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  1. It opened at +53. Oh, yeah the line...
  2. Some people are starting to call Irons the Vince Young of the MAC
  3. If his kicks were that good they wouldn't be returning them
  4. If the upperclassmen are gone and he's not playing the "youngins".. then who is playing?
  5. Yeah, he had 3 catches last year
  6. I'd be curious how many of those yards came after they were down by a bajillion. Though the same applies to the Zips, too.
  7. Who said that? I bet they'll actually lose by 50
  8. Sure if you think they root for the Zips.
  9. That's fine. This is a Zips board. If you don't want to root for them, this isn't the place for you. 25 carries for 0 yards, sounds familiar. Enjoy. Go Zips!
  10. They're down 14-7. Go post on the ULM board
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