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  1. I believe they only need about 45 more players to come down with covid if my math is correct, then we've got them right where we want them
  2. It might be safer without any duels though
  3. That's our RB stat line
  4. That puts him at 7ppg using my MAC translator app
  5. Guys it was one game. He might very well have just skipped class or practice. It'll be okay
  6. Guess we don't have a thread for MAC news this season so here goes. Buffalo looks to have a nice D-Line coming back
  7. Yeah I also coach a HS summer team. Lots of sports going on. There may not be fans at first but there will be college and pro sports happening
  8. I watched three different pro sports yesterday
  9. I posted the link to his 247 profile a few posts above yours
  10. https://247sports.com/Player/Noel-Roach-46099282/
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