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  1. The OSU game was the only one I've been able to watch so far until last night. I was really encouraged by his showing there and am bummed he's gone. Maybe he had a bad stretch in FL. But that OSU game on night one with this group seemed to be a really exciting showing. Alas, it was a mirage.
  2. Not so fast my friend. I think if they're gonna splurge they're not going to hamstring him by nickel and diming the staff
  3. We do this song and dance every time - it's very rare for them to keep anyone of any significance. They have their own connections and networks and ideas. Also, this is jinx proof - it's happening. Moorhead's response was the closest thing a rumored hire has ever said to "yes I'm leaving."
  4. God no. They have the worst offense I've seen in college football
  5. Uh, hey Charles. Here's an "unrestricted" donation. Wink wink
  6. I'm sure George will have all the answers for us
  7. Gametimes don't really get decided by the school
  8. I think it's very feasible to have a more difficult schedule, with one or two more pay day games at P5 schools and a couple other mid-majors in our shoes. However, I don't think this is the year for that.
  9. The bar area is the "Courtside Club" for ZFund members over 2,500 or $20 per game as previously mentioned. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. But worth trying something different imo
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