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  1. Hey Zips Fans, I just did an inventory of old Zips stuff and I have dozens of items available for a nominal fee. A few bobbleheads- Frye, Joyce and Dru Hundreds of old team posters Zips basketball game day roster cards Media guides Gameday programs ( I miss the actual Gameday) Dozens of old pins, etc. trinkets that were giveaways. Just ask and I may have it. Thanks, Zips Win!
  2. Go Zips! Free Shirt Saturday! Lot 9. Under the scoreboard. 40 vintage UA shirts/sweatshirts available . Mens, womens and kids. Please limit one per person.
  3. ESPN not giving UMBC enough credit. All I heard was how bad UVA played. It really should be how great UMBC was. This isn't a 16 seed beating a 1 seed. This is technically a 64 seed beating a 1 seed. Amazing...
  4. Dude should have been banned permantly. Just kidding. Welcome back K92. Love ya..
  5. The reduced shot clock is needed. But we need to find a way to reduce the number of fouls available to a team. The constant fouling when teams know that about half are going to be called needs to get fixed. This would reduce the stoppages and make for a better game.
  6. Update: Rumors and RepositioningTHOUGH THE CAMPUS has been engaged for months in budget review, strategic planning and conversations about our future, nothing has captured the imagination of the entire community as much as the rumors of a name change. Print and broadcast media, bloggers and petitioners, commentators and pundits are talking about The University of Akron. This should not come as a surprise. People care about our university. People are emotionally attached to certain names (which is why so many still refer to us as Akron U). And there is deep interest in our future. But there is also a great deal of misinformation fueling the rumors. Let me state clearly: We are not proposing a name change. But we are seriously discussing how to reposition The University of Akron for greater distinction. Unified conclusions The need for repositioning UA emerged from three Vision 2020 Summit meetings that included representatives from the student body, faculty union and faculty leadership, staff, alumni, community, business and industry—historic gatherings of a diverse group of stakeholders discussing our future and the future of this region. During these meetings, I heard many different ideas on how to strengthen and grow our university, but everyone agreed that: We must do a better job differentiating ourselves from other universities. We must distinguish ourselves in the higher education market. We must act now. Please take a few minutes to listen to the thoughtful and insightful takeaways from the Summit participants, including faculty, in this brief video: Along with the Vision 2020 Summits, there have been open and transparent discussions across campus about budgets, operations, challenges and strategies to reposition and strengthen the university to better compete in the marketplace. Faculty and union leadership have been involved every step of the way. This is the purest form of shared governance in academia. Most recently, I have hosted strategic planning sessions with faculty in all colleges. The budget and strategic planning processes focus on meeting the significant and sobering financial challenges facing our university and on strengthening areas of distinction—from polymers to applied politics, from dance to engineering, from scientific research to technology. Defining 'polytechnic' Those individuals who know us best know that UA is especially strong in preparing our students for successful careers, in taking what they learn in class and applying it to work that gets done in the real world. That is why the word “polytechnic” has come up often in many discussions. The most well known polytechnic universities (Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech, etc.) are defined by their career-focused, rigorous academic programs in the sciences, arts and humanities; emphasis on critical thinking and complex problem solving; applied and experiential learning; and deep connections to industry and community. We already have many polytechnic programs, approaches and strengths at UA that distinguish us and add tremendous value to a UA degree. Let’s put an end to rumors and speculation about a name change that serve only to misinform and divide. We can do better. We will do better. Let us uphold the purest ideals of shared governance as we work together to reposition and distinguish The University of Akron to deliver on our promise to be this region’s great public university. Sincerely yours,
  7. Let me go out on a limb here….If you miss the spring game, you really aren’t missing anything…Now, if you fail to show up early to tailgate, shame on you! Here is what I expect to see on Saturday. A “game” that is offense vs. defense, instead of picking teams and playing a damn game. Retarded! Twelve minute quarters. A running clock in the second half. Most plays running up the middle because we don’t want to “show anything” and hey, we want to establish the running game. Right!! A roster that is missing key players, made up with walk-ons and many new names with no indication of who the walk-ons are and who the scholarship players are. No way of getting any information on where guys went that are missing from the roster. Yet, coming off a 5-7 record, the scrimmages in the spring are now closed but we should be thankful that we get to watch the spring game, which really isn’t a true game and we will learn basically nothing from…
  8. I sure did. It wasn't as good as the best college basketball 30 for 30, Survive and Advance but very well done nonetheless. You can add me into the Duke hater class, but I despised Hurley on that team, not Laettner. 25 years later, Hurley is still a punk. Go Mountaineers!!!
  9. Can I pick both VCU and tosu to lose? I hope flights to Portland are $1,500 and .....
  10. I thought we turned the corner with MAC officiating 3 or 4 years ago with many of the guys doing a MAC game one day and a big ten game the next. That was, until this year…. Now I realize that games are easier to officiate when the ball goes in the net. And when you have games that you are shooting 30% there are just that many more calls to be made. But I thought the league officiating was just awful this year. We were homered at Toledo, the officiating at BG was just bad for both teams, Juice Brown got every call at the JAR and the Miami home game was the worst officiated league game at the JAR in years. While I didn’t have many complaints with the officiating at Can't, they somehow missed a guy taking three long steps for the game winner. Last night brought us back years, IMHO. Once Hurley got the technical, I thought the flow of the game went decidedly in UB’s favor. There was absolutely no consistency with calls on the perimeter, in the post or when players drove to the hoop. How many more “and ones” should we have had? I hope those clowns called their last game last night.
  11. Baloney! You should not be catered to. Now I realize that 98% of the UA faculty supports OSU, 98% of the UA staff supports OSU, 98% of the UA student body supports OSU, 98% of the UA alumni base supports OSU and about 99% of the Akron community supports OSU. But it shouldn't matter. Take some pride in what you are doing and stop treating your school only as a place to get a degee and start treating it as the University of Akron. Hell, I would increase that $800 fee to athletics to $2,400. Once you swipe in and out and attend all home football and basketball games, you can earn the $1,600 back. ZI....
  12. I was at the banquet on Friday. Talked to Charlie for a bit. He did a nice job thanking his dad for helping him get to and pay for QB camps while in high school while also thanking his mom for routinely cooking and baking for the team. Frenchy did an outstanding job introducing him. Frenchy is still pissed at the officials in Madison for the bad goal line call with Bobby Hendry. Glad I went!
  13. Let's do a better job keeping the rowdies/students out of the lower section with tosu gear on. Saw a guy at the Toledo game wearing it.
  14. 100% not true. The guys in charge years ago are not in charge now. Some, do, however show up. At least to the bigger games. We all wish more students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community would show up. For some reason, there is and probably always will be an excuse why folks do not...
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