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  1. I didn't know where else to put this but a name in this article made me throw up a little in my mouth. Rest In Peace the career of Arch Manning. It was over before it got started. Pack away that NIL $ https://www.yahoo.com/news/explaining-5-star-qb-arch-212558870.html
  2. I thought that was a great listen. I think he will be instrumental in the building of a "team" atmosphere and accountability of the players between themselves.
  3. I don't know if any have brought in someone better than what they have lost but Toledo has always been able to reload and find another staff to continue winning. Toledo Tom Amstutz is the only coach they have had since Lord Saban left that didn't get hired away excluding current coach Candle Candle's updated numbers 45-27 .625% CMU went from Brian Kelley to Butch Jones.
  4. As I have said many times. Good programs have their coaches hired away, We fire ours. It would be nice to have one warrant consideration for a bigger job. That said, I want my cake and eat it too. Here is to decades of JoeMo and winning seasons.
  5. +1 When I go back and look at old videos or pics I wonder every time why we went with that ugly yellow
  6. This is the one I was looking for. I appreciate the responses
  7. in a related / unrelated question. Does anyone have a jpg or png of the old moving A (flying A)? We always called it the moving A back in the day but when we did the throw back jersey a few years ago, they called it the flying A. Its impossible to find one on the internet. I have copies of all the other logo's but that one. I wanted to use it for my throw back paint scheme on iRacing but was unsuccessful in finding an image of the logo.
  8. This was something that stuck out to me. He hit every attempt right down the middle. I remember the last spring game in the house, we lined up for a game "winning" field goal and it was missed. Bowden had them re-line up with the other kicker. He then proceeded to miss it left as well. That was definitely a precursor for the kicking issues to come. During the halftime break, Cory took 3 attempts from the 50. He made 1 and missed the other 2 just short. They were all right down the middle. He was looking very accurate. We will see what happens when he actually has pads on, out in the elements and there is actually something on the line.
  9. I would of preferred the stadium on a nice day but that is a crap shoot. I'm concerned will the surplus sale only starting an hour before the game. That doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room. That said it will be hop'n on campus Saturday. FOOTBALL (STILE ATHLETICS FIELD HOUSE) • Saturday (April 30) - 3 p.m. • Gates open at 1:30 p.m. with fans asked to enter via the Akron Recreation Center ATHLETICS SURPLUS SALE (INFOCISION STADIUM-SUMMA FIELD) • Saturday (April 30) - 2 p.m. BASEBALL (SKEELES FIELD) • Saturday (April 30) vs. Kent State (DH-7/9 innings) - Noon SOFTBALL (JACKSON FIELD) • Saturday (April 30) vs. Miami (DH-7/7 innings) - 1 p.m. LACROSSE (INFOCISION STADIUM-SUMMA FIELD) • Saturday (April 30) vs. Central Michigan - 12 pm
  10. from time to time, I would play as UCF vs UAB. You would have a bunch of knights fighting against a bunch of dragons.
  11. Did anyone else come across this in the UA online store https://uakron.spirit.bncollege.com/akron-zips/sweatshirts/t-34139922+d-20116721+z-989-2058985416?pageSize=72&sortOption=TopSellers
  12. This script A looks familiar 🤔
  13. If you want to see the workings of Coach's offense these videos break it down a little
  14. Looks like we are getting new turf https://gozips.com/news/2022/2/1/general-university-of-akron-donors-deliver-big-boost-for-upgrades-to-athletics-facilities.aspx Facilities Maintenance and Upgrades: The bulk of the $4.7 million commitment announced today will contribute to a new practice facility for men's and women's basketball; complete renovation of the outdoor track and field complex, a new dryland facility for the swimming and diving program, and a new turf surface for InfoCision Stadium – Summa Field.
  15. Toledo has had 4 stars sign in the past. Nick Rossi was a 4 star LB that we signed because we were going to give him a chance at RB. After he signed the recruiting sites changed his star rating to 2.
  16. Which way is the "IN" and "OUT"? The 3 star for example. Is it we had 2 go in the portal and 6 come out or is is we had 2 come in the door while 6 went out the door?
  17. Script Akron or the Z... .... Lets not use the "#ZipEmUP"
  18. What I don't get is why he thought he needed to leave to have a chance at the NFL. Now would be the time to play at Akron to have a shot to make it with a offensive minded coach who is competent. Be the big fish in a small pond. If your a good enough WR for the league they will find you. Just ask Dominik Hixon, Jojo Natson, Cory Davis , Julian Edelman, Josh Cribs, Greg Jennings, .....
  19. from his time with Airforce. https://goairforcefalcons.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/nick-toth/129
  20. https://www.audacy.com/923thefan/listen#schedule 9am mark to listen.
  21. If we are going to be taken seriously by the locals then we need credible teams coming to Info. We need teams like Indiana to come here that have a name but are in reach of us competitively. Having an SEC school come to Akron will generate a lot buzz, especially if we take care of business and are 2-0 going into it. You also don't know what Kentucky team we are getting. A 2 win team or a 9 win team.
  22. I hope this means we have more money to pay for and keep good assistant coaches.
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