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  1. I watched most of the 2nd game on ESPN today. Unity could have easily won. Cooper sucked the big one and both teams were awful in the whatever they call the last part of the game.
  2. Not any P5 offers which many of you are impressed by, but we did beat out Ashland, Ohio Dominican, Sacred Heart and Valparaiso.
  3. They must already be in a world of hurt because students made up a small fraction of bb game attendees back in the 70's and the old geezers from that era are pushing up daisies at this point.
  4. It's not their fault. I've said for a long time, the farther south I go, the smarter I get.
  5. If he's the same guy who was on the Wayne State roster in 2017 I have an idea why he has been unable to link up with the Akron football staff.
  6. Yes I do, and with a modicum of effort so could you.
  7. I know a guy who Knows a guy. https://gozips.com/staff.aspx
  8. In the good old days, when they made tires in Akron, one good thing about the rubber workers occasional strikes was that it gave all the mayors of West Virginia towns an opportunity to go home and visit. Incredibly few D1 basketball programs can brag about the academic excellence of their institutions or their players with a straight face. (Really old story warning) As coach of one of the final four teams in the big dance, Al Mcquire was asked why he started Bill Neary instead of Bernard Toone. Al said, "Well, Bill is a straight A student in accounting and with him in the lineup it raises the accum of the starting 5 up to a D - ." Students at Marquette told me one either had to be a really good student or a really good basketball p[layer to be adnitted.
  9. Congrats on your degree. The schools you mention may tend to be held in higher regard by some people on the east coast even if their opinion is not justified.
  10. I believe most folks from New Jersey would side with you in this debate.
  11. I hope I'm wrong but believe the odds are less than 50% he stays a Zip commit. There are a number of reasons for my concern and whatnot.
  12. It has to make a person feel good when he can do what he loves and make hundreds of dollars doing it. When is a dollar not a dollar?
  13. I see Zeke is no longer a 7 footer!!! https://www.thenighthawks.ca/player2fiba?playerid=1174497
  14. I wonder if they approached Zeke to protect the rim. They must be counting on getting a boatload of additional supporters cause the players appear to have only a $900,000 claim on the $2 million first prize.
  15. It's not too late to follow your suggestion. 1st, we have to invent a time travel machine. 3rd, we have to use the machine to go back in time and change the terms of Terry's coaching contract by inserting a clause that gives the university the right to assign Terry other duties within the university should he be fired before the end of the contract and also specify that Terry must comply or pay a huge monetary penalty. 2nd, as long as we are back in time, before we do the third step, we better get whatever laws that require contract principals be of sound mind for a contract to be enforceable changed because Terry would definitely be crazy if he signed such a document.
  16. The transfer portal is full of them. Europe too.
  17. When the MAC extends an offer to Duquesne to join the MAC it will be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse. According to last season's-ending Kenpom ratings they would be a bottom feeder in MAC basketball and based on last season's-ending Sagarin football ratings they would probably be ranked 17th in the 13 team MAC.
  18. You mean like this? https://espn1420.com/akron-running-back-runs-over-miami-linbacker-video/
  19. Interesting that you mentioned Duquesne; they play Saint Francis and Bryant every year. Speaking of footprints - if the 6 Ohio MAC schools were to join the Ohio Athletic Conference (I recommend two 8 team divisions) they would have a nice tight one.
  20. As long as we are going off topic, adding Marshall and Northern Iowa would strengthen the MAC and keep the divisions balanced.
  21. OK, I admit it. I did not realize the possibility that Buffalo (along with a bunch of other schools) could possibly replace UCONN in the AAC if UCONN decides to leave the AAC to join the ACC for all sports but football.. However, I don't think I'm missing the fact that no where in the article you reference is it suggested that UCONN might want to join the MAC for football.
  22. I think it will come down to the Big 12 or the MAC, neither one of whom is mentioned in the article you provide. I do like the proposed plans to add sorely restrooms to the XL Center. Maybe they can hire the guy who designed the restrooms for the Rubber Bowl.
  23. My search of the internet indicates that your question is based on a false premise.
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