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Game 8- Marshall


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4 minutes ago, Illini Zip said:

I watched 3 games down here with great defense and little offense. This game so far is great offense and little defense.

...should have bet the over

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I apologize in advance for my ill-informed comments!  😒

I thought we were on the road tonight! 

Who remembers 2003 when Marshall played at the JAR?  We led about 49-42 at the half bit Marshall scored 60-something the 2nd half.  Their McDonald's All-America put down FOURTEEN three-point baskets and scored 48 pts.  Unreal game.  I remember because it was the last game I watched in Akron, and because Dan Hipsher kicked me out of his practice the day before!  🤣

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10 hours ago, LoyalZIP said:

Big one tonight. I don't think anyone was expecting the Zips to struggle like they have, and if it's going to be more of an up-and-down year, they've got to defend home court well.


I need to see something from KJ  Walton tonight.  GO ZIPS!

Well, sorry!  😬

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19 minutes ago, NWAkron said:

Yeah.  He's gone.  


They're dropping like flies between basketball and football.


That's one way to sell more programs I guess.


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