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Game 3- Morgan State

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9 hours ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:

This is the perfect game at this point in our schedule. It's not too easy where we'll be complacent (at least I hope not), and it's not overly difficult where we won't be able to fine tune the lineup & rotations. 


Things I would like to see...


- Amani Lyles have a nice game down low. With Hunter being somewhat of a threat from beyond the arc, we need another bruiser down low to help Freeman in the paint. 


- Double digits from at least one of Nate Johnson and/or Hankerson. 


- Aggressive drives with more control from Tribble. I don't need him to be a shooter, but I need him to have better control when he takes it to the basket. These "living on a prayer" shots after he gets into the paint are momentum killers. 


- Find at least one more person to enter the rotation to help keep legs fresh. The margin of defeat on Friday was due to fatigue. 


Looking at my focuses this game at the half...


1) Amani Lyles is getting more comfortable. Took him a second to find the confidence to be stronger, but I think we can see it's there. Just needs to develop and become more confident/comfortable.


2) Nate Johnson is at 9. Henderson is proving he was a big fish in a very, very small pond. I do like how active his hands are on defense, though.


3) Somewhat more control from Tribble. Need him to finish just a bit more consistently. I like the aggression, though.


4) Tavari? 

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Sammy Hunter had back-to-back assists there as Akron retook the lead.  What I like about Hinter is his court vision and his ability to read the play and defense. What I DON'T like about Sammy? Constant clanging of three-point shots he should never be taking.  Anyone see that differently?

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