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  1. President Matthew Wilson

    "We need stability". So the BOT got somebody good that is fixing the prior mess and they (if true) give him an ultimatum and drive him away? Is that stability? Why not be happy to keep him as long as possible rather than generate more turmoil in the near-term?
  2. The Akron Beacon Journal

    http://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/akron/akron-beacon-journal-sold-to-gatehouse-media-owner-of-canton-and-columbus-papers/95-537352145 Per the video, staff interviews may be completed as early as next week. Operations may be combined with the Canton Repo and the downtown Akron building may or may not be kept.
  3. The Akron Beacon Journal

    well, let's see what happens under new ownership...
  4. Zips Bball's Future

    Today, same as yesterday, same as the day before...
  5. Womens Lacrosse

  6. Warm weather will usher in new season of construction projects http://uakron.edu/im/news/warm-weather-will-usher-in-new-season-of-construction-projects/
  7. Photography [Scrimmage April 2018]

    Next best thing to being there
  8. 2018 Spring Football

    Does that mean there's no chance he'll try to continue playing somewhere?
  9. Pro Day

    Oops, sorry about the walk down memory lane . Here's a gozips video of the players' comments:
  10. Pro Day

    Anybody know what Warren Ball's plans are?
  11. Pro Day

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000795088/article/pro-day-results-michigan-cal-byu-akron-utah-state AKRON Sixteen teams were represented at the Zips' pro day, including the Cleveland Browns, who sent their wide receivers coach. Seventeen players from Akron and two from smaller area schools worked out indoors on FieldTurf. » WR Jerome Lane (6-2 7/8, 231) stood on his 40 and shuttle times from the combine, and had a 37-inch vertical and 10-5 broad jump. He had a good workout in positional drills. » Pass rusher Jamal Marcus (6-1 3/4, 240) ran the 40 in 4.76 and 4.78 seconds, had a 33.5-inch vertical, a 10-4 broad jump, a 4.36-second short shuttle, a 7.26-second three-cone, and 17 strength lifts. A projected free agent, Marcus played defensive end at Akron but will be an OLB if he makes it in the NFL. » DE Se'Von Pittman (6-3 1/4, 268) ran the 40 in 4.90 and 4.88 seconds, had a 28.5-inch vertical, a 9-3 broad jump, a 4.70-second short shuttle, a 7.41-second three-cone, and 22 lifts. He's a projected free agent.
  12. President Matthew Wilson

    Seems weird to me. Fresh off a final 4 finish for the UCF presidency, he gives himself a demotion? Doesn't exactly sound like resume-building or a stepping stone scenario.
  13. 2018-2019

  14. 2018-2019

    Yes. Let's get BIG
  15. President Matthew Wilson

    Did you see this boneheaded column? "https://www.ohio.com/akron/writers/bob-dyer/bob-dyer-what-good-is-ua-contract"