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  1. 2018-2019

    Really? That's odd...he is listed on Twitter as Loren Jackson - his ID is even @Little_Loren3 Thanks for clarifying!
  2. 2018-2019

    I've never seen Riak play personally. My guess on him starting was because of his size and Groce raving about his defensive ability when he initially signed on.
  3. 2018-2019

    I'd love to see Neftali Alvarez get that final scholarship. True PG, highly touted, seems like he'd fit perfectly.
  4. 2018-2019

    I too thought about flipping Sayles for Olojakpoke (or even Riak). I think Jaden has a really bright future here. I would assume E will need to go through a battery of tests before he's cleared, but I've heard he's expected back. I think a transfer is likely because of what you said - the team is so young. We'll have one senior, three juniors, SEVEN sophomores, and one freshman. The addition could depend on current players leaving, as you suggested.
  5. 2018-2019

    I've heard from several that he will play starting in January '19. I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere, but just going off of what I heard. Hope that's bad info. As far as position, Rivals and 24/7 listed him as a PG coming out of HS. He's a combo guard, so I think he can play the 1 or 2. They could easily start Cotton or Jackson as well, I just tossed out my guess.
  6. 2018-2019

    Here's an older scouting report on Riak: Deng Riak ESPN Analyst - Updated 05/28/2015 Strengths: Riak is an extra long, lean and active power forward that runs the floor extremely well. Also is skill is impressive as well. He can handle the ball extremely well for his size and has excellent touch and body control around the basket where he can score over his left shoulder and straight line drive to the rim. Riak can knock down the open three off the catch and in when and pop situations when he can get his feet set. He rebounds pretty well and blocks shots on the ball or coming to the aid of a teammate from the weak side. Weaknesses: Riak will need continue to add strength and gain valuable playing experience which will help him continue to build upon his already productive game. Bottom Line: Riak is a skilled power forward with length and athleticism with allows him to be match up problem and a high major prospect with excellent upside.
  7. 2018-2019

    I can understand those who don't want to look ahead yet, but I wanted to open a thread for discussion of our team next year. We have one scholarship still available, so an incoming freshman or, more likely, a transfer will also be added. Projected Starters 6'8", 190 - Emmaanuel Olojakpoke 6'6", 215 - Daniel Utomi 6'10", 225 - Deng Riak 6'5", 200 - Jimond Ivey 6'3", 170 - Eric Hester Bench 6'9", 235 - Jaden Sayles 6'6", 195 - Eric Parrish 6'11", 250 - Mark Kostelac 6'4", 195 - Torrey Patton 6'1", 165 - Virshon Cotton 5'8", 160 - Loren Jackson 6'6", 200 - LePear Toles Hester isn't expected to play until midseason, so either Cotton or Jackson will start at PG early on. Around the conference, Buffalo should remain a power, only losing Wes Clark to graduation. They also have two highly-touted recruits coming in. Toledo loses it's top scorer and four other seniors, but returns quite a bit of talent as well. And, because its our rival, Kent State will lose Kevin Zabo but will bring back most of their major pieces.
  8. College Basketball Scandal

    It'll be interesting to see if any MAC teams get caught up in this.
  9. Taking Stock Part II

    Oh no, I went to it all! I brought up Saturday just to highlight the successes. I hope you're right. I just think, if we're being honest, that most successful coaches, including Groce, won't want to stay here. It'd have to be someone with ties here, as KD had. I've been around long enough not to get any hopes up for a new arena.
  10. Taking Stock Part II

    To me the hardest part of this transition is knowing that we're unlikely to have the same stability we had for 13 years. I believe Groce will rebuild and that he'll get us a Tourney win, and then I think he'll jump at his first shot at redemption with a P5 job. And that will be a cycle that we'll go through every 3-4 years, with the coach either leaving for a bigger job or being let go for poor performance. That uncertainty is scary to me as a fan. As far as the KD era goes, I enjoyed knowing that in most conference games, we were going to leave happy. I also enjoyed clearing my schedule every 2nd Saturday in March for a game at The Q. We never got over the hump, but it was a helluva 13 year ride.
  11. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    Or that might be a real reason...
  12. Game 26- @ PCCC

    Back to game discussion - one rivalry cliche that has somehow always rung true with this game is the current records of both teams haven't mattered much. I expect Saturday to be the same.
  13. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    I literally just posted an example of a Duquesne recruit saying KD's Akron streak factored into their decision. Dylan Swingle mentioned it as well.
  14. Game 26- @ PCCC

    Good god, did KD hit your car in the parking lot or something?
  15. Game 25—Ball State

    This will happen. Next year you're probably starting Loren Jackson, Eric Hester, Jimond Ivey, Daniel Utomi, and either Olojakpoke or Deng Riak. Then Olojakpoke/Riak, Cotton, Parrish, Patton, Sayles as a likely second unit. You could even see Toles push his way in depending on their long-term plan with him. I don't expect Kostelac to play much next year.