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    They can have the nicest facilities in the US and it wouldn't matter. Good luck trying to recruit African-American athletes when the university president is a neo-nazi/white supremacist apologist. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/21/us/jerry-falwell-liberty-university-trump.html
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    Thank you for saying what I was going to say. Their science department teaches that the World is 5000 years old. Embarrassing to say the least.
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    I first noticed that Leo was gone at the MAC Tourney last year when another fan noted during the Zips v WVU match that he was not there. During the NCAA Tourney match v Stanford, which I watched at the JAR, this same fan mentioned running into Leo somewhere on Exchange St. Also, Leo was not listed in the College Cup Program among the Zips staff. Apparently, the Zips runs through the 2018 MAC and NCAA Tourneys were done without Leo.
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    Any Idea what happened to Leo Chappel? I heard he isn't with the program any longer.
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    ZZZ and ZV, thanks for attending so many meets. Our swim ladies deserve a great following and I am sure you give them that. I cannot answer the questions ZZZ raises because I have little data on our budget. I do know that the difference in revenue, primarily from TV, between P5 and G5 schools is obscene. For example, a member of the Big 10 got 38M as its share of the Big 10 network in 2017-18. Akron by comparison got 2M from the MAC for TV. That allows for a healthy budget for all minor sports and lots of money leftover for facility upgrades. We are winning big w/o the resources of many of our competitors. Credit goes to the coaches and athletes and fans who refuse to give up. You two are part of that. Thanks.
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    @ZipsVoice I know absolutely nothing about the Swimming and Diving teams or track but I enjoy reading your write ups and posts here. Appreciate the passion!
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    I for one am shocked that balsy is complaining about something. The content on ESPN+ is well worth $5 a month to me, so whatev.
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    I just can't stand Liberty. They're an embarrassment of a university. Pretty much a University of Phoenix with a centralized campus and outdated beliefs.
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    Sorry, I forgot. What was I thinking! I'll make it up to you next time you booger-eater. How's that for incivility?
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    "Respectfully disagree"??????? We'll have none of that on this forum. I demand that you call me names, question my intelligence and use mean emoticons!
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    Not sure about 'reading in'. What I am thinking is that the new coach has no allegiances to anybody on the roster who doesn't perform up to HIS expectations. Thats from the QB on down. Would imagine that some folks who started last season won't be this season. New sheriff, new deputies.
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    Seems odd for Bowden to stay around in any meaningful capacity, particularly with a young coach who needs to establish his own identity properly.