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  1. For some reason I thought Chris Payton Jr was a senior last season. I'm really irritated we have to see his stupid face for another season. At least Carry is gone.
  2. Great finish by the Zips. If not for that rough stretch of chucking up quick threes, I feel like this would have been a 30+ point win.
  3. I'm glad I could pick up where I left off and watch the ending on YouTube TV this morning. It's much more enjoyable watching when you know it ends in a win.
  4. I went to bed when it was 27-10 and woke up to see the Zips won?! Heck yes!
  5. I wish this for not only Akron, but every school in the MAC. It's so embarrassing turning on the ESPN mid-week #MACtion games to see 100 people in the crowd. We live in a country where people live and breathe football. The day of the week or current record shouldn't matter. Us Browns fans have been supporting 1-5 win teams our entire life and a lot of us have never lived in Cleveland. Yet, most people who actually attended UA couldn't care less about anything that isn't scarlet and grey.
  6. Yes and the defense seems to be legit. That should be enough to win some games in the MAC. But then again this is Akron....
  7. The best part about feeling this pain is that I get to go through it tomorrow afternoon as well. Just a great way to spend my weekends.
  8. This team could be 3-1 or even 4-0. But also 0-4 if not for a miracle fumble recovery. I don't know what to think.
  9. This is really the only way Akron wins. I have zero faith in the offense.
  10. Undercuffler single handedly cost us this game. How do you not even throw the ball on 4th down, but also lose that much yardage.
  11. That pick 6 was a nice reminder of that disaster on Monday night. Thanks for that Undercuffler.
  12. A screen pass makes more sense on 3rd and long if you're going to roll the dice on 4th.
  13. That was a good drive. Man we needed that. Defense needs to keep up the intensity now.
  14. Huge stop by the defense. Zips need to just kneel the ball and go into half.
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