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  1. Do we have any transfers on campus. It would be real nice to have a springboard into fall(August).
  2. Talking them into coming isn't so hard. When reality sinks in, the real trick is to keep them here!
  3. Ground Hog Day. Can't come soon enough.
  4. @TheZipCat, you missed my point. Phlogiston was a widely accepted explaination for fire. It would be laughable to most reasonable people today. It was used in our class to show that one should be open to new ideas, new information. If one is locked in on one's thinking, you will be left behind. If one becomes locked in on their thinking concerning Covid, whether it was from accepted science or from an out of context statement used by an uninformed talking head, you will be left behind! Covid is changing. Our understanding of covid must change. Our response to Covid must adapt. I think you have given us information that critical thinkers very much welcome. We are all tired of this. I'm tired of taking my trash out to the street, but if I didn't do that tonight in 2* weather, it would just pile up. Even my dog knows not to foul up his nest. One cannot put their head in the sand, and wish that change isn't happening. Please continue to help us keep up with best practices to keep us healthy. My hope is that the people making decisions affecting the young men representing us on the court make those decisions with the players best interests!
  5. I wonder how many Akron alumni remember the Phlogiston Theory? I'm pretty sure that was in one of our required for everyone general studies classes. Remembering that science should help us understand our covid response.
  6. What's up at Oregon? They have a new head coach and OC. They have landed Auburn QB for next year. Free JoeMo!
  7. @94zipgrad, you are right. One number that should be interesting is class make up of rosters. I wonder what recruiting class compared to actual scholastic class standing would look like. When Jojo transferred, one had to have graduated to transfer without sitting out a year. If 1/2 of the D1 prospects in the class of '22 are still available, we should be OK come Groundhog Day.
  8. Groundhog Day can't get here soon enough. Are transfers limited to the same signing periods?
  9. Just an aside, Jeannette produced a pretty good QB for OSU.
  10. Perhaps a bonus for graduation rate and scholastic achievement rate. JoeMo mentioned that he wanted his players to graduate with a degree that was meaningful.
  11. DrZ, will you have credentials? We need someone to ask insightful question; GT won't.
  12. Fry or Getsy? NO! Joe is a QB coach & OC. He needs to splurge on a DC!
  13. @94zipgrad has it. Now let's really go out on a limb. Does the new guy retain anyone on the current staff? Who do you think could be an asset? There are some players that we want to keep or perhaps some recruits. Strength and conditioning needs to start next week.
  14. Wait until Oregon's season is over. Presser next Monday.
  15. Recruits make their decisions in consultation with their parents and coaches who do remember. Nobody can make a sale until they get in front of a prospect.
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