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EMU- 1/22/22


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3 minutes ago, NWAkron said:

Spottsville, once again, blows his crucial FTs @ the JAR.


How many of these games have we sat through at the JAR?  Plenty.  To me, no big deal.  


You could see the look in his eyes of a scared man when he was lining it up. Knew for a fact that thing wasn't going to fall.

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17 minutes ago, zipfan84 said:

I was at the game. I thought it was a gutty performance from a team running on empty, or,nearly so.


Get some rest and take it to CMU!

These guys found a way to win in front of a really nice crowd.  They were clearly worn out.  Trimble:  there's that "rule" in golf that it's difficult to follow a round of 61 with another really low round.  Good mental conditioning for March.  They certainly won't EVER be looking past the next game.

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When I looked at the stats from last nights game 2 things stood out.  First, all of the starters played 30 minutes or more with Ali playing 38 minutes.  Although somebody commented the Zips looked exhausted, I did not see anyone on the court that looked tired and their defense was intense the entire game.  These guys are in amazing shape. 


Second, Trimble went 1 of 9 from 3 points land.  If he would have shot his average of 30% this is a different game.  Unlike Kent, this team won when Trimble was not hitting his shot.  Further, Trimble had 5 rebounds.  I do not remember a game where he has rebounded that well.  That just shows me he is a very coachable player and listened to Groce about getting on the boards.


Finally, Groce on the pregame indicated that Clark has been fighting through an ankle injury.  Obviously, he has not contributed this year like we expected but maybe it will get better.  I did see he was active on defense last night and had a couple of nice double teams in limited minutes.

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