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  1. Press release includes family members.
  2. Highlights from the release- The Tournaments will continue as scheduled on Wednesday, March 11th through Saturday, March 14th, however only credentialed institutional personnel, student-athlete family members, credentialed media, television and radio crews, and official team party members will be permitted for attendance for the tournaments. The MAC tournaments will be closed to the general public. All tickets for the MAC Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments will be refunded in the form of a credit towards next year’s tournament or a full refund. All ticketholders will receive an email with further instructions regarding next steps to receiving credit or refund. Beginning Wednesday during regular business hours, fans can contact their respective athletic departments or the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse box office at (216) 420-2200.
  3. From MAC site- https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200310/university-of-akron-menrsquos-basketball--zips-coach-appreciates-luxury-bench-players-bring-to-his-team
  4. GT's latest- https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200310/university-of-akron-menrsquos-basketball--zips-coach-appreciates-luxury-bench-players-bring-to-his-team
  5. Me too, but I'd get over it once a well rested Zips team won an NCAA tournament game!
  6. On the heels of their recent success- UGH- https://www.cleveland.com/akron/2020/03/university-of-akron-diving-coach-resigns-amid-accusations-he-secretly-filmed-photographed-students.html
  7. The caravan from DeKalb just slammed on the brakes! (That would be a 1997 Dodge Caravan).
  8. The Field House is going to be one expensive gym rental. The state wrestling finals are in Columbus this weekend. First four in Dayton next week. First round in Cleveland shortly thereafter.
  9. Haliegh Reinoehl makes 3rd team All-MAC, Jordyn Dawson makes honorable mention. https://getsomemaction.com/news/2020/3/9/mac-announces-2020-womens-basketball-postseason-awards.aspx
  10. I'd actually prefer that he dish than take the game over with his offense.
  11. I would hope the staff now understands that Banks has to be on Preston from the start. Everything with OU revolves around him.
  12. The most infuriating are the idiots the break quarantine to do stuff like go to a father-daughter dance. This is going to be an odd March madness time.
  13. 3 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Cuyahoga County.
  14. I picked EMU because of that goofy zone and PCCC's lack of discipline. EMU could be a problem if they recapture what they were doing mid-MAC season.
  15. X was named Player of the Week- https://getsomemaction.com/news/2020/3/8/mac-announces-final-mens-basketball-players-of-the-week.aspx Nice to see him come around. He spoke after the PCCC game on the post-game and referenced his shooting slump. He said it was nice that the coaches and players kept supporting him and telling him to shoot and that as a shooter he needs that confidence. He also referenced that he's had some "personal stuff" going on. Hopefully, he's past the slump and the personal stuff. He's such a likable kid. He's east to root for.
  16. X was East Division POW- https://getsomemaction.com/news/2020/3/8/mac-announces-final-mens-basketball-players-of-the-week.aspx
  17. O forgot to mention how nice it was to see LCJ's dad escort Riak out for his Senior Night honors.
  18. I saw him "working" the JAR. Very personable guy. He certainly has the team going in the right direction off the field. Let's hope on the field is next.
  19. Two different ways of getting to a successful conclusion. I'm curious to see if Groce starts to develop more from freshmen as opposed to jucos and transfers now that he has things up and running. I think he had to go there to get the program up to speed and he sure did a great job of finding them. I just want good kids who win, I could give a $h!_+ their origin, but KD always stayed away from jucos with the exception of Evans.
  20. I'd be sour if I had a team with top 2 or 3 talent in their league and they finished 6th in a 12 team conference with losses to the 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th teams.
  21. Some people just see what they want to see. Sometimes consistency= mediocrity (see Rob Senderoff). Consistency can also mean you spend your entire life making the fries. Moving on often means you've done well and are sought by others for the quality of your work.
  22. I'm still a little perturbed by Mr. Pinky. Funny how he touts the intensity of the rivalry all year. He was on the refs all night. Had his studs in down the stretch. Told the world how good his team was this year against the MAC's top teams. Now that his team loses, it was an unimportant game. What a tool. When the Zips lost a month ago, Groce credited the opponent for making the tough plays down the stretch and stated the Zips had some things to work on. Nice to have a head coach with some class.
  23. Central had lost a whopping 9 in a row before beating Western to end the season. I think OU Handles them without much trouble. I think we may then face Buffalo. I could see Ball State come out of the other bracket with Bowling Green in their slide.
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