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  1. I'd rather see a 8-12 game Spring season without trying to squeeze everything in last minute
  2. His curveball is nasty
  3. Current plan being the key words there
  4. They ain't leaving the Big Ten. They were lucky enough to be let in in the first place
  5. Everyone knows you don't agree to a non conference game unless you bring the whole equipment truck 😉 Probably just getting repaired. Wonder if that's where they get the graphics done for it
  6. They'll keep their eligibility. They just did it for all spring sports
  7. It's telling who only pops in here when there's negative news.
  8. It didn't say they didn't show up for school
  9. I was purely speaking on the money aspect of it. I think we all know Akron isn't going to play Clemson
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