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  1. If we can't get this kid an NIL deal with....... Three Little Pigs Dijon Mustard, Maille Dijon Originale, Roland Extra Strong Dijon Mustard, French's Dijon Mustard, Koops' Dijon Mustard, or Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard; somebodies not trying.
  2. Oh no! But, this has to be good news for a D2 or D3 coach somewhere.
  3. The situation does not look promising for them. With the number of D1 scholarships being offered to high schoolers dramatically reduced by the portal, the odds of one being offered to a zero star athlete (I know stars don't matter) are not good.
  4. I agree you initially had it correct, but then you contradicted yourself 22 hours ago. Please stop flip-floping, you are embarrassing yourself.
  5. Ok sport, even if you were limiting the discussion to what the Zips have done (which was not clear), you are absolutely wrong about official visits being limited to commits. If that is what they have been doing (which I doubt), rest assured it will change now that we have a legitimate D1 head coach. Everything else you claimed about official visits, except that which I have already expressed agreement with, may occur but is not universally the case. End of discussion because I'm pretty sure you are not going to get it.
  6. You have got to get out more. For example, take a peek at the list of official visits for just about any big 10 team and see if any of the visits occurred on a home game day. They do that so uncommitted recruits can personally observe how exciting the game day experience is at their place. In recent years having recruits in to watch a Zips game might not have been the best strategy.
  7. Too late for that. I agreed 5 hours ago, in my initial reaction to your post,that every thing you said in the last paragraph of your post was correct. It's the rest of the post that needs work.
  8. Your last paragraph is correct. The rest of your post may or not be what Akron has done in the past, but otherwise it is completely wrong. Schools with budgets hold numerous (many) official visits, which can occur on a game day, parents may or may not show (usually a good idea if they do), and it is unlikely the recruit will meet with the entire staff. The official visit can occur before or after the recruit commits, or with increasing frequency in recent years (due primarily to COVID) never.
  9. I'm hopeful that, with time, your 20-25k goal might happen. And your 15-18K might happen during the first half of the season. But given our history, I think "miraculous" may be a better descriptor than "fantastic" regarding achieving your attendance levels. Toledo has attendance numbers similar to what you are hoping for, but look what happens when they host a lousy team midweek in November. Ohio Winters suck the big one
  10. Well now I feel a lot better about the three guys in the portal with missing Akron destinations.
  11. So I compared the list of incoming football transfers for us shown on page 1 of this thread with the Akron list on the TP (at 247sports). It's my understanding that additions to the TP, and modifications to existing TP entries come from an official at the student's current school. So the fact that no destination school appears for Harper, Banks or Terry on the TP is a bit concerning. Do you suppose that these three actually notified their compliance officer of their intention to go to Akron and the officer is sleeping on the information? Or, that their compliance officer notified the TP and TP is sleeping on the information? Or, more concerning, that the three students have not notified their compliance officer which may indicate a low degree of resolve to their commitment? Or something else? BTW, Threatt doesn't show up on the TP, but I am pretty sure that is because he is at a junior college.
  12. Stranger still............................. the 247 timeline for 3 of the 4 indicates they also enrolled at Eastern Michigan today!! Typo?
  13. Criteria I used to make suggestions ……………………….. 4. Still available according to TP on 247sports. 3. High rating (yea, yea, I know stars don’t matter). 2. Gut feeling they might commit if offered. and 1. Confuse the heck out of MDZip.
  14. He has to be good; he's already in the UoA athletic Hall of Fame. based on this, he may be out of eligibility
  15. Wow, the new Zip coaches must really listen to BigJim How is BigJim like E.F. Hutton? past interest from several P5 progrums
  16. O line: Gabriel Wallace Jamer Ohonba Dartanyan Tinsley D line: Jaxson Plyer Andy Boykin Corey Suttle
  17. Dude; I'm cool. You have taught me that there is an i in team.
  18. Pretty complete description of the process. I would just add that the player losing a scholarship may also transfer to a FBS, FCS or NAIA school as well as a DII or DIII, and that regardless of the division the now scholarshipless player targets, the assistance provided by the school removing the scholarship is frequently limited to pointing the player in the direction of the door.
  19. Probably a combination of a lot of non-scholarship players on the current roster and some scholarship players who haven't realized yet that they are on borrowed time. (Big time programs typically have rosters with way over 100 players)
  20. A less selfish person could protect their future financial position by obtaining an insurance policy instead of bailing out on their teammates.
  21. If he goes for it, my bet is that he will opt out of any bowl game EMU plays in. Which brings up another disturbing trend in college football. My Mrs. who is a caring sensitive women told me she thinks opting out of bowl games is a direct way for the opting out player to say fuxk you to his team mates. I actually cleaned up her comment for this post.
  22. No, it took them over a year to figure out Ianello wasn't responsible for the even crappier winter weather in Canada.
  23. I don't know what the cause of the mass exodus was/is, but I do know some people take longer than others to figure out that they are unhappy with a change in their environment and take action to improve their situation. For example, I hate the crappy winter weather in Ohio, but if I don't move south until summer it won't mean the motivation for the move wasn't the crappy winter weather in Ohio.
  24. My guess is most of the Canadian situation is related to the head coach going to Kansas.
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