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  1. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    According to the TB Doctrine, we're in the "losing small" stage..
  2. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    If he did that he's lucky he didn't get fired and/or sued.
  3. Clayton Murphy

    FORMER AKRON NATIONAL CHAMPION AND 2016 OLYMPIC MEDALIST MURPHY SETS WORLD-RECORD https://gozips.com/news/2019/2/4/former-akron-national-champion-and-2016-olympic-medalist-murphy-sets-world-record.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0-WQcCc66Q1Y741o-4nts6dop0AxPes_YDqJyBMvj4ew4ZkyWHQGjw9zQ
  4. MAC Basketball Attendance Article

    Maybe the pep band guys are into a little more heft and making a request(?)
  5. MAC Basketball Attendance Article

    Buying a $30 cap and $25 snacks, then giving up a good entertainment option ... definitely a first world problem..
  6. Game 23- PCCC Golden Flushes

    They are 13-4 and favored at home today vs. NIU. Should be a nice fat bullseye on them on Feb. 8.
  7. Game 17- Eastern Michigan

    Time to start scouting intramurals again...
  8. Game 15. Central Michigan

    Well they should get a significant bump up by playing us
  9. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Glad we won't have to face him again
  10. Winter Thoughts On Conferences

    Would B10 let us in? I don't know about that. AAC is really spread out and the southern leagues would require a lot of travel. If we did that then maybe the OOC schedule could be mostly regional schools. But the MAC would probably try to acquire someone else in order to keep soccer. If it disbanded then the other schools would need a new home as well.
  11. Welcome Tom Arth!

    It doesn't seem to be a problem for Pres. Trump
  12. Haven't we all learned that most news is fake anyway? 😆
  13. Louisville was set to pay Lolla $350K in 2020-22. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2018/12/11/louisville-soccer-coach-ken-lolla-resigns-next-job-mission/2280551002/
  14. A look at the MAC Stats

    I attribute it to the relative ease of making a bowl game with 6 wins while playing in a weaker conference.