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  1. There's absolutely no way a NFL QB coach in his first year in that role would take a job at a MAC school.
  2. Yeah except they still have to play a D1 schedule while being D2...
  3. Agreed. Two games is probably too early, but it could get out of hand quickly.
  4. Probably can't afford to...but we're getting close to "can't afford not to" territory here.
  5. Health may force Arth's hand. Not the reason you necessarily want to see, but it may happen regardless.
  6. Bo Nix opened the third, so it's probably just second string. They're not that much worse than the first string that it should be this stark a difference. Maybe finally a little glimmer of hope.
  7. How sure are we that Akron is "upward" from UT-Chattanooga right now?
  8. My money's on Ohio State on this one.
  9. That's exactly what I was thinking. Seems to be adding more credence of this year being a total "rip off the band-aid" year, which the Zips probably did need to do. Wish they coulda done it without 0-12, but...
  10. Kinda sounds like maybe that type of discipline was a problem in the past (assuming this is true, which I am unable to prove). Maybe this whole year was a "rip the bandaid off" type of year, because this thing was that far into the toilet. I'm going to pretend this is true, though, because it gives me a lot more hope for the future, especially with a recruiting class coming that seems pretty OK to my untrained eye.
  11. Sorry, it's not a news story until Carl Monday is chasing Coach Dambrot from his office to his car with a cameraman in tow.
  12. No, I imagine he was talking as if I was an Alabama fan - got his lines crossed.
  13. Um...what? Since when did Akron ever have these sorts of seasons?
  14. Who cares? The guy has won at every level. The proof is in the pudding. Nothing to be leery about. I believe this to be the characteristic of this guy that excites me the most. I don't care his name is nationally recognized. I dont care he coached at Auburn and holds the record for the highest winning %age at Auburn for any coach with at least 5 years of tenure. I don't care he took a break from coaching before heading to North Alabama. This guy is a PROVEN winner at every level with ALL levels of talent. If he can't win here, nobody ever will. I have 100% faith he will bring us from the ashes and actually compete against the big boys. For the first time in a long while, I am proud to be a zips football fan! I'm a former UNA alum, and I'm gonna troll here a little bit We're glad Bowden's gone. Thank you for taking him off our hands. Ya'll may not have the same trouble we had with him, since ya'll are D1 and we are D2. But he had a terrible penchant for bringing in second, third and fourth chance athletes. I'm not sure if there's a statistic for it, but if there were, our football team probably led the NCAA in violent crimes. Since ya'll are D1, I don't see the transfer's or the second chance guys wanting to come in and play since they'd have to sit out a year. But I mean it when I say most UNA alums and fans are glad he's gone. He did some good things for us, but he also tarnished our school with the thugs he often brought in. Hopefully ya'll have better luck with him than we did. BTW, here's a link to an Alabama message board where it's being discussed. As you can see, not a single UNA fan or alum in there is sad to see him go: http://www.tidefans.com/forums/football/15...wden-akron.html And yeah, it's an Alabama Crimson Tide Board, not a UNA Lions board, but when you're D2 you're allowed to be a fan of a D1 school too. No matter where you went to school in the state of Alabama, it always boils down to being an Alabama or an Auburn fan, everyone else comes second. I'm sure none of this linked thread has anything to do with him being 3-2 against the Crimson Tide while head coach at Auburn.
  15. You must have also stayed away from the scrambled eggs at breakfast. I didn't go to breakfast a whole lot, but I don't remember them being all that bad.
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