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  1. Check out the formation on the play at 1:05. Woah.
  2. Just checked. Last Zip to rush for 1,000 was Dennis Kennedy in 2008 http://www.foxsports.com/college-football/dennis-kennedy-player Biggs also did in 2005 http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/brett-biggs-1.html
  3. Probably Biggs. Maybe even Dennis Kennedy. I miss those days.
  4. The receivers worry me to death again this year and now they are having injury problems. Not good at all.
  5. I LOVE Cody's attitude. Make quarterbacks shiver in their boots!
  6. A short preview on the Tigers from HustleBelt. They have to be one of the bottom five teams in all of D1. http://www.hustlebelt.com/mac-football/2015/8/14/9148709/2015-football-preview-savanna-state-tigers
  7. Next up for the Zips in the countdown is Cody Grice at 21. http://www.hustlebelt.com/mac-football/2015/8/13/9094529/2015-top-mac-football-players-21-cody-grice-akron
  8. I don't care where Lane plays. He's so athletic and has the size to play almost anywhere.
  9. Also, Tyrell Goodman is back from injury. I don't think he played at all last year. It would have been really nice to have him, though, as he finished with a strong 2013.
  10. Didn't they do something like this back in 2009?
  11. Other than themselves, the biggest threat to the Zips is definitely Central Michigan. Can't got a nice transfer guard, and Buffalo still has Moss, so the east will be difficult still. Ohio is really young, but just lost its best returning player in Ryan Taylor, so I don't really see them contending. I also expect BG to be in rebuild mode. John Cooper's days in Miami are numbered and I think he'll be gone after this season. As far as the west, obviously CMU will win it. I don't see any way that doesn't happen (I think we will play them twice this year). Toledo has Boothe, but just lost an excellent class, so they could be way down. I also expect EMU to drop without Talley and Ward, though Raven Lee is a great guard. NIU was supposed to be good last year, but they ended up being pretty bad again. They should improve, but may not contend. Ball State might win more than 2 MAC games, then again they just lost Zavier Turner to transfer, so who knows? Western Michigan is the dark horse in the league this year. Thomas Wilder is one of the best young players in the league as is Drake LaMont. Connar Tava and Tucker Haymond also return, so don't be surprised to see them contending. As for the Zips, they have a great point guard, and a great center. Those are two very important pieces that not many MAC teams have. Akron has really good veterans, great young players, good depth, and the league's best coaching staff. This team is shaping up to look a lot like that 2012-2013 team. Just need to stay healthy and out of trouble. Go Zips!!
  12. Did anyone listen or have a link to a podcast?
  13. The MAC gave Cody a GoPro to wear at media day
  14. UMass has a decent offense with Frohnapfel and Tajae Sharpe, but I don't think they have enough pieces on offense and defense to actually win the East. I say it's between Akron, BG, Ohio, and maybe Buffalo.
  15. After listening to Bowden on MAC Media Day's ESPN3 broadcast, it really seems like Chapman will be the starter at Oklahoma.
  16. Both choices are great. Pitt is a (hopefully still) winnable game against a Power Five opponent, and Ohio is a homecoming game. I'd lean toward Pitt, though because I expect Infocision to be rocking that day. Also, i think there will be fireworks after the game.
  17. Bowden must be desperate at receiver to go after DIII guys.
  18. Infielder Dom Iero transferring to Can't http://www.cantonrep.com/article/20150717/SPORTS/st_refDomain=t.co&st_refQuery=/W8VR0f4qrH/?Start=1
  19. So how many will be redshirted, and who?
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