitely done enough to show that they're pretty close to competing again in that league. Pretty impressive to see them emerging from the shadows of winning only 3 league games last year. Not sure if Keith has enough pieces right now to put together one of his classic conference tournament runs, but it obviously wouldn't surprise me.
  17. I'm with you. I didn't expect him to be a non-factor. After that big state tourney scoring output he had last year, I really thought he might be a guy who's talent was emerging at the right time, and flew in under the radar as a "steal" for us, and could have an impact as a Freshman. I can't really say I've seen any of what I thought we might see from him.
  18. It was a good one. Thanks for pointing it out. You may not have meant it to criticize, but I will say that it's appeared to be more disruptive than helpful on many occasions this season. I can also personally add that when I was an athlete, I tuned it all out unless there was a stop in the action. Maybe some actually try to process it on-the-go. All I ever heard was noise.
  19. Zipfan84 questioned the tendency to "overcoach", in general. I feel like I've seen that a lot this year as well. Questioning specific coaching decisions during a game is a separate issue for me. That's much more difficult to criticize. You know how that goes. When things work, those decision look genius. When they don't work, they look bad. And neither outcome could have had anything to do with whether a particular decision was actually the best one.
  20. They scored 17 in the first, and 34 in the second. So, you'd think that. But, I think it was more about intensity being hard to keep up when you're reaching 30+ minutes on the floor. The coaching is another story. Blowing a 17-point lead always leaves a lot of questions.
  21. That's the whole story. What a way to ruin a good defensive effort. This reminded me of those old, grinding Miami games during the Charlies Coles era.
  22. It may be a bit too early to see the scenarios clearly, but I thought I would bring this up. If we find a way to beat Miami today, and can avenge the loss to Kent as well on 3/2, we'd finish with a 7-11 record. So, what else would need to happen for us to still have a chance at the #8 Seed? I know multiple teams need multiple losses, but has anyone who knows the tiebreakers, etc., attempted to map this out?
  23. I think it may all be much simpler. if Utomi pours in 30 points again, we have a chance to win any game. When he scores 10, almost no chance of winning. The distribution of scoring can seem to be the solution. But for the most part, the guys shooting the ball need to be making baskets. And on this team, we know who's going to be taking a majority of the shots.
  24. Hmm. I'm trying to read into that article a little bit. I see that two other candidates were declared finalists "without any further debate", but there were questions about Wilson and one other candidate, before the committee agreed to put them on the finalist list. Question: Are we really under 25k student population? Question #2: I wonder if his successor would demand that we purchase another President's Mansion? And would he request an enormously expensive Olive Jar as part of his decor ? I realize Akron is not the size of UCF. Not even close. But I'm a bit offended that the article makes it sound like Matt would be making a huge leap from running the corner gas station to running a Walmart Superstore. I have not had any discussions about this matter with anyone at the UofA. But, I sure hope this is all nothing more than Mr. Wilson's simple desire to advance his career and be in a place where he really wants to be.
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