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Zips vs Marquette

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46 minutes ago, Blue & Gold said:

Was that an own goal?

Chad Welker thought that it was an own goal  (off Will Jackson)

replay made it look like the short Marquette guy did not touch the ball

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Zips scored first and second, the second an Own Goal by our senior defender and captain.  It happens.  Every experienced defender has a story about an OG.  A hard fought and physical contest, but Akron is currently lacking quality in the final third.  We usually win the match when we shoot 20 times.  I fear Zips will remain a pedestrian side until some key personnel return to action.  

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15 hours ago, Reslife4Life said:

Ashton and Stefan played hard the whole time they were out there, but it’s so hard to replace the players of Malik and Dyson on the wings. If either of those guys were out there it could’ve been a different result

In particular, Ashton Kamdem played very well along mostly our left flank.  He recorded lots of mileage, getting involved in the offense without neglecting his defensive responsibilities.

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I'll take a different view. That is in the final third Ashton seemed lost. He repeatedly passed inside, broke around the defender and got a pass back. Rather than cross or shoot he passed again. By then the D was crowded between him and the goal.  I'd rather see him take a shot any time he in or near the box. He has a wicked left foot that can hit a rocket and keep it low, not overshooting the frame. Let him do more of that. Most won't find the net, but there are rebounds, misdirections and weird bounces that happen in the box.

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I have looked very hard for the past 2 days......to find the press conference that occurred after the Marquette game.  I have been unsuccessful in finding the Marquette press conference.


The Beacon Journal has not been good this year in sending reporters to cover Akron U. Mens soccer games.


Therefore, zips fans are forced to search for the press conferences on you tube.   Normally, if a soccer game was played on Tuesday night, either Blue and Gold....or myself will find the press conference on the regular you tube web site (nomally found there around 2:00 or 3;00 on wednesday afternoon).  As soon as Blue and Gold or myself or another zip fan finds the previous night's press conference on regular you tube, the zips nation soccer fan posts on this web site for other zip soccer fans so they can listen to comments from Coach Embick and 2 players.


Normally, 5 to 6 days after the game has been played, someone in the Zips athletic department (I would assume that it is sports information director Sean Palchick) finally gets around to posting the press conference on the Zips Athletic page you tube channel.


     I am going to vent here.   Zips soccer fans deserve much, much better.    Zips soccer fans should not have to wait until 3 pm the next day for a zip soccer fan to find the press conference on regular You tube and then have that same zip soccer fan post on this site.   Zip soccer fans sure as heck should not have to wait 5 to 6 days for the press conference to be posted on the zips You Tube channel.


    Thank you to Blue&Gold and other fans...that have posted press conferences on this web site.     


Let's compare the very poor performance.....by the Akron Mens soccer sports information director to what Creighton SID did last Wednesday night.


Akron played at Creighton last Wednesday night from 7 pm eastern time to 9 pm eastern time.    At 11:30 eastern time, I found this tweet from Creighton mens's soccer.  It included a recap of the game, a 8.5 minute highlight video and the 6 minute press conference.   All included in 1 tweet.   Creighton Men's soccer fans are getting great timely information.   Akron soccer fans are getting  almost no information ....on a timely basis from our SID.    Charles Guthrie, Markus Jennings, if you are reading this.....This one Akron Mens soccer fan says ....We deserve much better, more timely information.



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