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  1. I realize this is not Zips recruiting but AJ Milwee just got a huge feather in his cap Arch Manning to Texas
  2. Wow those two are laying some wood!!! Impressive.
  3. I am underwhelmed. If I were to walk around where I live (Washington, DC area) with this new A logo, who would I be promoting? American University, Appalachian St, Adelphi, Acadia University, Agnes Scott College, Aichi Bunkyo University, Albion College, Alfred State College, Augustana College? When I walk around D.C. with my Z hat, it never fails....people love to say "Go Zips"! There is no confusion what the Z stands for! Fukit ...let's win some games........I'll keep my "Z" stuff, it's unique.
  4. Could this be our new "Z" logo on the chin straps of the commits?
  5. Z for Zelenskyy!!! Problem solved 😁 (more sarcasm for ya)
  6. Young teams take time to develop and mature. That's what we did. Great coaching. Look out next year!!
  7. Campbell’s hail mary three-pointer from almost half court as the shot clock went down was a dagger. That was some of the best defense I have ever seen.
  8. I would have loved to have played Michigan and knock that punk Juwan Howard out.
  9. I Pick Z. Most badass logo of them all
  10. The most feminine pick I could grab.
  11. I'm digging' seeing the "Z" coming back. Just sayin'
  12. Skipping his way home 🤣🤣🤣
  13. I am so impressed with Enrique Freeman. Non stop motor, inspirational play, well spoken, classy. One of my favorite Zip Bball players ever. And he is only a Sophomore!!
  14. It's called sarcasm buddy. Relax.
  15. I understand but we already have a Z logo. It's right in the middle of our basketball court. No need for a major announcement, just keep what we have. It is great looking. There is such a thing as a Zip gun. Should we reconsider our name entirely? I am tired of all these teams having to re-brand re-name, recently The Redskins, The Indians. What about the Chiefs they have a arrowhead for a logo and play at Arrowhead Stadium. What about the Cowboys.....hell cowboys killed Indians, how is that not offensive. Buccaneers and Pirates raped and pillaged. The Blackhawks name and logo are almost the same as the Redskins.
  16. So the debate is if a f#%ing letter is offensive? Are you kidding me? The letter "Z" is now offensive!? God forbid if a kangaroo does something horrible, we are screwed This world has gone crazy!!
  17. Top College Basketball Arenas Check out #23 Tulane.
  18. George apparently does not have spellcheck. Grammar and spelling for a journalist....nah.
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