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  1. Looks like he is trying to get back to TX. I thought I saw Scarby at a CBA recruiting event the other night...guess I did.
  2. Can't speak for the CMU game, but he wasn't dressed (along with White) during the UAB game.
  3. This season is depressing. I need some good news, whether it be on the field or recruiting front soon.
  4. Week 4 presser. He gets a little fired up at the 16:10 mark when GT questions the O-line.
  5. Nice post Z.I.P. Your last sentence is a good point. I see it as work in practice against better competition and pay your way through school for the year or get in practice/games/school covered for a year. I don't take much issue with either choice. The impatience is college basketball is intriguing to me. Giving up on a player after their redshirt freshman year is baffling to me. Even giving up on players after their true freshman year (like Groce has done) is baffling to me. Not everyone is going to come in and light the world on fire..some take time to develop and they have up to 5 years of eligibility. I'm glad our program didn't give up on Big Dog that early...
  6. Darn. Looks like I'm off base. Still should be a nice add next year.
  7. Looks like we are adding a much needed big guy just in time for the season?! Looks like a stretch 4 with 3 years of immediate eligibility. http://verbalcommits.com/players/taylor-currie
  8. Interesting. Literally one poster has said they are done with Nelson. No mention of the Oline woes and putrid running game.
  9. Euro Gyro, The Score, and Manny's are bar/grills right across the street from the stadium. The tailgating scene isn't anything to write home about, but we have some die hards. Tailgating lots are literally right next to the stadium as well.
  10. Scary part about the OL is that the issues might not even be fixed after this year. We lose our best OL. I wouldn't expect anything outside of marginal improvement outside of any of the other current starters. With the current roster - we have one R-Fr that might be a contributor in the future and the rest are true freshman. Expecting a few of them to come in and perform at least average next season is a gamble. Staff would probably be well served to bring in 1-2 grad transfer/JUCO OL for next season to bridge the gap/bring in competition for the current starters. In fact, looking at it in hindsight, they probably should have allocated 1-2 of those scholly's for the transfers on D they brought to the OL.
  11. Didn't get a chance to watch this one live. After seeing the result, I don't think i'm going to start my ESPN+ membership for this season yet and watch the replay. Really thought we would have gave them a better game. UMASS, Kent, and BG are our only chances left at Ws.
  12. As opposed to what, Balsy's in-depth arbitrary rankings because you follow so close? Which recruit are you most excited for so far in the 2020 class? Or are you just blindly arguing? You aren't making any points to support you argument other than "TERRY BOWDEN" bud.
  13. If the players like it, who cares.
  14. He's probably getting ready for Gameday to come to Ames this weekend!
  15. He seems to be right on the upper fringe of what I'd call realistic (considering his rating). Only has offers to Cinci and Toledo at this point. We are the closest D1 school to him. Go for it!
  16. I feel like Sampson would be a pretty elite pass rusher 🤷‍♂️ Doesn't seem to be getting many snaps though.
  17. At the end of the day, you all can keep your agendas or lose 'em. You can choose to support the guys and coaches out there busting their asses or you can choose to sit around and bitch behind the keyboard about a decision that has already been made. I know where I stand and I know what decision is going to make me less miserable of a person. I'm a Zips fan and I'm going to root for whoever is out there, hope for the best, and try to be rational in analysis.
  18. No I didn't. Bowden is no longer the coach here, so he is irrelevant to me.
  19. 1) Arth had I believe the #1 and #2 recruiting classes in his conference in his two years at UT-C. 2) Per 247, last year Arth, in 2 months with early signing day working against him, literally put together the 2nd best recruiting class compared to everybody since 2012 (the year Bowden started). In Bowden's best class, which ranked #113 (compared to Arth's #114), his class averaged 2 points lower per recruit than Arth's did and many of those players didn't even end up making it to campus. Just facts man.
  20. Davis was literally on the field all day.
  21. I want some of what you'll are smokin' if you didn't think this team was going to take some lumps this year. I admit, I had a bit of blind faith/hope that Arth would immediately turnaround the ship, but its really unfair to expect that. Unfortunately, it's looking like this season is going to be a tough one to sit through. We weren't picked to finish 5th in our division or win 3/4 games by Vegas for no reason. Positives: The team didn't quit today and ended up making the score respectable. Burkhart had a great game. Nice to see Riley with the INT after getting picked on. He's a player we will need to come along. Kato looked much better than last week. Bubba and Lako were sound...though I think it might be a better move to put another LB on the field and take off a less experienced DB. On the other hand, special teams was really abysmal. Placekicking, punting, and the return game. We need more consistency in each phase. Our O-line is still a big issue.,,the running game isn't having any more success than last year. We are playing an unproven player at RT with a giant club on his hand because we have to. We've got 6 lineman capable of playing right now (not counting true freshmen as I don't think its fair to expect any of them to contribute), and I feel like it wouldn't take much to upgrade some of those positions, we just don't have it. The defensive line did better in the run game today. We need to find a way to get more pressure on the QB though, especially considering the lack of experience in the secondary. To the secondary, we played at least 3 players at the safety position next to Featherstone today, two of which are true freshman and the other doesn't have much experience. I'd probably roll with Jacobs to be honest. Need some experienced players to help our green CBs over the top. Other observations - RBs Reese, Hayes-Patrick, and White not dressed, but on the sideline. 4th highest rated recruit, Daniel LaVelle, no longer appears on the roster and I didn't see him on the sideline - at least in a jersey. I'd like to see more Hicks and Williams, but its tough to take away playing time from Stewart and Burkhart, one of the few good problems we have. Swapping Boogie for Williams might be the sweet spot. Brandon Lee is a nice player and certainly has a role on our team, but I don't know if he should be leading RBs in snaps - sure seemed like he did. They look to be making our high rated recruit, Corey Thomas, a LB. He was dressed but hasn't played in either game. I would like to see more out of our tight end position, whether it be blocking or receiving. Johns was the only player in the game who I think might be out for a while from injury. Council also left but it didn't look too serious judging from the sideline. Nate Stewart is also quickly becoming one of my favorite Zips....great display of leadership on the sidelines after Boogie's punt muff. Coach has 2 games of tape on his players. We need to start settling in on who we are going to roll with going forward. No more mass rotations at WR and DL. Need our best on the field and give them breaks as needed.
  22. I could be off base, but my understanding is that they lost a ton with that senior class. I *think* that senior class may have been the class who joined the program the first year it was announced back and was granted an extra year of eligibility because UAB wasn't playing any games that year. I believe there is a lack of experience for them this year and a lot of holes that need filled. Not saying they are going to have a regression to the mean for sure, but the facts and the result last week against a low tier FCS school seem to hint that. I'd bet they are closer to an Akron this year than last year's UAB team.
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