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  1. If l could field a team of those 2nd teamers in the MAC, even l would be COTY. I really can't say much; I'm just basing my comment on the numbers. (I'll be back in Ames this week along with Game Day.) However what I have seen of Kato, I would like to see what DJ could do as starter.
  2. In today's presser, nobody asked about our QB position. I get the feeling that we will see both Kato and DJ. I personally feel DJ has earned the start. There was talk about Owl's QB being questionable. No mention of any injuries!
  3. It's really Fruit Jar State. Ball Brothers bought the name.
  4. Captain, I'm too lazy to go back and find your prediction, but you nailed it! Irons was a pleasant surprise that spoiled it a bit. Please tell us how you are picking next week; so we all can make some serious change.
  5. Game week is here. As other teams are releasing depth charts, we don't even have an updated roster. Regarding coach Z, I'm speculating this is a health issue. Why else would you make a coaching change in the middle of fall camp?
  6. At least the Indians are doing their part to make it seem like football season.
  7. Some people looking at the roster can't see any hope. I don't think they realize how little it takes to elevate in the MAC. Our very young OL managed to run block pretty well last year. A year of conditioning and maturity along with a QB delivering the ball a little quicker could produce putting points on the board and keeping the D on the sidelines. I am perplexed that we aren't hearing anything about Irons. I expect him to push Kato. It looks like we shored up the D. Looking at the roster won't tell the story. We just need to see come September. In the MAC with a roster full of average talent, all you need to be successful is to add in a few exceptionable players. Time will tell if a few exceptions will show up for the Zips this fall.
  8. Ham


    Let the bidding begin. $500,000 on the table for Miami(of Florida).
  9. Ham


    This will make recruiting sooo much more fun!
  10. Pretty uneventful presser. Green Bay had lowest budget in the Horizon, but they did pretty good. He seems ready to do a lot with little.
  11. Ham

    Golf Outing

    Thanks for the pics Hilltopper. I thought there might be something on GO ZIPS. I hope the new AD will stir up some excitement.
  12. Even if l was a golfer, its too far me to make it, but l count on some of you who are much closer to gain some insight on our program. The top of my want to know list is, "Why the heck are you keeping us in the dark?" Are there really 5 RB's in the MAC better than Dollard? Who's stock is rising? Newcomers to the 2 deep? Anything to entice one to buy a season ticket?
  13. Did Guthrie lite a fire under Arth? Looks like nobody cares.
  14. TE? One could watch some film of Iowa State.. Matt Cambell used 3 extensively last season.
  15. GO ZIPS does have interviews and write ups covering other sports. The total absence of any communication from the football staff stinks. Covid times are tough, but when things get tough, the tough get going. Its time to suck it up, and act like they care.
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