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  1. To not try this kid on the defensive line is criminal.
  2. His statistics weren't spectacular, but he was the straw that stirred the drink.
  3. No one ever understands Nostradamus' predictions before they happen, but they make a lot of sense after the fact.
  4. You could have enlarged that a little. I'm an old Drano chugger.
  5. I was speaking of reasons for decreased attendance across the entire spectrum of college football. I make no excuses for our pi$$ poor attendance and never have. You must have me confused with a Kool-Aid drinker. Everyone (except you, I guess) knows I'm a Drano chugger.
  6. Blame SiriusXM & Paul Finebaum.
  7. Some interesting reads. . . Empty Seats Now, Fewer Donors Later? The real reason college football live game attendance is down FACTORS INFLUENCING STUDENT AND EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE AT COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMES What Factors Contribute to Attendance in College Football?
  8. C'mon, Doc. You can't be comparing getting out of your recliner to go around the corner and pour a delicious craft brew to standing up from your piece of aluminum to ask everyone else between you and the aisle to stand up so you can squeeze by to go down to the concession stand to buy a Yuengling.
  9. Interesting. Perhaps this has been posted before, but I have never seen it. Factors Affecting Student Decisions to Attend Selected BGSU Athletics Events
  10. I don't root for any other teams but the Zips but I love college football and I, like you, feel I miss out on a lot of what's going on in the larger picture of games when I am in the stadium. Many people at the stadium are looking at updates on their phones and a lot more would be looking if the University had decent wifi. An ESPN update center on the jumbotron during stoppages in play would be infinitely more entertaining than Keith Kennedy trying to lead an unresponsive crowd in the umpteenth "Let's Go Zips" chant.
  11. Sugar coat? Our attendance blows. See what you want to see, though.
  12. I was traveling last weekend and got to hear an interesting conversation about attendance on XM radio. Paul Finebaum opined that the attendance woes are here to stay. For one reason, as silly as it may seem, poor Wi-Fi in the stadium. Also stated as a reason was the superior coverage on TV along with the dead time at the stadium for commercials. At a bar or at home you can switch to another game or go grab another beer during commercial breaks. I think Paul is on the right track here. At the very least, stadiums should have a score ticker scrolling at all times, for the conference at a minimum but probably for all of FBS. I don't know what it would take to do a deal with ESPN to air their in-game updates on the jumbotron but that would also be a big improvement. This could be a bargaining chip the next time the contract is renegotiated. Universities must get with the times.
  13. The absolute best offense you can run with inexperienced players on offense is a wide open no huddle spread. There are a handful of teams in the entirety of college football that can efficiently run a ball-control smashmouth offense and none of 'em are in the MAC. These spread offenses aren't rocket science. Most high schools today are running them. If you have an offense that can move the ball through the air, a decent running back will get his yards. Ball should be a decent running back if he can stay healthy. That's a big if. The whole 1000 yard mark means less than zero to me. Alex Allen gained 877 yards (I know, I know. 123 yards short of 1000 but you get the gist) for Ianello in an offense that couldn't get out of its own way. If the Zips are going to have any success they have to let 'er rip. Snapping the ball before the defense is ready is the biggest advantage an offense can get. That's why folks that want to run the ball down your throat want to outlaw it. (Saban, Bielema)