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  1. I think Antino had a little LCJ in him. LCJ is obviously on another level but there were similarities. I wonder if he watches LCJ at all and wonders what he could have done in the Groce offense.
  2. Might be good to face a little adversity and come out with the W in the long run. Have to keep the defensive focus after halftime
  3. I think it's the same thing. The article mentions all the previous jerseys to be honored. So none have technically been retired, but it's not as if he's in some sort of secondary honoree. Most likely just in case they need a number again.. remember in hoops there's not a digit above five so half of the numbers aren't available.
  4. Those chickens are roadkill this year
  5. The double bye would be great this year.
  6. Nope, doesn't matter. We just have to play the tougher division twice and then it all gets disregarded.
  7. Big loss in a measuring stick game? You don't say. I meant to bet URI -3.5 today and forgot. Darn
  8. If it's a two team tie, that's the 2nd tiebreaker after head-to-head
  9. Think you're right. Thought ACC went to a full 2x round robin but forgot they have 14. Either way, it makes less sense when you're playing one side more than the other but the divisions are meaningless. Just not much practicality to it anymore
  10. Yes, which is why I think that's a bigger issue than travel
  11. Almost every conference did, and then they realized that it didn't make sense anymore. We're a slow moving conference. I don't think there's much more to it than that I think with removing divisions, you'd also see a move to a 22 game conference schedule, which is probably the main hold up on the whole thing.
  12. I politely call BS. We have to be one of the most concentrated conferences in the country. An extra trip to Muncie instead of BG isn't really going to make a difference.
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