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  1. I was at that game as well and yes, I believe the score was 52-9.
  2. I voted MSU by 4 scores sadly. After what I saw last week, I can't see us hanging around with Michigan State much at all unless we have a huge improvement from Irons, the OLine and the DLine from week one to week two.
  3. I'd sure like to have him commit to us! He's a tall receiver which I think we really need moving forward and he's got an impressive offer list.
  4. I voted "Zips by 3 scores". We should be vastly superior in talent level and size, but not experience (as far as all players playing together on this team). We should be up early, which will allow us to get playing time for a lot of guys giving us a chance to see what we have and how they perform in a real game setting.
  5. Unfortunately, Gilbert has been so injury-prone that it has really derailed his NFL career. I hope he can get another shot somewhere, but I'm not too confident in that happening.
  6. Please, please, please! No serious injuries before this much anticipated season even starts!
  7. It's great to see that the University is really working on getting all of our sports facilities updated/upgraded. Finally some real focus on our sports programs with these events and the coaching upgrades!
  8. Where to, the PAC 12? That wouldn't make sense.
  9. Nice, and you even got the Goodyear blimp in the picture!
  10. Well, Milwee is good at conning people. Look how he tricked Bowden into being an OC.
  11. I think they are just laying everything out for now and nothing is positioned yet. Although, isn't it painted on? 🤔
  12. Great news for Bell, but not for us so much. The players need to learn as much as possible from him before he is gone.
  13. I'm expecting vast improvement by this defense. Not only due to the influx of higher level talent, but a much higher level of coaching. Our last defensive staff seemed pretty inept most of the time.
  14. Yes, I have had that happen a few times as well and thought maybe it was something I had done wrong.
  15. I agree. This is exactly what I have been thinking. Pitt would be way too convenient and enticing for him should a head coaching vacancy come up. Let's hope Pitt does great for years to come so they are not looking for a new head coach.
  16. And, with more than 9 or so playing any significant minutes, it's hard to get any consistency.
  17. I like them both, but I especially like Griffin. We need someone like that at LB for us.
  18. I'm fine with that if he becomes another Dalton Williams type QB.
  19. I really like the video, but the logo not so much.
  20. Or hopefully not like Alabama's logo in a different color.
  21. Yes, this is what I was referring to in my post yesterday asking if we are assuming that all inbound portal transfers will be on an immediate scholarship. I believe you are right with what you are saying here.
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