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  1. If good scenery fostered football excellence Hawaii would win the national championship every year. Of the many campuses which I have been on the one with the best scenery (mostly wearing halter tops) was Miami (FL). Good thing I was not a student there; it would have been problematic trying to focus on my studies while constantly tripping over my tongue.
  2. The watchers watched, they were unimpressed.
  3. This may give multiple transferees a shot at tenure somewhere down the road which, once obtained, entitles the player to a position for life. No wait, that's only for faculty unless some football mill has incorporated it into their NIL compensation package.
  4. Looks like they clean the portal out to start the new year. I'm going to miss seeing the 135 pound, no star kid whose name I can't remember trying to get picked up out of Akron.
  5. @LoyalZIPI think the rules now allow players to use the portal once without sitting out a year at the new school. This may keep players like Anthony Williams here rather than using the portal.
  6. My guess would be bringing in a big time transfer will open up at least a couple of chairs in the QB room.
  7. Your hope has come true because wagering is illegal in Ohio.
  8. I agree, but it may take a protracted amount of time for many of the current team to figure out they don't fit into the long-range team plan (just like at Akron).
  9. Especially Colorado; their new coach just can't get players excited about playing for him.
  10. A MAC football quiz 1. Name the last time (prior to this season) the team with the worst record in the MAC had two players selected to the all-conference first team. 2. Name the last time (prior to this season) a team with one conference win had two players selected to the all-conference first team.
  11. Zips who rarely get to leave the bench for anything other than time outs may get valuable real game experience.
  12. Is it too early to start looking forward to the start of football next fall?
  13. Nobody gets votes in the "others receiving votes category." Toledo was getting votes in the top 25 poll, just not enough to sniff making the top 25. With the loss to UMKC, the rockets took an important step towards fulfilling their manifest destiny of losing to any team with a kangaroo mascot.
  14. I think that if Buffalo really wanted to play this game they could have used a stadium located in a less snowy part of Canada.
  15. ESPN is now showing the game as postponed.
  16. Not a good sign. woke up this morning and turned on the weather channel. First thing I see is Jim Cantore, the guy they always send to the worst weather in the country and he is in Buffalo.
  17. Should give serious consideration to renaming this thread " what other schools Akron recruits are going to."
  18. There is not much amazing about Falcon fans showing up in numbers to watch their team play at their nearby long-time hated rival's place. They did that when they were lousy. Now that they are competitive a little bad weather wasn't going to stop them from making the trip.
  19. I did not see the game so I am not sure if the Zips were wearing blindfolds while shooting free throws or simply keeping their eyes closed. Either way, it worked.
  20. A win is a win, but Dayton is dreadful this year.
  21. Thank you. I saw your post before making my post. The problem with your post is that it did not recommend not trying to watch the game before it was being broadcast.
  22. I also have Spectrum and they are showing that they do not plan on broadcasting the Akron EMU game until 7:00. Recommend you don't try tuning in until that time.
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