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  1. Not so fast Kemosabe!!! To learn more about scholarship math click......................................... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oversigning
  2. Are you hinting that Akron may be starting an intercollegiate card team: because that worked out very profitably for the kids at MIT?
  3. Upstate is VERY experienced-challenged. Their team consists of 6 fr., 6 so., 2 jr and 0 sr.! How in the heck did they beat THEE Truett McConnell University?
  4. They beat THEE Truett McConnell University??? Oh Oh
  5. Very discouraging. We made an absolutely awful basketball team look marginally acceptable.
  6. UMBC was definitely the exception to the rule. They were probably good enough to go several rounds in the D2 tourney. There were no .500 P5 teams in the tournament you reference. The closest were Alabama at 19-15 and Oklahoma at 18-13. Here's some guys opinion of 9 teams that may have done better in the Big Dance than the Retrievers. https://www.sbnation.com/college-basketball/2018/3/11/17105174/bracketology-2018-college-basketball-ncaa-tournament-snubs-baylor-notre-dame-st-mary-s-usc
  7. At the risk of dating myself, your definition of a "combo guard" used to be the definition of a "guard".
  8. The best chance the Zips football team has of spolilng anything this year is to have them break into the stadium concession stands prior to their games and unplug the food refrigeration units.
  9. Well if you don't have the testicular fortitude to spell it out, I will. It's all a GD scheme by the AD to build up his resume before jumping to a bigger, better school.
  10. I believe KenPom, Sagarin and I know that both NCC and SCU blow. The NCAA could open up several D1 tournament spots for more deserving teams by giving the winner of conferences like the MEAC and SWAC an automatic bid to the D2 tournament where they would be more competitive.
  11. Yes, the Zips better gird their loins for both NC Central and SC upstate. NCC is currently rated by KenPom as the 330 best DI team (Sagarin has them at 294); way better than SCU which is rated 346 by KenPom and 338 by Sagarin but both should present a similar challenge to the Zips.
  12. Tunisian Dinars make those Canadian dollars he was pocketing in his last BB gig seem like solid gold. I'm predicting his next move is to South America. The weather is warm right now and Venezuela has a particularly weak currency. https://www.google.com/search?q=tunisia+currency+photo&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi-yJuqt-flAhUOT6wKHQHBAQ0QsAR6BAgFEAE&biw=1366&bih=654
  13. I'm a little late joining this fun exercise, but here goes.................. I'm slightly more optimistic than Lee; I predict 7 wins this season although with a little luck things could be much better.
  14. Peering into my computer screen, I think I saw two members get advised to ratchet back negative Arth comments. One complied and now rarely posts and the other either quit or failed to comply and got booted. I'm not 100% certain about this and admit that it has been some time since I cleaned my computer screen.
  15. Already have one, thanks. Are you making your copy available to the general public? Surprised they are sending out the electronic document. We used to keep student assistants busy photocopying that kind of stuff to keep them busy and raise a little cash. Either they have a more generous attitude or way fewer student assistants.
  16. Only if we are allowed to ignore their game against Duquesne. Watch out for new guy, #22 Sean McNeil, who is a scoring machine.
  17. Just curious; how did you select the midpoint of next season (as opposed to the end of next season or any other point other than the midpoint of next season) as the time at which the jury should come in?
  18. Nope, Bo's problem was his embarrassing sideline behavior. This was the primary reason Nebraska hired Riley who was the exact opposite of Bo - a complete gentleman and not a very good coach. BTW: that hire ended up getting the AD canned.
  19. Well it wasn't that the AD was tired of 9 win seasons even though that was the official excuse for his termination. Apparently Frank was scoring as much off the field as the team was on it which some of the higher ups found off-putting. Franks age may have greatly reduced that problem, but if not OU is one of the best places he could be.
  20. How unique is that; we are probably going to take a lot of teams by surprise this season. Groce may be the first D1 coach ever to go with a fast paced offense and a stingy defense.
  21. Frank has been a very successful head coach at Nebraska and OU, but it is unlikely he would have left OU for a P5 program because he has some baggage which got him canned at Nebraska and most P5s want to avoid.
  22. September 30, 1961 Acquired ownership of the Rubber Bowl for 11.7 cents in today's dollars.
  23. Eew!!! More lawyer talk; my nipples are getting hard. You guys must be desperate for something to argue about. Where have the good old days gone when a major bone of contention was new uniform designs?
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