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  1. A Nagbe mention in an interview with Alexi Lalas on the The Herd on FS1 Skip to 50:50
  2. He used to be head coach for the St. Vincent - St. Mary's girls basketball program. Now the head coach for St. Peter's boys basketball program for those that may be wondering. Had some chess matches within games against him while he was at St. V
  3. I went to Akron and now coach high school basketball. Does that count even though I didn't play at Akron?
  4. Guarantee there would be a high percentage of students that don't even know the name Jason Taylor either...
  5. I don't think it'll take much of a hit myself because I think this was the smartest thing they could have done. Larry has done a solid job since being hired here in my opinion. However, there's always those people out there that don't think on their own and believe everything they hear, read, etc. That's where the "hit" could take place in my opinion.
  6. Was it just me, or did it seem like a lot of his unconfirmed information was from this forum, made it look like investigative work, and he just twisted it to fit his agenda? I'm even a little skeptical about the PDF files. Even at that, I can see getting the players to talk to a reporter about who they wanted, but why would LeBron even release his email recommending Joyce to a reporter? Just with how LeBron conducts himself, I just don't see him and/or his circle willing to release that information when it's a mute point now. Until I see confirmation of these emails from whichever player sent the email, LeBron confirming, and/or President Wilson confirming, I'll take his "investigating" with a grain of sand. At least U of A shouldn't take too much of a hit with this article, since the viewership of this dying paper is small.
  7. I almost went to Liberty. I went on a college visit there and everything. Their arena is a lot nicer than ours. It's not like they're DII or DIII. They're still DI, so he didn't drop off too far. And with all the transfers leaving the MAC this year, it wouldn't shock me if Big South has a better overall season than the MAC next year. The Vines Center
  8. No, just sarcasm. I fell into this trap with Tilmon earlier, and I'm learning from it. Sure is fun though to have these speculations.
  9. http://www.miamiredhawks.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/041717aab.html Yeah, he probably doesn't want to play his brother 2(or 3) times a year...
  10. In December 2015, Cotton played the Ball brothers in a Maxpreps Holiday tournament. Found the complete game on youtube. Here it is:
  11. IIRC, These were the last events to go towards the Wagon Wheel Challenge. And with these two to add to it, we now have 7.5 points to KSUcks 6.5 points. Which means the Wagon Wheel challenge trophy now resides in Akron along with the Wagon Wheel.
  12. I hope not. I think he has a chance to flourish under Groce and staff.
  13. Nope. Twitter world has been silent about Duvivier since his visit to Akron. Makes you wonder...
  14. Aaron Jackson looks like he's leaving.
  15. Yeah, those were awful predictions. I thought we needed some changes, and McFadden being the YSU coach would have done that. I think Calhoun is a great hire for YSU. I forgot about Ford's legal issues in Ohio, so I should have known better there. I should have known better than thinking a "splash" name for Miami coach. Just doesn't fit their identity. I'll eat my crow now with some
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