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  1. She needs to be because the rest of that team is underwhelming. It's going to take all-time performance(s) for them to make it to Cleveland for the Final Four.
  2. 2025 is Dee Alexander from Cincinnati Purcell Marian & the 2026 is actually Saniyah Hall from Shaker Heights Laurel. Alexander is ranked #4 in the country for the class of 2025 and Hall is ranked #3 in the country for the class of 2026. Benson is actually ranked #57 in the country for class of 2025. South Carolina could be looking at Benson and some of the others you mentioned (I haven't seen an offer from South Carolina for Benson yet), but I know for a fact that South Carolina has offered Alexander and Hall. South Carolina has a small pipeline to Ohio now. They had Zia Cooke from Toledo Rogers HS, and currently they have Bree Hall (Huber Hts Wayne HS) and Sakima Walker (Columbus Africentric HS) on their roster. Those that don't follow girls basketball closely, don't realize how talented of a state Ohio is in girls basketball. I guarantee there will be at least one or two Ohioans on a Final Four roster this season when it's in Cleveland.
  3. Well, HE was a big part of Staley's staff. Also, Staley has had no issues traveling to small schools. She has played and had her team travel to some HBCUs as well. Plus, she probably wanted to give her two players on the roster from Ohio a game in their home state. EDIT: There is also a class of 2025 recruit & Class of 2026 recruit from Ohio that South Carolina has offered. So that may be an additional, bonus reason for it too.
  4. The only thing that matters out of this recruiting class for me is Roggow. If he can bring stability to the QB position for the program, then anyone else in this recruiting class is just an extra bonus to me. Until Moorhead and company figure out the QB going forward, this program will continue to be stuck in quicksand.
  5. Here are the NET Rankings as of Monday, December 4th for the WBB programs in the MAC as well as Akron's non-conference opponents NCAA Net Ranking link #238 Akron (3-3) #81 Southern Miss (6-0) - L 60-77 #89 Cleveland State (7-1) #180 Pittsburgh (4-5) - W 75-72 (OT) #213 Canisius (2-3) #215 Oakland (1-4) - L 87-91 (2OT) #228 Wichita State (4-4) - L 61-63 #283 Youngstown State (1-6) #287 Robert Morris (2-5) - W 63-58 (OT) #303 Bellarmine (2-4) #327 Tennessee State (1-6) - W 55-49 #105 Toledo (3-2) #107 Kent State (4-3) #115 Ball State (6-1) #141 Bowling Green (5-2) #206 Buffalo (4-2) #246 Western Michigan (3-3) #272 Northern Illinois (3-5) #286 Ohio (2-3) #307 Miami (OH) (1-4) #319 Eastern Michigan (1-5) #340 Central Michigan (0-5)
  6. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this group improves throughout the season. With the only seniors being Morgan Haney, Alexis Stewart, and Tahmala Thorpe, this program has a chance to have a special season next year. However, they're already making strides and I can't wait to see how much they grow in conference play.
  7. Maybe, but in the past, I've seen a 5-4 point guard lead the country in assists & assists per game for the Lady Zips. And I've coached someone that wasn't even 5 feet. She was one of our program's most important players to winning a conference title and winning 20 games in a row two years ago at the varsity H.S. level. There are obvious limitations, but can also be an advantage in other areas. I think they will be most impactful on the defensive end. They're closer to the floor, so they're going to have a better chance for steals, deflections, and/or just making the ball-handler's day miserable. I believe the strength of this team will be the post players, particularly with Bass & Riley.
  8. Overall, no matter how this game turns out, know that this game is just the beginning. There's a women's basketball program in Central Ohio that has very high expectations this year and they came out flat against USC on a neutral court. The defending national champions with a lot of key players back, two big transfer pick ups, and the 2nd best freshman in one of the best NCAAW classes ever (I'm my opinion), lost to #20 Colorado by 14 points (92-78). This program lost to Oakland last year by 7 (67-74). Win or lose in overtime, it's impressive that with all these transfers they don't look as flat as some programs have looked today. It feels like this team will only improve the more time they get on the court together (which is probably a big factor in their high number of turnovers right now).
  9. I agree about the talent level in NE Ohio at the HS/Club level. I think it’s still too early to judge the new coach's recruiting at this moment, but I agree that so far it looks like she's done a decent job recruiting considering how late she got the job prior to last season. There is one decision on the recruiting trail for the class of 2024 that has me confused, but I want to see the entire 2024 class before I start to question the omission.
  10. Coach Jackson taking assistant position at Cleveland State https://twitter.com/CSU_WBasketball/status/1688995432410841088?t=fXvPS0bTXiVg070COrxAVg&s=19
  11. 18 more have been added that have either received an offer, visited, or there has been interest according to social media posts (with a link to each one). Let me know if I have missed any that anyone else might have seen. I don't have them in order quite yet as I have been quite busy dealing with family members' rehab/recovery from surgeries they had this past month or so. Twitter/X has been hard to get all of them to show up when typing in search. I think I got them all, but you never know with these apps, especially Twitter/X right now.
  12. I gave up at halftime. I have no clue why the Clippers coach wouldn't play everyone. Some of the box scores I've seen from the summer league, most are playing everyone unless they shut someone down for the rest of the summer league. Part of me wonders if the first couple games the coach was trying to win to rise his own stock to show the rest of the league that he deserves a full time NBA assistant position so he kept playing the same guys (most were 2nd year guys too so that checks out). I'm glad to see X get some minutes yesterday. Hope he gets even more minutes tomorrow!
  13. Yeah, I watched it hoping to see him get some minutes. Planning on doing the same tonight. If he doesn't get any minutes again tonight, I might start disliking the Clippers again for cutting into my sleep for nothing.
  14. LA Clippers Summer League Schedule. First game is tomorrow night.
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