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  1. Very nice dre. Takes some humility to man up an admit you are wrong. Welcome to the fun!
  2. I'm loose as a goose and downright giddy that he could make a middling team out of the talent on that roster.
  3. 25 of 28 from the free throw line, including making their last twelve. That's clutch.
  4. Keep an eye out for ticket deals guys. Looks like Ohio Lottery is doing it again. From the Lottery Twitter- Hey MAC fans, bring any non-winning @OHLottery ticket to the @RMFieldHouse box office during the 2020 MAC Basketball Tournament for a BOGO offer on tickets to any game in Cleveland next week!
  5. Final is Saturday night at 7:30. Here's the full schedule- https://getsomemaction.com/tournaments/?id=131
  6. Rather than post the individual games like the regular season, I am going to do this as a single thread for now. Zips head into the tourney as the number 1 seed for a Thursday noon game.
  7. Wow. What a game. Kudos, gulp, to PCCC. They made some clutch plays. I was a little disappointed in the crowd at times. In the second half, there was no reason to be in your seat, especially when Kent had the ball. The coaches and players should not have to encourage you to get up at important times. Nice job on the Romeo tribute. Tribble electrifying again. Refs in the MAC still haven't figured out the shooter leg kick. Damn frustrating. PCCC should have a much better record. Too many individuals, not enough playing as a team. Pippen is a close second to Jimmy Hall in the irritating department. Riak got under his skin. Some clutch plays by Deng tonight.
  8. Kind of a lame crowd. Up on your feet people.
  9. MAC officiating at it's zenith tonight.
  10. How do they miss the guy with the ball getting poked in the eye? Damn.
  11. Deng gets backed down by a guy 6 inches shorter. Stand your ground man.
  12. Smaller tournament rotation tonight. No Dawson or Sayles.
  13. Get to the half with the lead then step on their necks in the second half. SECOND. HALF. TEAM
  14. Maishe Dailey spends more time on his feet than Groce.
  15. Mr. Pinky has figured out they can sag off of Tribble.
  16. Wow, that will cut the attendance by a good 75 to 100 people. 😁 I just re-read. I'm sure there would be more for a tournament game.
  17. Seems like just yesterday we were watching bad junior college game footage, searching for East Carolina basketball stats and wondering who the tall gangly kid on the bench was and now here we are at senior night. Wow.
  18. Interesting note from the Pluto article- "Senderoff has more victories (180) than any coach in Kent history." Mr. Pinky is not PCCC's version of Larry Kehres. He is PCCC's version of Crash Davis. He's Steve Hawkins West.
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