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  1. Student Attendance & Marketing

    Here’s some marketing for you. We fly. I don’t get it. We itch. That makes more sense. https://wtam.iheart.com/content/2017-11-08-universitys-new-slogan-costs-thousands/?cmd=managed_social
  2. Will We Always Have Football

  3. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    I don’t share the sentiment but I respect that, Skip. Sorry for raining on your parade. I hope you celebrate til dawn next Tuesday night. 🍻
  4. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    Skip, Here's the deal. Akron has looked lackluster this season at best. The offense has sputtered at best. The defense has been opportunistic and gotten themselves out of jams at best. Tell me one instance where the Zips looked even remotely sharp this year. I know you are going all Jesse Jackson on us and wanting us to keep hope alive, but keep hope alive based on what? Do you enjoy disappointment? Seriously. I am asking seriously. I want the Zips to win so bad I can taste it. I eff'n hate Ohio. I work with a dickhead Ohio grad who puts me through a week or two of Ohio fan douchebag Hell every time we lose to those sons of dogs. But thrilled to be in the position? Not even close, Skip. How do you do it?
  5. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    I don't either and I'm certainly not trying to rain on your parade. I got some excitement going after the Buffalo win and was looking forward to maybe <<<finally>>> breaking through to win the East. The Miami game was a big kick right square to the nutsack and brought me right back to reality real quick. I don't know much, but I do know that Ohio is a lot better team than Miami. I think our chances for winning are slim to none and slim just left town, but I will be there and I will be rooting for the miracle. I just don't see it happening.
  6. 2017 Race To Detroit

    Could be, but it certainly didn't look fluke-y.
  7. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    Do you get excited before the first game at the prospect of going 14-0?
  8. 2017 Race To Detroit

    A realistic chance.
  9. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    Skip, I like ya but you can't be serious.
  10. 2017 Race To Detroit

    The Zips lost to the Redskins and Ohio beat that Toledo team. Then all of the sudden the nation stopped talking about the race to Detroit. (Say it again out loud in the Forrest voice. It’s funnier.)
  11. We in a heap o' trouble.
  12. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    Clark, I have been thinking about this since I read it 4 hours ago. I can only assume the coaching staff knew that Kato was the backup going into this game at Miami and as the backup, you can be thrust into a game at any time. The staff practice with these kids everyday. They should know what they can do. They should have a plan B if the starter goes down. I think, because your post got a couple of my brain cells to rub together, that the staff must make one game plan and if the starter goes down, pound the square peg in the round hole for the rest of the game because that is definitely what they did last night. This is the epitome of bush-league coaching. We deserve better.
  13. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    Someone get ESPN on the phone. I think we just found a new MAC color analyst.
  14. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    Some thoughts: 1. Does the coaching staff have any idea what Kato's skill set is? It appeared to me, a person who does not make a living coaching football, that a good strategy last night might have been quick slants over the middle coupled with a hurry up tempo. Dunno. It's been well established that Milkweed is an offensive guru so who am I to judge his gameplan? 2. Warren Ball has not played since the first half of the BG game and he is still the leading rusher. Ray Charles can see the lack of a run game is a major roadblock to our success. 3. What happened to Ulysees? He is not making much of an impact as of late. Is he healthy? 4. Miami had a good enough gameplan last night and executed well enough to win despite a total stiff at QB. I have not seen a QB this year make as many awful throws as he did last night. Wowsers. 5. Overall, it was an excruciating game to watch. I guess BG @ Buffalo was the same type of deal. I was texting back & forth with my BG alum uncle during the game last night and he said "nothing like bad football on a Tuesday night. WIN-WIN." 6. What are the chances we show up for Ohio? 7. What are the chances we've seen the last of Woodson? Have a wonderful day!
  15. 2017-2018

    Why would you downplay the book??? There are over 50 posts about cookies.