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  1. X;s & O's help, but Jimmie's & Joe's win games. lets see what next months class looks like. One must also keep in mind that very few freshmen can contribute on the line. It takes a year or two to develop linemen; so, l would look for JC linemen to be a priority. No one is happy with our results this season, but l am still hopeful for our future.
  2. I'm excited. I'm leaving for Dekalb right now! Go Zips!!
  3. FF: Zips win turnover battle
  4. Capt, I tried to quote you optimistic prediction of Gibson leading us to 3 straight wins and going forward. Yes it is the MAC! Didn't Akron start an 0-6 team on a 6 game win streak a couple years ago?
  5. FF: Stunning coaching moves propel Zips to victory silencing critics.
  6. I guessed Mathison because it looks like Gibson will be at QB and l'm guessing again that they have worked together more than other WR's.
  7. Where is any excitement for this game? Yes, on paper, we don't look to be a winner Saturday, but when the tables have been turned in the recent past, we have not had a cake walk. Where is George with an interview? Dunn could do a piece. Who is healthy or not? The players and coaches have had 2 weeks to regroup. I expect both to be ready to perform Saturday. If l were running the show, l would forget rushing yards and passing yards. l would concentrate on moving the ball into the end zone. Figure out what you can do effectively. Same on D. If you can't get pressure on the QB with 4 rushers, put 5 or 6 into the rush. Sure that would put you man coverage, but suck it up. You don't need to do it every down. Same on stopping the rush; do more rush blitzes. We are not winning the battles straight up. We need to take more risks.
  8. John, there are only a few stinkers here. Stay with us. Better days are ahead.
  9. Clark, that can't happen. The rule is "If a winner isn't determined after 8 OT's, the outcome will be decided with a coin toss."
  10. FF: O scores 2 rushing TD's!
  11. 94, calm down man. My guess is that Danny dip-sh*t has been on this board for a long time. Since we have tired of his negativity under his old identity, he just registered under a new ID. If we just ignore him, maybe he will just go away!
  12. l submitted my usual homer predictions. As bad as things seem, I don't think things are beyond hope. I predict a close game down to the wire. Since we have been a second half, fourth quarter team, Zips win in closing minutes. FF: Zips rush for over 100 yds!
  13. Do any of you think for a minute that the players and coaches don't feel the same frustrations being vented here? With 80% of performance being mental, l would be pissed if Arth didn't get "testy" supporting his players. We have seen these young men for a hundred snaps or so; the coaches have worked with them for months. Second guessing isn't going to be welcome particularly from a guy who seems to just "call it in" himself. Arth did say that the coaches need to find a way to help these men be successful. I'm sure they will try to do their part.
  14. Hemiman, l live in Iowa; so my advise will be limited. If you fly to Akron, l would come on Thursday and stay close to the airport. From there, you would be 10 minutes from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. From there on Saturday, you would be 15 or 20 minutes from the stadium. The parking lot under the score board will be littered with Zip flags, but to find the Captain, just look for the flag flying high! If you can manage to bring a cooler on wheels, fill it with some craft beers. You will have a great time making lots of new friends!
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