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2020 Recruiting


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@Captain Kangaroo mentioned there were a number of McKinley players at a practice a week or so ago.  I know we're currently looking at handful of McKinley players and, according to social media, have apparently already offered three.  Let me see if I can dig up their names...


Jalen Ross, 6-3, 190 WR, S.  Offered.  From Canton, he went to STVM his freshman & sophomore years & then transferred to McK.  He has 9 D-1 offers, a few of those being FCS, I believe.


Jasper Robinson, 6-5, 240, TE.  Offered.  IIRC, he also has an offer from Toledo.  Good athlete.  I got to see him play basketball this past year.  Like Jalen, also plays basketball at McK.  IMHO, I like multi-sport athletes, especially football players who either play basketball or wrestle.  Really shows they're not stiffs.


D.J. Owens, DE, 6-0, 230.  I don't believe we've yet offered D.J.


Jonah Lytle, DB.  I don't believe we've yet offered Jonah.


Brian Pinkey II, DB.  Offered.  Brian's only going to be a junior next year, so he's targeted for the '21 recruiting class.

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I have some inside info that Akron has offered Ian Kipp of Mentor.  He is going to be a junior in the fall, but he is lights out as a runner and a passer.  He has several MAC offers and the Big 10 (Michigan) is starting to come on strong.  If you can, go back and watch the games that Mentor won big, and then his performance in the playoffs.  His coaches are comparing him to Trubisky, with a larger up side.  I doubt that Akron has a chance with him, but I am hoping that Coach Arth can convince him that his qb experiences would merit enrollment at my alma mater. 

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sorry, that would be 2021 recruiting
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