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  1. I bet they are thinking "I can be the difference".
  2. What an eye opener! Love your thought here. I have always been on the boat that was called "TS=BP" (tougher schedule=better play), but you just brought up a great point. I put this on coaching for not getting the players prepared. Yes a lot of the times the players just flat out suck, but coaching can play a huge role, too. Great post!
  3. Man it almost seemed like it didnt it? There were a lot of close ones that fell for them and didn't fall for us. Hopefully that's all out of our system, i would really like to beat Buffalo like a drum on Wednesday. Wouldn't that be fun?Also add BG, Can't, and whoever we play up in Cleveland to that drum.
  4. I don't think our defense has been good at all to be honest. I was watching Western Carolina take Can't down to the wire tonight. You know how they did it? They made shots and played the best D I've seen in a while at the college level. Akron USED to be a good defensive team, now we've sort of slacked off. We don't get up into players, we don't scrap and pick at the ball, we don't come from behind and poke the ball away like a smart defensive player would. We foul and let them drive to the hoop.
  5. For me, it brought back a lot of great memories. You can choose to focus on the negative or you can choose the positive. I'll take the positive every time. Yeah, our Men's Soccer Zips fell short of their goal, but what an unprecendented season! True dat! We have it this year though. In the finals, my dad won 2 tickets for the finals out in Santa Barbara for this year, and I'm taking that as a good sign! GO ZIPS!
  6. Of course they did. They only scored 53 points. Points scored compared to the other team is the most important statistic. Turnovers, steals, blocks and rebounds lead to scoring opportunities, not necessarily points.In big games, you had better be able to score points and put pressure on the other team. Akron put no pressure on VCU to perform all day.That was just plain bad in every way.Bad that the Zips came within 2 rebounds of a team that was supposed to kill them on the boards?Bad that the Zips had fewer turnovers against a pressing defense that was supposed to cause a Zips meltdown?Bad that the Zips had more steals than the team with the "more athletic" players?Bad that the Zips had more blocked shots than the team with the experienced big with the 7-foot-7 wingspan who's projected to be an NBA lottery pick?Bad that the Zips caused the projected NBA lottery pick to foul out?The Zips played like men against men. They lost because they couldn't get the ball through the hoop. It happens to the biggest, baddest, toughest men who play the sport.One thing I do believe is bad are fans who are so focused on pointing fingers at what went wrong that they refuse to acknowledge any good from the team they claim to support.I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, but what good do you see? I'm honestly just wondering.Here's what I see:PositivesIndividual performances from Jimmy and Nik are becoming more consistent.Zeke is changing SOME shots.NegativesLaid an egg on national TV AGAIN. Inconsistent.Horrible shooting.Lazy/lack of effort.Bad coaching.Horrible free throw shooting AGAIN.We have taken a step back from last year. I can understand a team taking a step back if they lose like 3+ seniors, but we only lost 1. Yes it was MVP, and yes he was a huge leader, but where are the McKnights, the McNees', the DRobs who have been here for 3+ years?I am a huge Zips fan, but to get better you have to learn from your mistakes. You can't just blow through life like NOTHING bad happens, and the same applies for sports. If you focus on just the positives, you will never get over the negative bumps in the road. That's why people are pointing out the negatives, they want to get better and improve. I hope we can get it back on track for Wednesday, or it's going to be a long game if Buffalo brings their A game. Go Zips! Win the MAC tourney.
  7. I have a question: why don't we play zone more? We have no athleticism (besides Jimmy), we suck at defense right now, and our big men are slow. In my opinion, Dambrot's coaching like Tressel: NO ADAPTATION WHAT-SO-EVER! I hope next year brings a better result.
  8. If it's not obvious this is VCU's game, one of their students just made a half court shot.
  9. J-Wood in the postRome at the PFNow here's where it could get interesting...If you want small, put D-Rob or Humpty at the wing spot. D-Rob gives us another guard who's under control. Humpty gives u speed and a shooter. If you want big, you put Zeke on the wing. He'd play the Cavs spot for Z, knocking down a 10-15 ft. jumper and possibly getting inside for some dunks. If you want athletic, put Jimmy Conyers at the Wing. IMO, Jimmy at the wing is the best option out of the 3. You have a slasher and shooter. C-Note at SGDials at PGThese guys are better because Quade wasn't all the impressive. He was tall, but he wasn't very good. All I can say is, if you take the four besides Earth-Quade, and add some of the team now, we'd be making some serious runs in the NCAA tourney.
  10. On the first thing:Maybe instead of a "how well do you know your teammate" thing, how about "how much do you hate Can't State"? On the second thing:How about a "Z-I" on one side then "P-S" on the other side? Good job with the warm up. Keep up the good work.
  11. You know, I really don't feel bad for the guy... HE CHOSE TO GO TO CAN'T STATE! He should've been expecting this!
  12. I NEVER say the "K" word. I was taught "Can't Read. Can't Write. Can't State", so that's how I'm going to say it.
  13. Hey! Do the Humpty Hump. Hey! Do the Humpty Hump!
  14. I said yes, but here's what must happen for it to be a good fit. The trade to get him has to be JJ and Z for Amare. We also must be sure Z is going to be waived. If we give up anymore people, the chemistry will be out of whack and it could hurt us. I like this trade also if Amare is going to sign for years to come, but if not, then keep JJ. The player I wanted was Andre Iguodala. I think if the Cavs got him, they'd be for sure the most athletic team in the NBA by far. You can't guard Moon, LeBron, AI, and Shaq effectively, not to mention there's another guy out there I didn't mention (probably Mo or Delonte). The Cavs are in great shape. They are already the best team by far and adding an All Star and only losing a sophomore uprising isn't bad (assuming we get Z back).
  15. Do we know what the weather is like? That's their only excuse.
  16. IMO, there's only two ways a team can ruin their chance at getting a good tourney seed:1. Lose in your conference more than a few times.2. Schedule the Malones, St. Francis, etc. and cause your SOS to go down (down as in bad), which ultimately can ruin your RPI.
  17. Bring on the Sucknuts! By that year, our RB will be a Heisman candidate, our stadium will be sold out every game, and we'll be ranked! I'm starting to get pumped for soccer/football season!
  18. Pretty good guestimate on my part. Pretty awful turnout for an important game.Hasn't changed much since KD left town! Our women outdraw their men. Sheesh.Our women have a better RECORD then their men!
  19. 2.25 exactly. WinZip, I heard he got a C in "Intro to pencil sharpening", a B in "Underwater Basket Weaving", and an F in "Modern Approach to Counting". I'm going to also say he took "ABCs: learning the alphabet" and "Finger-Painting 101".
  20. I am going to agree that Brett McKnight is easily the most versatile and complete offensive threat that this team has. Who else on this team, let alone in the MAC, has the size, inside game and post moves, as well as the range and athleticism that Brett McKnight has?I think Conyers is more athletic and is more explosive than Brett, but Brett can shoot better. What we need is to start getting some fast break opportunities with those two. It's going to be a great game on Wednesday; I just hope we bring our A game.
  21. Yes, I might be reading into the lull too much. Yes, I LOVE Dambrot's classy personality, but just think about this. Last year in the MAC tourney, Dambrot was out-coached. Humtpy saved our butt in the Toledo game. Linhart had the leadership to keep the team focused. McNees got hot. Everything went our way. Sometimes that's what it takes, but consistency for sure helps, and that's what I'm not seeing and haven't seen for 4 years.I probably am overreacting, but I want to win, just like everyone else should. I want to get out of the MAC, but this can't happen unless we dominate.
  22. You know, I might rustle some feathers with what I'm about to post, but it's just my opinion. If I'm the AD, I'm telling Dambrot his seat is getting a little warm. Don't get me wrong, I was happy with the win, but let's face it, his coaching has been subpar for a stretch now, and it's happened 2 years in a row. Yes, players make mistakes that coaches can't control, and yes, coaches make mistakes, but I'm not seeing any learning from the mistakes. For 4 years we've had pretty much the same game plan. Teams are starting to figure out how to stop us. It doesn't look like Dambrot is adapting. For example, we finally started to press against Toledo, but then we stop because it's working. Plus, it seems to me that we continue to ignore the one thing that can win a game: putting the ball in the basket. Again, Dambrot preaches defense, which is a good thing to a point, but I think he's ignored the shooting aspect of the game a little bit. Also, is it just me or is Dambrot starting to coach like Charlie Coles? Has our offense started to slow down like Miami's does? I'm not sure if it's because of our lack of athleticism, or the coaching. If I was coaching, I would press a lot more than we do. I'd throw Zeke on the inbounder and put Jimmy at the safety position. Put Nik, Drob, and Humpty on the rest, then trap. This way we may get more turnovers, which leads to more points, which leads to a win. Again, these are just my observations and opinions. Great win though for the Zips. STRONG OT. We cooled down a very hot team, but now hopefully they are mad and take it out on Can't State. Come on BSUcks and let's go Zips! BEAT CMU!
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