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  1. Technically he played, not sure if you'd see him in the box score or not that day
  2. No movement off the ball, too many 3s, bad defense, Kittens shooting the lights out. Bad combo
  3. all 3 losses are to the "West," who'd a thunk it?
  4. give me the Zips and under, these early games seem to be sloppy.
  5. Are you the one that said there's an "odd obsession" with OU on this board when I mentioned they were turning things around a few weeks ago?
  6. This guy is openly praising this flop
  7. Eh I wouldn't call it expecting more. Just recognizing they're not playing very well. That said it's nice to still come out with wins when you don't have your A game. But they'll need to find it soon
  8. I don't disagree with him. His job isn't to be a cheerleader
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