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  1. Per 247, at least these guys listed here.https://247sports.com/college/akron/Season/2022-Football/Visits
  2. Looks like they are hosting recruits on campus this weekend
  3. Also, I thought the turnout from the Rowdies last night was tremendous @Reslife4Life
  4. Echoing many thoughts but... X is the only player that carried their weight on offense. Freeman also to an extent. I don't see X as a bad defender by any means, but really thought Groce would have stuck Tribble on Carry, as I perceive him to be our best guard defender. If he isn't what is he really out there for? Horrible shooting all around, Trimble sticks out the most. Like another poster, I was also watching at the half and noticed how NOBODY on the team could make a 3 warming up. Hopefully it was just one of those nights and not a recurring theme. I also wasn't pleased with the defense for the first time all year. A lot of that probably started with Carry breaking down the D of the dribble. Too many open shots - down low and at the 3 and too many offensive rebounds. Someone mentioned before this Kent team doesn't have a "Justin Hall" type of player you love to hate. Insincere Carry is that guy. Was taunting us all night (while owning us). This team has a lot of balance, but we need to have a go to guy. Throughout the season thus far, Ali appears to be the only guard/wing that can create on his own and score at an efficient rate. Someone insinuated he had COVID, so the hope is thats the excuse for his performance the past 2 games, because prior to that he was playing pretty damn good. Simply put, balance is nice, but you need a go to guy if you want to make a run in Cleveland or make any noise in a post season tournament. Hope Ali can continue to develop there because I think he's our only hope. Sure would be nice to have Walton when nobody else can throw a rock in the ocean though....
  5. I like the current AK-Rowdies leadership. Its not been there in recent years IMO...maybe not since I've been out of school. I think and hope the university as a whole has escaped the "dark ages" we've had to experience the past 5 or so years - rapidly declining enrollment, financial issues, layoffs, and constant change of leadership at the top (whether it be presidents, ADs and/or coaches. I take my wife and friends to games - a mix of UA alum and not - and its embarrassing. Not so much football, but basketball and soccer games were really fun and had great attendance when I was in school less than a decade ago. I strongly believe COVID is still in the way for basketball as they play indoors and this crap seems to spike during their season, but I hope athletics and the university as whole has hit rock bottom and we can start/keep trending upwards. Go Zips!
  6. Think the wife and I are going to make the trip out to hippie city tonight to cheer on the Zips. KSUcks!
  7. 247 has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to keeping track of the smaller schools and less coveted recruits. Thats really all the more thought I put into it.
  8. This would be a really impressive get. Scheduled to visit Jan 28th, one week after going to GT.. https://247sports.com/Player/Jullian-Lewis-46099434/
  9. It has to be COVID considering the current case numbers. Work is ratcheting down on it. I'm going to an event next week where N95s are required. Sucks.
  10. going into the half down 3 feels like a borderline miracle. That should bode well for us...assuming we can turn it up some.
  11. Dawson providing some good minutes per usual.
  12. Could be a nice steal here. I assume he'll be on scholly.. Looks like some FCS offers out of HS, went prep school for a year. I like his film. http://www.hudl.com/v/2GBcMB
  13. Can't be too high of a target if he has no offers heading into his Sr year I will have to check him out though. Thanks.
  14. Should be about 20 schollies under the limit with the current roster. Can replace up to 32. Hopefully we don’t have more than another 12 leave (at least for this season). A fringe scholarship player should be better than a walk on and depth is important.
  15. Scrolling through the updated roster - only currently 2 scholarship players not on it that we weren't aware of - Vince Fonte and Andre Williams. Both were either low or non-contributors this past season.
  16. It includes walk ons. The 2021 roster would have even more players listed. No 2022 players would show up on the roster yet as they aren’t enrolled and/or haven’t signed LOI yet. The roster is simply a rollover from prior year less anyone who they know is no longer with the program. The classes aren’t even updated (players like Jasiah Gathings and Myles Walker are showing as sophomores but they redshirted last year).
  17. This would appear to be our S&C coach per his twitter. Another guy with a lot of experience. https://pittsburghpanthers.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/ben-iannacchione/1933
  18. I'd really like to keep Mathison. I swear I recall seeing him getting offers from umASS, GA Southern, and Hawaii, but those are now deleted from his twitter, so that gave me a little hope something might have changed. However, none of the new staff are even following him so it seems like he's gone for good. A wildcard is Andre Williams who has been around forever. He was a nice contributor when Bowden was here and can hopefully return to form if he comes back for a super senior season. I still like the potential of the 3 other freshman brought in last year (Gathings, Singleton, and Walker). As long as I don't have to see us being forced to put freshman walk-ons out there after an injury or two...
  19. Per @Blue & Gold' list on the first page, we currently have: QB: 1 Jennings (HS) RB: 2 Wiley (T), Kellom (HS) WR: 1 Jacquez-Louis (T) TE: 1 Banks (T) OL: 1 Banes (T) DL: 3 Robinson (T), Harper (T), Jones (T) LB: 1 Terry (T) DB: 2 Threatt (T), Martin (T) Note I removed Dixon and Leopold. Their twitters or 247 may show as committed, but I don't see it happening based on the other recruits no longer having offers. How many more transfers do we think we get/need? I'd thinks something like 1 upperclassman QB, 1-2 OL, 1 WR, maybe 1 LB and 1 DB? With all of that, we're at 18 scholarships. Leaves room for up to 14 additional freshman. Something like 2 WR, 2 OL, 2 DL, 2 LB, 3DB is only 11. The new rules along with where the roster currently really gives the staff a chance to significantly improve this roster in one offseason, even with them getting started late.
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