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  1. We lost about 50 players, and Buffalo may have lost more. With just a quick look, it seems like the have nots have shored up, and the powers didn't need much shoring. I think that when Oct/Nov rolls around, you just don't know what will happen from week to week. I don't think either division will be decided until Thanksgiving.
  2. Bubba and new-be's! That could mean a complete new 11 on the field this year.
  3. Wow! Get rich scheme for the site operators like GO FUND ME. I think we are already swirling around the toilet on the way to as low as one can go!
  4. This was an outsider's assessment without the rose colored glasses. With all of the additions, coaching staff included, panning out, we could win the MAC. Potential is just that. For every Jojo, we have had a Bain. I'm not pessimistic about our coming season; I'm hopeful that we realize enough of that potential to not be embarrassed this fall. I think @Zippyrulz made a good bet. Three W's is a low bar, but that is where outsiders have us.
  5. @catdaddyp, I'm really with you. Were there "issues" with any of the transfers that could surface? Will a new situation bring out the best in them? That is where I think our new staff could shine. I do think we have a chance to sneak by Liberty and enter the MAC 2-2. With 4-4 in the MAC, we could go bowling!
  6. Until the bullets start to fly, all those transfers are unknowns. I do have a positive outlook for the season. I think our success rests on Iron's shoulders. Will he show the growth he needs, and run the O efficiently? I don't think we have a next man up; so he also needs to stay healthy.
  7. That assessment should be a reality check for our fans. There are a lot of factors that could move the needle in our direction, but our expectations should be solid improvement.
  8. I think it's telling when we have a negative reaction from @ermiller27 who has 12 posts in 12 years. At least l hope this has stirred up er; so he will get more involved with our other conversations.
  9. Lets Go, take a breath. After 3 wins in 3 years, it is pretty clear that our talent level was pretty low. We have no where to go but up. I have said before, if we enter the MAC season 2-2, I think we could go bowling, but first? Sure it's possible, but is it realistic? I'll be happy if we get 5 W's this year(as long as one of them is PCCC). Six or more W's; we are on the road to nirvana as long as Joe is happy in Akron.
  10. Clark, l tend to agree with you. I feel ball security has been an issue. Both decision making and security issues could go away with maturity. If he develops confidence in himself and THOSE around him, maybe he won't try to do too much on his own. From a distance, that seems to be the issue.
  11. Did we run any 12 or 13 sets Saturday? Did we target any TE's?
  12. I like "sawing wood"! It fit the situation perfectly. Varnish gets all the glory, but you have to saw wood first to make it happen. You need to do the grunt work to be able to get to the glory.
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