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Loren Cristian Jackson

Blue & Gold

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I'm just amazed at his size that he's able to create himself so many quality looks throughout the course of the game, especially when you know every teams game plan is to limit him. Granted having range from 5 feet beyond the 3-point line helps.

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Thank you LCJ for being a key part in bringing Zips basketball back as well as the way you represented the university and program on and off the court! Its too bad the last two seasons were affected by COVID. I'm not ready to see his time in our uniform end, but it sure seems like it has. Still feels like there's a void in his legacy (though no fault of his own).

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Not sure why these aren't embedding lately. LCJ trying to raise money for a facility for his dad's program. Thought I'd share.






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42 minutes ago, ZippyRulz said:

Do the Europe leagues have drafts or when will we know where he might continue his playing career?



I may be wrong, but I think they essentially go there as free agents.  There are agents for international basketball that essentially market these guys to find them spots.


I wouldn't be at all surprised if he ends up at an NBA prep thing like the Portsmouth Invitational and then goes from there.


I also wouldn't be surprised if his long term plan is to coach, possibly even taking over for his father.  If that's the case, he could start off in that direction rather than delay it by playing.  He's young though with nothing but a long life ahead of him so who knows.

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