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  1. That was our practice field in the early 60's with locker room at the N end. There was a square 1/4 mile track around the field with a baseball field from the SW corner that had very small portable bleachers. At that time, it also was used as our ROTC parade grounds.
  2. I am a bit concerned that so many of the CC guys saw limited action. I hope they pan out.
  3. I remember when Iowa State went to great pains to keep the seats close to the bench from being occupied by young ears! Glad you had a good experience.
  4. Don't stop now, Insightful comments are always fun to read!
  5. I can't wait until next week when we will have something new to talk about!
  6. I don't know what Hilltopper's role has been with our BB teams, but I pay close attention to his BB posts. For the most part, we just post our personal reactions as outsiders to our teams. Mr. Bush, who has some actual insight on our FB team, should be respected, and his encouragement should be welcomed.
  7. In hind site, maybe you should have gone for 1 for Tuesday; so we would have had a better chance for winner.
  8. Boogie Knight will take one to the house--95 yds.
  9. Cycron, you have the inside on this, but did I-Coach guess 14,266?
  10. I'm not going to blame this loss on the officials, but l thought they did a terrible job last night. I do need to brush up on the rules. What is defensive holding on a run play?
  11. Last night , Miami reminded me of Michigan State(dirty play). More than the obvious play of trying to tear Kato's leg off. ( What was the ref looking at?} They don't seem to be able to hear the whistle. Body slamming Nate and strutting away? More than PCCC, I want to see us bury the Red Hawks in the future!
  12. I agree that the O-line needs to improve, but many of those sacks are on Kato. He should have been able to see most of those blitzes coming. If your hot receiver is covered, you need to get rid of the ball.
  13. Thanks B & G! At this point, signing day is all we have to look forward to. Of course, true excitement will only come with results on the field.
  14. I think we will see Gibson at QB, and he will redeem himself as the Zips fall short in a heartbreaker.
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