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  1. calender year or school year? it could be a factor..
  2. You're gonna have to find a better rumor to start.
  3. FWIW, the article says they doubt Akron will leave the MAC and D1.
  4. I think the task force is going to need its own thread sooner than later. Everyone needs to come up with their numbers as to the PR value of Div. I membership vs. lower divisions in order to hash out what the real net cost of athletics is.
  5. as a professor, right? i think he's long since stopped being paid president money.
  6. He made bank coming here but hard telling what direction his career path takes now. His was the only redundant president's salary we were paying since the others left voluntarily and apparently it's been paid off.
  7. https://www.dispatch.com/news/20200623/ohio-university-announces-third-round-of-job-cuts-58-net-positions-lost
  8. When do the olympic sports normally begin?
  9. Smaller, leaner academic program..
  10. So there won't be many Div. 1 games played in September. With people jonesing for some football, it should help viewership for the games that do get played and some may get on tv that otherwise wouldn't.
  11. Stanford has any number of alumni that could sponsor all those sports for years to come. This seems mostly political / symbolic.
  12. Since they have so many infected players, and playing them would put our team at undue risk, shouldn't they have to forfeit to us?
  13. Riding out the pandemic at Info is probably the safest thing you could do.
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