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    Not that either Lomardo or Tyrell might not do an excellent job at the D-I. Who knows. Would still like to see assistants who have at least some experience in D-I, D-II or D-III. Mat not get D-I assistants at this level. But, would be beneficial if they have college experience and recruiting experience. Still want to see him recruit more in Western PA. It appears Arth has plenty of cache in this part of Ohio.One of the keys is to get the HS coaches to be willing to 'talk up' considering Akron when choosing a school. If you can get a couple of kids from the Mentors,St. Ed's,St. Iggies,Hobans etc. to commit to Akron,if the program improves others will follow.
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    I know...it's a double edged sword for me. You are absolutely right about this, and I do get excited and do talk it up to non-Zips fans, and point to the number of pros and number of trophies we have with the MSOC program....So on the one hand I am a vocal (imagine that?) advocate and cheerleader to what we have produced, but then somewhere inside me is the "old school" guy that likes to see a sports team - any sport - at U of A have players stick around for me to get to know and root for for more than 20 games. Joao is a fine example, just when I felt like I started to "know" him...poof! I'm just schizophrenic sometimes!!! The days of 3 year or 4 year seniors in all NCAA sports (with the same school) are sadly IMHO a thing of the past.
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    @ZipsVoice I don't disagree with you. I'm also happy to have all of our underclassmen players returning for 2019. As I've said, I think they will all benefit from at least another year in our system before turning pro. My point has always been and remains that we shouldn't look at it negatively when our underclassmen have the opportunity, and take it, to turn pro early. That is a reflection of the quality of our program and its players as well as a great recruiting tool. I can't understand not being excited about that even if we have to learn new names and faces from year-to-year as long as the results continue. Various numbers have been put out there for the 2018 season because I think a couple of our players may have left the team during the season. However, as I recall, the 2018 Fall Season began with 19 of 32 players being new (not with the 2017 Zips) and no doubt ended with a National Runner Up trophy...confirmation of the quality of our coaches and the players they recruit. Regardless of player turnover, and bumps along the way, our coaches and players work extremely hard and can compete with any other D-I program. Soccer continues to grow in the USA and Ohio...FC Cincinnati and a resurgence of the Crew, the team that built the first soccer-specific stadium in the USA and was one of the original MLS teams, is evidence of that. We currently have the best soccer team in NEO playing on our campus. I hope other UA alumni, friends, fans, etc., whether soccer fans or not, let others know what we have right here...see future professionals of all levels (USL, MLS, EPL, National teams [USA, Afghanistan, Thailand], other leagues in various parts of the world [e.g., Costa Rica, Europe, Thailand]) right here in Akron at a very reasonable price.
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    PPCCC (Pinky's Portage County Community College) and Ohio BFE (Ohio, well, you know what it means) going down, at home, to BUGS and NIU respectively, the former being a 22-pt beatdown, is flat out awesome. Props to the Zips for overcoming an off day, and that's putting it nicely.
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    Big Dog never went to the NCAA tourney. Our ability to finish around the rim absolutely needs to improve, but guards run March. Groce's guard-heavy teams at OU beat us twice in the MAC Championship Game, and had success in the NCAA tourney.
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    2 great former zips mentioned in article https://the18.com/soccer-entertainment/mac-hermann-trophy-winners-professionally
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    Pinky is all red and now T-up.
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    Scary how quick this team can turn it on. We are very lucky Ivey stayed after Dambrot's departure.
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    It's EAT one little booger you @#$@# piece of #$#$%$$ stupid $#@!#@. Use your %^%$##$## spell check!!!
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    Both Clark & Morris changed profile pic to this pic. Think it means anything? Are they telling us something?
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    very good news Looking forward to David Egbo, Marcel Zajac, Carlo Ritaccio and all of the zips having great years in the fall of 2019.
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    Hoban has more/richer boosters.
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    The fact that Terry Pluto is excited about Arth is perhaps the most concerning thing to come out of this whole coaching change.
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    I hope the hopefuls are correct...right now I'm the apathetic . Please make me eat crow Tom Arth. PLEASE make me eat crow...
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    I don't feel anything about this hire, if true. No excitement, no anger, no caution. Just apathy.
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