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  1. Aw man I can smell them from here. Jealous
  2. No moral victories but I'm encouraged. This team isn't going to be outclassed by anyone in the MAC, that's for sure. Williams has MAC POY potential. What a stud
  3. Musselman recruited him there and left before he ever played for him. Maybe just wasn't going to fit in in Alford's scheme
  4. And QB, RB, WR, TE, LB and DB help
  5. I like our unis but there are a lot of better ones out there
  6. It's Pittsburgh's RSN - think Sports Time Ohio
  7. Thanks. Is Ali playing a bit of a surprise then? The word on here was that he'd redshirt. I think
  8. Is this technically a game or an exhibition?
  9. They get their chance in practice. If they can't show the staff that they're better than what they're putting on the field now, good luck playing elsewhere.
  10. Is this uh.. the first lead we've had all year?
  11. May be the dumbest idea that any of this has produced
  12. Thank you cap'n. This site has been miserable lately and it's none of your or Dr. Z's fault. I feel like I read the same posts over and over in every thread
  13. So if Cheese was hurt and held out you would deem him to not be a key player this season?
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