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Michigan State - Labor Day at home

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4 hours ago, Zipmeister said:

@72Roo, Michigan State bring back any bad memories for you?

Meister, now that you mentioned it I have two impressions. My first is going to East Lansing to play on a cold day against a Spartan team that featured two Jamaican national players. How the hell they got to Michigan from Jamaica is mind boggling. They had speed and we lost. My second is getting them back at Jackson Field with 3,000 fans lining the field and lots of rain. Our keeper Stein Christiansen was incredible. That was a very heated rivalry. Now we own them and most of the Big Ten.

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I sure am hoping that Gyuwon Chong was not seriously hurt tonight.  His lower leg took a nasty hit when the MSU player deservedly got a yellow.


Chong made a great step in steal/interception and he then made a great unselfish assist to Fitz for the first goal.


speedy recovery wishes for Gyuwon. He is good with the ball at his feet and he is good at finding open space.


   I can not say enough good things about Joel Sangwa.  His ball distribution out of the back is outstanding.   He is also everywhere defensively.


Great job by the coaches in recruiting Sangwa and Chong…from unlikely sources….community college in Iowa and Non soccer powerhouse Temple.

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