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  1. Unless they can convince the NCAA that his 2018 season was one game because of injury.
  2. Ahh I was looking at his stats and thought 2018 was his redshirt year with 1 game played. Gotcha
  3. I believe he can come back for next year if he'd so choose, right?
  4. By the way, I'm all for it. Toledo is on the level that I'd like to see us schedule more of vs the ATM games. I just don't think we are all that appealing to them at the moment. Maybe in a few years.
  5. Toledo vs Akron series attendance: 2021 @ Toledo - 11,281 2017 @ Toledo - 20,414 2016 @ Akron - 6,559 2013 @ Akron - 12,506 2012 @ Toledo - 14,589 2008 @ Akron - 10,134 In summary, no one really seems to give much of a hoot when we play them. So out of your 4 reasons, they might schedule us so their players get a short bus ride. Good luck
  6. I'm going to ask this again like I do every other time you've posted this, and hopefully get an answer - why would Toledo want to schedule us OOC?
  7. Toledo and EMU are the only two teams that don't have a losing record - at 3-2. That's not good for business
  8. Watching the WR play QB or watching Kato in his extra year that we could have burnt? 😅
  9. Zips win. JoeMo can out coach the MAC when the talent level is close. BGSU may have a bit more talent at this time but I think we pull one out
  10. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/brubajt01.shtml
  11. JT doesn't hit free agency until 2026
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