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  1. Around the MAC 2018-2019

    Terledo in trouble at emu.
  2. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    Probably no extension this year.
  3. https://www.ohio.com/news/20181012/ua-and-stark-students-can-stay-true-to-two-schools-dual-enrollment-program-announced I think I know who UA's next permanent president should be..
  4. Cool -- Cancer Awareness

    Cool that fans can bid on them after the game.
  5. New Uniforms

    They should trim them in pink and they could do double duty.
  6. Notre Dame game cancelled

    The ACC giveth and the ACC taketh away...
  7. New Uniforms

    Anybody know when the purple will be worn?
  8. Three For Thursday [Zips @Bulls]

    Wake me up if we get some production at QB or RB.
  9. UA in the news

    Wake me up when something happens.
  10. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    I will predict Kato and Van won't lead us to another MACEC this year.
  11. at Bowling Green

    Do the players really change positions that much from game to game? I would think it's better if they specialize in one spot(?) Or is this more about who should be starting based on recent performance?
  12. Game 3—@Northwestern

    Purplecats beat #20 Mich. St.
  13. eSports

    https://buchtelite.com/35769/news/esports-at-ua-receives-mixed-reactions-from-community/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+buchtelite%2FruQx+(The+Buchtelite) Our military will be defending us with guys/gals operating drones and equipment by "smashing buttons on a controller". Art history majors will be lucky to have a low-paying job working in a picture framing shop. Going to college for personal/intellectual enrichment is good but going for career preparation is what will drive the budget and enrollment numbers at UA.
  14. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    I wonder if they will have an Akron game thread at some point, mixed in with all the new coach threads.
  15. Bye Week Pick-em

    Looks like you and zipsrule win with 4/6