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  1. Having no fans at the game gives a clear advantage to Miami, who has prepared like this all year.
  2. Anyone have a link to watch the game? I don’t have the CBSSN.
  3. It's just weird when you have a limited number of OOC games and you schedule the same team twice.
  4. Anyone know why Toledo and Marshall scheduled a home and home series for this season?
  5. There was also the double OT loss at #20 Dayton in 07 where we were down 3 and Nick Dials tried to shoot a 3 and they only awarded him 2 free throws. He was a 90% free throw shooter so it probably would have gone to a 3rd OT.
  6. A little worried about his poor 9-13 record at an FCS team, so I took a deeper look. Last year they finished 3-8, while winning 2 of the last 3 (their lone loss was by 3 pts in double OT). This year Chattanooga ended the year playing South Carolina, 49-9 (Zips only managed 3). They started the year off 4-0, but only ended the year 6-5. They lost to the top 4 teams in the league to finish 5th. I wouldn't hold losses to LSU or USC against him. What does worry me, is that in the 3 years leading up to his arrival Chattanooga posted records of 10-4, 9-4, and 9-4. Did they have a mass exodus of players? Why did they drop down to 3-8? Maybe someone that follows FCS can shed some light.
  7. I believe that we pay around $20-25k for the Coppin States of the world to come to the JAR.
  8. I don't think Akron is in a position to be "above the CIT or CBI", considering we haven't even been able to win those tournaments when we've gone, let a lone a NCAAT game. If those are our best options, take them and get our guys some post season experience. In 2009-2010 VCU won the CBI. The following year they went from a play in game to the Final 4. Post season experience is important regardless where we get it.
  9. When you win the pre-game coin toss, which of the following is an unacceptable answer? A) Receive B)Defer C) Kick
  10. I went to the game tonight and loved seeing 3 Zips start and get lots of playing time. Last time I was in this stadium Darlington had an Akron jersey on. At the end of the first half Bobby Wood shot a PK and I had flashbacks of horror from the last time I was here, but luckily this PK went in
  11. When was the last time we had a guard with a double-double and one of the stats was assists? Feel like it’s been a few years.
  12. I think the last time we played in Dayton, Dayton had just gotten a top 25 ranking that week and the game went into like 4 OT's. Ended with Nick Dials trying to launch a half court 3 for the tie and the ref only gave him 2 shots because they said it was a non-shooting foul.
  13. Duviver would be great for the last scholarship. It will be tough to beat out Georgetown for him though.
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