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Game 7- Gulf Coast Showcase- Evansville


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Good morning all!  I don't ❤ 6 a.m. games!  Anyway, woke up at halftime to see Ali x2 not missing from floor, but X-Cast and Walton taking only one combined shot in the half.  Gotta get a more balanced offense, coach.  Thank you Purple Aces for playing like Akron the past two days.  We needed that. 💜 

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Offense constipated to start the second half and Evansville hits a three to trigger another Groce TO. 33-23. 


Tribble gets to the basket just about whenever he wants to, but doesn't know what to do with it when he gets there. He just tosses it at the rim hoping it goes in. Cheese was a master of layups, I wish he would have shown Tribble his ways. There's zero finesse.

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Just now, LoyalZIP said:

Zips lead 57-47 at the final media. Ali with a pair of FTs coming up. I don't think we've seen any Clarke and not much X running the point. I feel like Groce is forcing Tribble to play it out. He's just not finishing at the basket, it's like he's afraid to use the back board.

I think Tribble is doing well playing the point.  The offense seems to be running smoothly.  I like that they are getting the ball into Freeman.

47 minutes ago, Illini Zip said:

It turns out the Zips jump shot was not left back in Akron, but rather misdirected through Dallas. Better late than never. Go Zips!!


Their defense has been solid again.




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