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  1. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    The boards are for fans. I can go to my high school alma mater and see the players points on the scoreboard. I get it, just think it's lame with the new shiny toys we have in the JAR now.
  2. Grant Street Dorm demolished

    He was offered the KSU job. He just likes being a pitching coach
  3. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    Yeah. Nice touch
  4. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    Three straight 1 win seasons might do that to you
  5. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    Pretty lame imo
  6. 2017 Bowl Watch

    I admit I'm an hour closer to NYC than those in Akron, but we were pulling into our hotel 5 hours after we left. It's a mid-week game, so if you time your drive right, you get into the city around 2 or 3 before rush hour gets too crazy. It's the closest bowl game to Akron beside Detroit. This would be a great destination, though I question if they'd take a MAC team.
  7. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    Tommy could have sat the last two weeks because he had pneumonia and it wouldn't matter. You can't take the job from Kato at this point
  8. 2017 Bowl Watch

    I went to the Pinstripe Bowl last year. Can't beat it as far as cold weather destinations go. Great, easy road trip
  9. KD has a pretty big task ahead of him
  10. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    We are 6 point favorites
  11. I think I can appreciate what KD did and be supportive of Groce hopefully taking the next step.
  12. Can't we be supporters of both of their Zip eras?
  13. Grant Street Dorm demolished

    The plasma center was on the corner of Brown and Exchange
  14. 9100 attendance

    Most events are better in person. But there's a point when it's 45 degrees out, that it's not as fun to drive an hour, sit through less than ideal weather, then drive an hour back to get to bed after midnight and wake up at 6 for work. I don't blame folks for not going. I'm off Wednesday so this will be my first mid-week MACtion I've attended
  15. Grant Street Dorm demolished

    Pretty sure those things were vacant in like 2008, surprised they were still standing