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  1. I'm not an English teacher; just a guy who knows the difference between then and than.
  2. We may have been overly hard on you 94. After all, in that same post you were only one o away from using the correct too.
  3. Technically, it is Bad English - more formally known as disambiguation (enumerable examples of this appear in posts on ZipsNation).
  4. I had the weirdest dream that the UL-M football team became the biggest underdog ever to win a game by beating Liberty. I've got to stop eating spicy food.
  5. I'm thinking the time you will need to devote to collecting dues for the optimist club is likely to diminish; the good news is this should free up a lot of time for you to pursue other activities.
  6. Reading this thread I get the feeling that most posters on this thread should, if they are not already, become members of the optimist club. I'm not ready to sign on at this point, but if the Zips pull off the upset over the Red Turds I may apply for membership.
  7. They had to win. I can't recall the last game the Zips had 3 more takeaways than the opposition and lost. You can even beat a Big Ten team with that kind of turnover margin.
  8. I think Kansas already has a copyright on that phrase. In fact I think you may owe them a royalty just for including the "tgoc" in your post.
  9. If you sit behind the goal where the visiting team is warming up and they kick a ball into the seats (don't be an idiot and not) return it to them promptly.
  10. I know Eastern Michigan is no George State, but the lady Zips are hosting EMU (not new to MAC soccer this year) tomorrow at 1p.
  11. Think Akron may be developing a reputation as the "cradle of massive whiffs". I seem to recall when Jim Tressel was still at Akron that he recommended we go after Fickell. Don't know if we did or not, but things sure have worked out nicely for Luke.
  12. Now I understand your thinking; unfortunately it's wrong in the extreme. Take an accounting class (learn things like the difference between revenue and profit) and then we can talk.
  13. Would love to hear your explanation for the critical nature of football for other sports at D1 programs. Seems like a lot of ADs spend time creating obscure women's sports like rowing in order to comply with title 9 because they have football.
  14. The next coach should come directly from a P5 school, have D1 head coaching experience, have served as a successful recruiter at some point in his career, have high expectations for his players, have some previous association with the University of Akron, and carry his game notes tucked in his pants – no wait.
  15. Incredible!!! In ya know many ya know sentences ya know ya know separates every ya know other ya know word.
  16. About equally sad, if he was 9-13 since arriving in Akron, he would have already received a contract extension.
  17. I see the AL and the ron, but between them is a little guys face looking at Al.
  18. I'm not sure what you were peeing in after climbing 97 stairs; as I recall the official troughs were under the seating area on the press box side of the stadium.
  19. Left to their own devices, following your advice, the UofA marketing folks would spare no expense and book entire rock bands, including: Slightly Stoopid, Rock Bottom, Limp Bizkit, Diarrhea Planet, and The Airborne Toxic Event.
  20. I'm not grumpy, but admit that my want to the regress the program cannot be denied.
  21. Couldn't agree more with your last point. Every time I saw that Fear the Roo logo w/ the numbers I was aroused.
  22. This would NOT be cool. If this were to happen, it would be unsafe to walk outside because there would be no way to avoid getting hit by the crap from all the flying pigs.
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