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  1. 2019 Recruiting

    Those are some sweet pics
  2. Game 4—UT Chattannoga

    The dude went 10-23 last year and is .500 this year. What exactly has he done to make it seem like he was what we needed? I also see no reason we couldn't poach him if it shows to be the case.
  3. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Because the 6'10" starting center doesn't or is incapable of leaving his feet and playing above the rim. This season is well on its way to huge disappointment like last year (those there was an excuse last year). If that ends up being the case, I'm only giving Groce one more year tops to show some promise.
  4. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    nice first half by LCJ. Really need this win.
  5. 2019 Recruiting

    Have to feel like this is a lock to be our QB for the class.
  6. Welcome Tom Arth!

    I'd rather lose a coach to Troy than to YSU. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/19/carl-pelini-leaving-bowling-green-to-eventually-take-over-for-brother-bo-at-youngstown-state/
  7. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Zips overload on this snowy Saturday! Watch Ulysses Gilbert in the Shrine Game on NFL Network at 3. ZipsMBB vs Miami on ESPN3 at 3:30. Kyron Brown in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl on FS1 at 5.
  8. Game 23- PCCC Golden Flushes

    can't please everybody.
  9. 2019 Recruiting

    Pull 247 offers today. They have the following recruits listed as "warm" for us: Xavior Gray, Jackson High School, OL https://247sports.com/player/xavior-gray-46080011/ Clarence Hicks, Hutchinson CC, DE https://247sports.com/player/clarence-hicks-46059132/ Jaden Cunningham, Hutchinson CC, DT https://247sports.com/player/clarence-hicks-46059132/ Jamykal Neal, Hutcinson CC, DT https://247sports.com/player/jamykal-neal-92464/ Still show Chris Hill, Jarred Uran, and Tyler Connolly committed. Still show DeeArius Reese and Kyre Williams as not committed. Michael Scott (OLB/DE) has reportedly signed, but nothing on 247 shows that. https://247sports.com/Player/Michael-Scott-83307/
  10. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Did you mean to type Kentucky?
  11. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Twitter works crappy at work, but Davern changed his twitter profile to Troy, so he's officially gone.
  12. 2019 Recruiting

    Here is the tweet I was talking about @ZipsVoice
  13. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    Actually multiple players were involved in domestic violence incidents (Diggs and Treadwell) and there were numerous other suspensions under KD. Diggs and Harney also despised each other.
  14. Welcome Tom Arth!

    crap! Thats his alma mater though
  15. 2019 Recruiting

    I would think it is a good thing. I haven't been able to find much in that regard and there is no time frame to announce anything. If some were looking to transfer (or at least someone of note), I think we would have heard about it, considering GT was pretty quick to report Kostelac was in the transfer portal. I did find someone tweet a few days ago that an unnamed player was looking to transfer, but they were looking for a 1AA/D2 landing spot, so I can't imagine its someone we would be upset about.
  16. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    He gone. Too bad it didn't work out for him here. Still feel he has potential.
  17. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    2 high school players are already signed for next season. Along with one transfer currently sitting out and 1 JUCO guy also signed.
  18. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    Uhhh,...I beg to differ.
  19. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    What makes this guy a key transfer anymore than say a Riak or LCJ?
  20. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    That is way more violent than the typical dust up teammates might have. Good riddance indeed.
  21. Welcome Tom Arth!

    What is so bad about playing a FCS opponent away (and saving money) rather than hosting and likely losing money?
  22. 2019 Recruiting

    Another opportunity. Rod Carey reportedly leaving NIU for Temple.
  23. Welcome Tom Arth!

    They are working to make other arrangements (game in Chattanooga) in order to avoid paying that buyout. Just because being hired before early signing day didn't result in any early signing day commits, that doesn't mean it was a waste. Additional time to build relationships with recruits who might sign in Feb, get staff in place, and build relationship with the current players is very valuable. Waiting until 1/1, while maybe financially savvy, would have likely been a bad move in a number of ways (perception and recruiting).