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  1. Remember the big "Span the Tracks" push? For everything there is a season...
  2. Halftime entertainment and concessions at the JAR are lame ?
  3. I'll take whatever comes but I would be happy with a NIT final four. 7-seed: https://www.dratings.com/predictor/bracketology/ PCCC and Hocking Tech. Inst. also in as 8-seeds.
  4. Are you sure they weren't? ???
  5. B. Trimble 26 points, LCJ 21 (no other Zip > 6) Zips FG% 45.8, 3-pt FG% 44 (Flushers 34.8 & 22.2) Rebounds 37-37
  6. You mean like holding them under 20 points in a half? ?
  7. Meet y'all on the radio. ESPNU does me no good ?
  8. "https://www.ncsasports.org/coronavirus-sports/ncaa-eligibility-coronavirus" I'm not familiar with this website - but assume they're not pulling stuff out of thin air - so it sounds like there will indeed be a H.S. recruiting logjam with players slipping down the food chain of where they otherwise might go. Which would imply that any Zips not performing up to expectations might be shown the transfer vortex and replaced with talented H.S. seniors we might not otherwise be able to get.
  9. The one that counts: https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketball-men/d1/ncaa-mens-basketball-net-rankings #54 Rockettes are in range for an at-large if needed..
  10. It doesn't seem like there should be 11 teams between us and UT (although they do have some AP top 25 votes). It also seems like the AAC should be included and Gonzaga should not(!)
  11. Toledo fun fact: Mastermind of the band Boston -Tom Scholz - was from Toledo, graduating in 1965 from Ottawa Hills H.S. where he played varsity basketball. He then spurned UT for MIT, dabbled in home studio recording, and the rest as they say....
  12. A good Florida IPA I found (recently) on tap at Chili's near Gainesville. Probably only available in that area. Hoppy but not as extreme as most IPA's. https://swamphead.com/beer/big-nose-ipa/
  13. Fewer ballers ballin, less to stare at (sounds like a good thing)..
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