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  1. I honestly think that this win was a game that showed who we are. We still have a shaky offense and a tiring defense, but we dont give up. Who knows we may be on the verge of winning another MAC championship, we may not be. The MAC is unpredictable (except Can't State of course who always sucks same with OU) and teams could jump up and surprise people.
  2. I say you start CJ7, ware the defense down with options, then when Temple's defense is exhausted, put cj11 in.
  3. on fourth down at the end of the game, edelman tried to run it in from about the 10 for the tying score but was stopped at the one. what a shame.AWWWWW!!! What a shame!!!
  4. Miami (OH) 20Can't State 13apparently it was homecoming too. So they are very sad.
  5. This is a game to sort of see ( I mean listen )where we stand and to see where Western stands if we play well.
  6. Zippy is DOWN by 13 at 7:31!!! Come on voters lets get a lead!!
  7. I hope he goes to the seahawks or browns
  8. I said this in another post and I'm gonna say it again. I don't know if anybody remembers, but before the game during warmups, CJ looked over at the student section and was already pumping us up. Let's keep the volume up and the support up. its 6:25 and Can't State still Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. This week is a good test and preparation for week 6 and 7 (those are monte and cocky). We can do this lets win!
  10. 7:06 and zippy is up by 272 votes and cocky is down 24
  11. at 6:24 and zippy is up by 92. That's not a good lead though because cocky is up by only 18 and once they see that we are going to have another battle.
  12. It's 5AM and Zippy is down by 30 or so to Otto in Round 3. Others smell blood in the water and it's going to take another BIG push by Zippy fans if she is to go to 3-0! DON'T forget to vote by 9AM this morning. Remind co-workers, fellow students, friends and family to vote as well. www.capitalonebowl.comGO ZIPPY!!!
  13. Yeah we selfdestructed and got tired at the end of each of those. We weren't as close to OSU but we had them til the 3rd quarter.
  14. Nope but I know who is going to win the game: CJ and Akron. Have fun!!!
  15. lilroodude, I apologize b/c I'm gonna shread you on this, but I'm just getting a little tired of this kind of an attitude from a lot of people around here. These are all just bad excuses. That's all this is is an excuse thread.1) UConn is undefeated. Whoopie. They beat a Duke team that at the time had the longest losing streak in the country. They barely beat a Temple team that now holds that distinction. They took down a Pitt team that is spiraling down hill so fast it is comical and they took down that 1-3 IAA powerhouse Maine. Stop me when I'm supposed to be impressed. So they are in the Big East. Despite the fact that the Conference is having their best overall season in decades they are still the weakest conference in the BCS.2) Next time I get chewed out for not doing a good job at work I'm using excuse #2. "But sir, I did an OK job. Isn't an OK job good enough?" It's time to stop looking for moral victories (stop me at the part of the game where you find any) against these BCS teams and start putting some check marks in the win column. Plain and simple. This team will never get anywhere if we continue to be content to try and get above .500 in Conference play.3) How promising is our future really? Next year we lose our top reciever with little to no talent behind him. There goes any resemblance of a passing game if we even have one to begin with. We lose a bunch of guys in the secondary and at linebacker. We still have no depth on the defensive line. We can't even get our top recruits onto campus let alone retain them if they do make it here. I fail to see the optimism.4) Whoopdie-doo. We've got a chance to take a Championship in one of the worst conferences in all of Division IA football. I'll be mildly impressed if we can do it by going undefeated in conference play. Backing into another Championship by going .500 or a tick over is nothing to get excited about.I'm sorry guys. I just can't get over this kind of a loss. Not right now. Maybe not for a while. I agree that they have beaten nobody or little talent teams. But they are still BCS and in the Big East. And yes we do need to win these games but that will come very soon. We almost beat Indiana and OSU. just give it a little more time.Jabari has Harvey behind him. And I hear this backup QB Matt Rogers is the real deal. I hope we can injury redshirt Mackey. And I think we are recruiting pretty well.I care about the championship because if we win that we get another trophy and a trip to a bowl game THAT'S ON ESPN!!!!!! THAT IS HUGE FOR THIS TEAM!!!!!I know how you feel about the loss. I'm ticked too but we gotta put that behind us and look at the future. OU lost to them so they suck Miami (OH) sucks Toledo blows the roof off of their ugly basketball stadium. Bowling Green is the only other contender and they are in the west. Western is a good challenge this week to see where we are at.
  16. Come on people lets squeeze this orange to nice pulp. I don't want to lose to my grandma and grandpa's alma mater (they'd throw it in our faces thinking about how much we give him a hard time about Syracuse). So let's show these mascots how to FEAR THE ROO!!!!!
  17. OMG!!!! I can't believe I missed it. I had a party to go to. But oh well. its 10:44 and
  18. Cookies, temp files, etc.. In Internet Explorer 7, you can click on Tools/Delete Browsing History.../Delete all.../Yes. Close your browser, open it back up again, and you should be able to vote once again using a different nickname.
  19. It's 7:32PM and Zippy is DOWN by 18. It looks as though Cocky has gone on quite a run and I think Cocky fans are voting against us (I would). Cocky was down earlier today to Bruin for the first time in a long time. Time for a run of our own. I'm out of votes today but think I can come up with a few more ... I don't think BubbaWalther has voted yet today!
  20. Zips fans have a reason to be a little upset, but remember this:1) UCONN is undefeated and in the big east2) We have been playing O.K. against these big teams like Indiana, the Suckeyes, and UCONN3) Our future looks promising. We don't have Harvey which is also killing us. CJ was benched today (and yes, we probably would've made it more of a game if he was in) but we still got 10 points.4) THE MAC SCHEDULE IS STARTING AND I THINK WE HAVE A GOOD CHANCE THIS YEAR.
  21. Let'sGoZips94

    Zippy Vote

    Yeah and I think we sorta helped put him out of the head coaching job. Now he's with Florida State as the defensive cordinator and he's not doing so hot there either.
  22. Let'sGoZips94

    Zippy Vote

    You know what? I kind of enjoy being the underdog because I love people's reactions after we beat them. That's why I can't wait until tomorrow so we can see reactions after we beat UCONN!
  23. Akron 24UCONN 21 Akron wins in OT like Temple almost could have forced.
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