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  1. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Arth just had a nice interview with Reghi at halftime. Pretty impressive guy. Said his staff will hopefully be complete in a few days. Should include some UTC coaches as well as a number of Ohio coaches that can recruit the state of Ohio. Re: signing day, he said he wouldn't feel comfortable with his kid signing tomorrow with a coach he's never met, so he's not putting pressure on kids and hopefully giving them a chance to get to know him and sign in February. Good stuff imo
  2. Welcome Tom Arth!

    The more I learn about Arth, the more I like him. I wish I knew more about the drop off at UTC but he obviously explained that away well enough in his interviews
  3. Welcome Tom Arth!

    That was a joke. Also they said the other two interviewees haven't been head coaches before.
  4. Welcome Tom Arth!

    What was the answer? And question if you don't mind
  5. Welcome Tom Arth!

    He is. Not even close. Now quit trolling
  6. 2019 Recruiting

    It was crappy for KD to take guys with him and it'd be crappy for Arth to bring his guys here. Hopefully he can shore things over with our current class and maybe convince a couple guys he lost out on to bigger programs to come here.
  7. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Just quit while you're behind, please.
  8. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Good find. How'd he do at ND?
  9. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Zero of these guys went straight from HS to division 1 head coach. Chip Kelly never even coached HS football. The average # of positions held between HS coach and D1 HC is roughly 5 per Wikipedia browsing, and about 5-10 years to get from HS coach to D1 HC. Your post doesn't even really deserve the effort of looking all of this up but it's completely ludicrous to expect any HS coach to be able to jump to D1 football and succeed as a head coach.
  10. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    Looks like gold unis
  11. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Welcome Coach Arth. This isn't the Getsy type splash hire but I've said before, winning is exciting. Offseason hire excitement equates to zero wins come September.. let's win some games. Go Zips
  12. Possible Candidates

    Probably to raise money to buy him out
  13. Possible Candidates

    Jacobs not being contacted is old news?