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  1. In the new age of NIL, who better to learn under than Prime? It's a good move for Lewis. It will definitely help him get his next HC job.
  2. Not a fan of this logo at all. I can’t wait to see the logo that replaces this in 3 years.
  3. As someone who lives in Wilmington, NC, I'd selfishly love to see Akron schedule some teams near me. I'd love to see home and aways with UNCW (just won the CBI) and Coastal Carolina (playing in the championship game of the Basketball Classic this week). I'd also really love if they scheduled UNC, Duke, or NC State.
  4. Anyone else having streaming issues? My ESPN+ keeps saying the event hasn't started. 🤦‍♂️
  5. Having no fans at the game gives a clear advantage to Miami, who has prepared like this all year.
  6. Anyone have a link to watch the game? I don’t have the CBSSN.
  7. It's just weird when you have a limited number of OOC games and you schedule the same team twice.
  8. Anyone know why Toledo and Marshall scheduled a home and home series for this season?
  9. There was also the double OT loss at #20 Dayton in 07 where we were down 3 and Nick Dials tried to shoot a 3 and they only awarded him 2 free throws. He was a 90% free throw shooter so it probably would have gone to a 3rd OT.
  10. A little worried about his poor 9-13 record at an FCS team, so I took a deeper look. Last year they finished 3-8, while winning 2 of the last 3 (their lone loss was by 3 pts in double OT). This year Chattanooga ended the year playing South Carolina, 49-9 (Zips only managed 3). They started the year off 4-0, but only ended the year 6-5. They lost to the top 4 teams in the league to finish 5th. I wouldn't hold losses to LSU or USC against him. What does worry me, is that in the 3 years leading up to his arrival Chattanooga posted records of 10-4, 9-4, and 9-4. Did they have a mass exodus of players? Why did they drop down to 3-8? Maybe someone that follows FCS can shed some light.
  11. I believe that we pay around $20-25k for the Coppin States of the world to come to the JAR.
  12. I don't think Akron is in a position to be "above the CIT or CBI", considering we haven't even been able to win those tournaments when we've gone, let a lone a NCAAT game. If those are our best options, take them and get our guys some post season experience. In 2009-2010 VCU won the CBI. The following year they went from a play in game to the Final 4. Post season experience is important regardless where we get it.
  13. When you win the pre-game coin toss, which of the following is an unacceptable answer? A) Receive B)Defer C) Kick
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