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  1. That's fair. I think he sticks as a solid pass first backup point. He definitely has the body type teams are looking for. I guess we'll have to wait to see how it all plays out.
  2. Most mocks have him early 2nd. Some writer's are saying possible late 1st after his combine performance. Good for him and good for the MAC
  3. Ludwig also makes the team as an alternate.
  4. Clayton Murphy and Matt Ludwig both try to secure a spot in the Olympics tonight! The pole vault is on MSNBC and the 800 is on NBC. Rize Up!
  5. Got an email that a new AD will be announced today at 11.
  6. Damn this dude is ass grown man. His game kinda reminds me of Cheese. Both are big and strong and could finish at the hoop with either hand.
  7. The "Zips Affordability" scholarship will cover tuition and the university's "general fee" for new students eligible for federal Pell Grants, according to information recently released by UA. It kicks in after other financial aid awards are applied.
  8. Just saw Cincy has six players in the transfer portal. This is gonna be a wild off-season. I have faith Groce can improve this squad.
  9. This team goes as Trimble Jr goes. Plain and simple. Hope we have another shooter and shot creator coming next year as this team has been a bit unbalanced all year.
  10. It has a new name if you have it set on your recorder. It's now Zips Weekly and that's the title for both basketball and football.
  11. If that is the case (Can totally see that happen btw) I getting Matt Kauling on the phone and getting his input. Perhaps he can have some influence on the pick and would be willing to pay a portion of the new coaches salary. Happens all the time in college sports and quite frankly I'd be happy with him in the room versus the Van Horn's of the world.
  12. The team just doesn't have enough shooter's. Dailey, Wynn, Ali, and Tribble are all below average outside shooters. Trimble is very streaky. Teams are starting to pack the paint and dare Akron to shoot 3s. I hope more game reps will help some but I think this team has a fatal flaw. Would like to see a little more Clarke and more 1-3-1 to speed up the game. They have athlete's and need to figure out how to best use them.
  13. Not enough outside shooting on this team. Groce is really trying to find some rotations that play well together. Would like to see more Clarke.
  14. I'd like to add a few thoughts on this topic. Many years ago I played for UA (Not football). During that time I was not a "Starter" but I certainly thought I was better than the person playing in front of me. There were many times when I thought about my options because I wanted more exposure from pro scouts. See that's what many posters don't realize is that most of these kids still think they have a shot to make it in the pros. It might be a .00000001% chance of that happening but to them it's greater than that. If you're not on the field, court, diamond, erc this will never happen. This is part of what separates them as division 1 athlete's in the first place. Their desire to be great. Student athlete's have a couple of options if they are unhappy with their situation. 1. They can stick it out and hope to develop and earn more playing time. Sometimes this works but often it does not. I won't lay out the reasons here. 2. They can walk away. Happens all the time. 3. They can find a school that values them for the skill set they have. A majority of today's student athlete's want positive and instant feedback so I cannot blame them for wanting to transfer. They are not loser's and in most cases not cancer's. They just want a shot and they want it now. The NCAA makes it pretty easy for them to do this now. You see this at every level at every school. It is the new normal so get used to it Zip fans. Sorry for the ramble but thought a different perspective was needed. Go Zips
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