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    I'll give him a pass as I believe he was pregnant at the time.
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    Will you do the Bandaogo?
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    The Zips got a seven footer! I thought you'd be out celebrating!
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    for 2020....yes......as there are currently 6 teams (UA, WVU, SIU-E, WMU, BGSU and NIU) when SIU-E leaves for the cupcake league, the MAC will drop below the required 6 let's just hope that we have a college soccer season. Covid does not want to go away
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    Another Penn Hills safety replaces Featherstone. Can't go wrong with Penn Hills players. 👍
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    The Zips version of Dirk Nowitzki
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    Here's hoping!
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    I can't believe he'd redshirt. He'll be 20 years old when MAC play begins this season. He's roughly 6' 10" and has international playing experience. We lost Riak and Sayles. X too. At worst I'd give him "Ali Ali Level" freshman minutes.
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    Incompetent Athletic Department leadership, 2 presidents, and 2 interim presidents who won't fix the real problem.
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    1 down, 1 to go. Good luck finding much on the new signee, but this is our freshman big.
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