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  1. Zipfan21, there is some fault with lack of protection. Failure to pick up blitzers was a problem, but that extra rusher left a hole for a hot reciever. There is no way to competently evaluate performance from our couch; so like everyone else here, I'm just spouting opinions. That green O-line blocked for a 1st team RB. Sure there were some drops, but everyone has some. I believe improved QB performance will make a big difference for us. Keeping the defense off the field longer being big. I also think producing more wins next year really falls on the D. If there is a statistic for D forcing 3&outs and punts, I think we could be on the bottom. Can the staff bring in some help or coach up what we have to make a difference? We will know this time next year.
  2. I felt that with a competent QB, we would have had 1000% better O this year. Our 2 signees could be #1 & 2 in the fall. Jankowski will be here for spring practice? And Irons will play his JUCO season in the spring. As LZip said, I would use those 6 or 8 Scholarships to fill some holes with transfers or JUCO's. Also welcome some more walk ons(Freeman!).
  3. I'm excited for signings this week. Since players will get a pass for this year, what happens to the total scholarship limit for schools. Will programs like OSU that maintain the limit need to have seniors from this years class leave so they can sign in coming recruits? This could be a real boost to our program allowing us to get up to the limit.
  4. FF: Zips end season on a positive note after 4 feet of snow cancels game in Canada.
  5. I can't believe you said that. Seriously. Take a time out!
  6. I'm already thinking that the 2020 season will have a big *. We may need to designate conference survivors, and can the post season.
  7. 22.5/24.5!!? This a rivalry game. In the MAC. This game won't be decided until the final buzzer. FF: Both teams score with a trick play.
  8. December 18 will be fun, but September 2021 will be more telling.
  9. Have any of these prospects signed? With such emphatic commitments, l would have expected letters yesterday.
  10. When was the last time we had a 97yrd TD drive?
  11. I listen to the broadcast. I felt they had 2 color guys doing it. If Dave doesn't like doing play by play, he needs to be replaced.
  12. Our leading rusher will be Kato, and someone other than Kato will throw a TD pass! (Really glad to see you back talking about football.) It will be great getting the monkey off our back right out of the gate.
  13. Of course it's unrealistic to have a full schedule of games in the spring; however spring practice days could be increased a bit, and teams could be allowed one game. A rivalry game could generate much interest, and keep the product in front of fans. Networks will be willing to pay to televise a marbles match by spring. This would be much more interesting than a meaningless inter-squad scrimmage. Then have a normal '21 season.
  14. I should have said "funding" athletics. We all recognize that there are a few institutions that are self funded.
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