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  1. I say this to myself all the time. It's very frustrating!
  2. Just thinking out loud and not much research, but what about either of these two? They are coaches from a couple of the top programs at the FCS level. Jay Hill HC of Weber State or Bobby Hauck, HC of Montana. Jay is a fairly young guy, mid 40's.
  3. Well, at least we play Bryant. 😉
  4. I would say yes. We are either recruiting the wrong kids or we aren't coaching them up properly.
  5. Sounds like addition by subtraction to me! Our secondary has been terrible the past 2 seasons.
  6. Our sub-par free throw shooting drove me crazy all of those years with KD. It was so frustrating!
  7. Not if they are planning to win games.
  8. Right now, I don't care who we are playing. I just want some Zips basketball!
  9. This is the game where both teams are thinking the same thing. The only potential win.
  10. First off, let me say, Dollard is a stud. With that said, our young OL is doing a great job. I am hoping this means we will have a great line for many years to come, opening up holes for any future RB's we have on the roster. The defense is another story, everyone is always wide open. We've got to get that fixed quickly.
  11. So disappointing. He's pretty much just taken up a roster spot for his career.
  12. That was what I chose unfortunately. After seeing us give up an embarrassing 58 points to another MAC team earlier this week, I unfortunately can see it happening again. I guess maybe we were very fortunate that we didn't end up playing Clemson this season.
  13. Seems like more injuries have been happening with new turf. Have you seen all the injuries that have been happening at MetLife stadium? Seemed like someone was injured every few plays last night. Also, all those San Francisco 49ers were hurt on that field a few weeks ago.
  14. That's gonna be hard to prove. Are they gonna ask for ID's and relationship status?
  15. Seems like a good get for us. Let's hope his original 4 star potential is still there. We need a big play maker.
  16. How is Kent rated higher than NIU in any galaxy?
  17. I was looking at the other teams thinking, Championship of bust!
  18. My angle was mainly to get some sort of deal for games against UConn in basketball, not so much to get more horrible football teams added to the MAC.
  19. Based on the article, maybe we bring them into the MAC for football since they will soon be playing as an independent.
  20. Captain, I think you should promote this. I'm sure you would do a better job than what the Marketing Dept. will end up doing.
  21. I noticed that myself. I guess it's just a marketing ploy to get people to stay for the women's game. I'm planning to attend because my daughter really wants to see the women's team play so I guess I'll be getting my bobblehead!
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