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  1. Sewell's best year was his freshman year.
  2. Yeah. Big Dog won't be missed. . . . . .only if you are subtracting him from overall team weight. Such a classy take.
  3. Thanks for sharing. Great read.
  4. lilroodude This is where I stopped reading. Just messing with you LRD.
  5. Pretty sure they made an appearance. Harry P. Ness, Connie Lingus, Hugh G. Rection, Sharon Peters, Sofonda Cox, Heywood Jablowmee, Wilma Dickfitt and Dick Hertz were all in that class. I think I even saw John Handcock a couple of times.
  6. Zook Hall. Memories. Did anyone ever have a class in the East Hall lecture hall? The lighting was very poor. I had a math class there taught by Dr. George L. Szoke who would start a petition around the room for better lighting. . . every class. This got to be a running joke. People started signing fake names to the petition like Oliver Closeoff, Betty Humpter, Peter Gozinya, etc. and it was pretty funny to read when it circulated around to you. Before long, people started making their own petitions and sending them around. Petitions like "Petition to get Dr. Szoke a new toupee" and what not. Not sure how this thread has gotten so far off track but it's been good for a couple of laughs.
  7. I took the 2nd half of Western Culture in a summer session at Wayne. I wish I could remember the name of that professor. She was fantastic.
  8. fOSU.
  9. Ask LeBron for the money. After all, he loves the Zips.
  10. Can we get a "dislike this" button?
  11. Ask Jim and Vanita Oelschlager. They are the ones who ponied up the money.
  12. When you locate the source, I just hope you bring enough for everybody!
  13. The very rare "holiday sweater" Zippy