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  1. I don't know either but seriously, they should change the design of them.
  2. anybody streaming the OU/Creighton game on ncaa.com? without buffering?
  3. Which browser? I didn't notice a change on firefox.
  4. Do the Europe leagues have drafts or when will we know where he might continue his playing career?
  5. Speaking of Shaka, VCU had to forfeit their game to Oregon. The A10 had 2 teams in - St. Bona got bounced hard by evenly-seeded LSU.
  6. Pretty sure it still counts and the team scholly limit/total remains unchanged. Schools and conferences have the option to deny the extra year. For example, the Ivy League announced that it would not give an extra year of eligibility to student-athletes whose season has been cut short by the coronavirus pandemic. As far as I know, the MAC is allowing it.
  7. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31066984/most-virginia-men-basketball-team-quarantine-coach-tony-bennett-says UVA missed the ACC tourney due to covid and is still quarantining until the OU game.
  8. UB may narrowly miss the NIT. Toledo has a shot to get in.
  9. That student manager has good hops!
  10. They've got the score bug backwards, maybe that's why. For soccer it's normally home team first (which itself is backwards from every other sport).
  11. Emotional times for SBU - their Prez died of rona complications on Monday, age 62. https://www.catholicnews.com/st-bonaventure-university-president-dies-of-covid-19-complications/
  12. Build a beautiful modern stadium on campus with ample clean restrooms and good modestly priced concessions, with ample cheap/free parking and modestly priced tickets (free to students), and safe comfortable tailgating opportunities. I'm not sure what's so unappealing about all of that.
  13. I wonder what the great college athletics shift is and what vantage point he's wanting?
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