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  1. Colorado would be a great fit in the PAC-12 😂 UNC isn't leaving the ACC
  2. The BCS has been gone for almost a decade now
  3. What big wigs are going to be left if Texas, OU, Ok State, TCU and Texas Tech are gone? Iowa State?
  4. Eh this just appears to be the end of the Big 12. A couple leftovers will end up joining the AAC and that'll be it I think. Big news in sports but I don't see a ripple effect hitting the MAC
  5. Love the fear the roo logo though
  6. **** we look like Penn State
  7. So 8 ) makes that emoji which I can't delete from my phone. Fun
  8. 😎#8 if it was synched to a GoZips.com schedule/calendar it would 1000% be wrong
  9. He didn't need an NBA draft eval to know he can play in Europe
  10. This kid isn't staying in the draft if he doesn't know that he's getting drafted.
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