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  1. Anybody ripe for the taking from Kent?!? Or do we even want a traitor?
  2. Hmm..OC to HC back to OC without being fired is interesting. Must have a good allowance for assistants.
  3. Fair points. Most post on social media, so figured we'd see more action there.
  4. Genuinely shocked we only have 1 additional guy in the portal that we know about today.
  5. He's gotta be close to getting his degree. Just like Jeslord Boateng.
  6. Over/under 10 Zip entrees the first day?
  7. Paraphrasing, but said he got out there early because he's earned it. Must be practicing well. I agree he isn't sticking out a whole lot when he does get minutes, but he did shoot 2/3 from 3 today. A step forward hopefully.
  8. Groce gave some praise to Kobe in his post game presser. Look to see some more of him going forward.
  9. Would be sweet if we got our Shedeur Sanders with him. A QB clearly at a level higher than we'd typically get, but wants to play for his dad.
  10. Boateng looked the part, but didn’t produce at MSU or even here how one would have hoped. Good luck to him. Outside of him and any other players who played out of necessity but not necasssrily warranted, im good with any player who has been in college 3 years who couldn’t sniff the field this year to look for greener pastures. Go Zips.
  11. LZIp


    I think Irons is QB1 and no transfers brought in unless there’s a big fish out there for MAC standards if that makes sense. A highly touted QB out of HS whose behind a stud for a big program. I agree DJ needs to clean up some things. Taking less sacks/learning to check down/throw the ball away, and cut out the costly turnovers. He has all the tools otherwise. An improved line and running game will help with that a lot.
  12. I told my wife the first play would be a sack or interception. Sure enough the first play was a sack and the 2nd was an interception. Unfk'ing believable.
  13. Come on Durant. Keeping drive alive
  14. Why we declining penalties on Buffalo? 2nd and 10 vs 1st and 15, id take 1st and 15, especially when they are on fringe of FG range?
  15. Another letdown by the D before the half. Going to be a nailbiter in the 2nd.
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