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  1. I mean who wouldn't love tight ends in the college game??? Especially when the highest rated TE in FBS last year netted his team almost 500 whopping yards??? Woohoo!!!
  2. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Don't worry. It ain't selling out.
  3. The Tight End Position

    Chris Kelley. I believe he was out of Lorain Catholic.
  4. Throwback Jersey?

    That looks fantastic!
  5. The Tight End Position

    Dr. Z and JZ84 making my argument for me.
  6. The Tight End Position

    I'm with ya, Doc but weapons need to be integrated into the system and game plan or they are just wasted talent. Many schools have problems with this, not just the Zips.
  7. The Tight End Position

    Tight Ends are a great weapon in the NFL. Not nearly as much in the MAC.
  8. Actually, I think there are 129 FBS teams. Who has a chance to win it all? 1. Clemson 2. Florida State 3. Alabama 4. Auburn 5. Ohio State 6. Michigan 7. Penn State 8. Oklahoma 9. Oklahoma State 10. USC 11. Washington That's my list. If anyone thinks I'm wrong, I will give you the other 118 teams in a bet. 8.5% of FBS has a shot at winning it. (Probably less) That isn't a very level playing field.
  9. How many college teams have a shot at winning the title in 2017?
  10. Hopping is probably what kangaroos do best.
  11. The Tight End Position

    Convert this kid to a position where his talent can make an impact.
  12. UA to Renovate the JAR

    He musta been throwing some serious rope.
  13. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Ric never got the credit he deserved for building the Natatorium.
  14. My Facebook feed was blowing up this morning with pics of friends at the first Browns preseason game. So many people just absolutely giddy about being able to watch another season of bad football! On the other hand, who's excited about Zips football? Me and 9099 other people. (Or less) It's so hard for me to understand.