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  1. I don't fault him for going for the gusto. Hopefully his injury is not serious.
  3. ....presents tech challenges..
  4. Right. He could apparently push some 630 pound linemen out of the way
  5. It's almost as if there aren't 7 other FBS progrums, including a perennial national champ contender, to compete with in Iowa (kidding, and at the same time not kidding). If we win our first 2 games of the season also, it will definitely be a bowl-like feel for this game
  6. Last ever year in Ohio for LJ. I hope it's a good one, but the Cavs need to also be working on a succession plan.
  7. Don James, Nick Saban, Brian Kelly
  8. 25 greatest SEC Football coaches of all time I wonder what the 25 GOAT MAC coaches list would look like?
  9. Athlon ISU preview
  10. With that column he comes across as angry, bitter and not very blessed. I'm almost starting to feel a little bit sorry for him. At least he pointed out the tremendous interest there was in the job. There's no way an AD could vet 50 candidates on his own within the short time window required.
  11. Zips tennis ranked in the middle of Big "10"
  12. Oh man, I knew I was going to regret posting that video...smh
  13. Showers of blessing we need...that's for DANG sure!
  14. Basketball practice in June? Did Groce also complete his first practice as Zips coach yesterday?
  15. Rumor has it the Cavs are going to move away from their Game 1 plan of letting KD run wild and try a risky strategy of playing more physical in Game 2.