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  1. I haven't seen a line on this game but FWIW the ESPN app gives us an 85% chance of beginning a new winning streak..
  2. I'm not worried. Unless they show a lot of speed to the outside. Or a little speed to the outside..
  3. Kato had 82 yards passing with a TD and 32 yards rushing in his 25 min. before getting hurt and fumbling; Temple was chasing but not getting to him - I thought he was doing alright. I don't suppose anything's been said about his status(?) I think we'll need both him and DJI-0 going forward; can't see kicking him to the curb at this point.
  4. With good coaching and playing, it looks like OU could be a winnable game along with Bryant and BG. Wouldn't it be swell to get to 3-3..
  5. It was a pretty good crowd considering the downcycle and meh opponent. Those concession lines stretched all the way across the concourse so people that were just trying to get to the bathrooms were blocked and had to cut through the lines. They need to do a better job of organizing that.
  6. A lot hinges on our secondary knowing their assignments. Hoping for the best..
  7. My guess is we'll see multiple QBs again. Sounds like we have our first pre-game quiz question. Looks like Temple opened as 3 point favorites and has gone out to 6.5
  8. Tulsa uses a similar script logo. There are a number of schools that have the school name/nickname/acronym in stylized lettering of some type on the ESPN scoreboard, e.g. UCLA, LSU, Pitt, Ole Miss, etc.
  9. Sisyphus got nothing on me. 😅 😥
  10. Miami loses by 35 to #8 Cinci which is only 4 spots removed from #4 Tosu.
  11. depth chart: https://www.ourlads.com/ncaa-football-depth-charts/depth-chart/akron/89900
  12. I'm still puzzled by the slower times in the finals. C. knows how to maneuver in the last half lap, he just didn't seem to have the gas in the tank that night. I haven't seen any comments by him yet on the race specifically.
  13. fyi, the ABJ is offering 6 months for $1 and you can cancel any time thereafter. Arguably, their coverage of Zips football for the season is worth at least $1 😐
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