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  1. UA in the news

    The Jean Howard Taber School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, probably.
  2. 2017 Race To Detroit

    Hey, now...you've already achieved Zips Junkie status on here. You don't want to lose it do you??!
  3. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    We won quarters 2 & 4...there's somewhat of a moral victory
  4. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    You would have to ask Mr. Milkweed..
  5. 2017 Race To Detroit

    Think about it Balsy, if we can beat Toledo there would be even less excuse for losing to OU again
  6. 2017 Race To Detroit

    I'm talking about the OU game, per the blueandgold quote. I will predict we will beat OU and TB will get extended. If we lose to them, we probably will not have won jack. You can't be owned by a rival indefinitely, ask John Cooper.
  7. 2017 Race To Detroit

    Bowl or no bowl, this game decides whether TB gets extended or fired.
  8. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Simulcast horse racing...place your bets at the ticket window Simulcast concerts Simulcast Infocision football games in case of overflow crowds or inclement weather MAC championship watch parties Zips away games watch parties Cavs/Indians/Browns watch parties World Cup & Olympics watch parties Video game competitions
  9. UA to Renovate the JAR

    I'll bet someone hits it with the ball the very first game.
  10. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    14+ underdogs again. Worked out OK last time..
  11. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    Another TB Zips win against a > .500 team
  12. Game 7—@Western Michigan

  13. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    Because AJM was feeling it? Because TB is from the Pete Carroll coaching tree?
  14. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    Is it in Waldo?