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Congratulations Mr. Guthrie


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52 minutes ago, Zip_ME87 said:

Expires Nov 30, 2022. 

Extended in Feb 2021 after 7 years of so-so results. Typical Larry Williams mismanagement of UA Ath Dept. 


Thank goodness it was only a 1-year extension. 


Of course, one would think if you had a year left on your contract you would be out recruiting the local talent. From what I’ve heard, Noreen seems to have no interest in checking out the talent in Akron... probably too far to commute. 


It was a women's sport, so he likely didn't care too much.  same with his hire for Women's basketball.  He didn't put any effort into it or expect excellence.

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If women's soccer had really any sort of real alumni involvement one would think it wouldn't be hard to crowdfund most, if not all, of that ~80k it would cost to buy out.


Women's basketball or volleyball are probably the 2 most popular women's sports and look at how much we cheaped out on the basketball hire.

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2 hours ago, Captain Kangaroo said:

I'd think Akron is about 127th on the list of possible landing spots for College Game Day. Nowhere to go but up, I guess?


They did make it to BG in 2003, so it's technically possible.



2022-01-11 09_15_49-Bowling Green State University Alumni Association - Who remembers this BGSU Foot.jpg

Western Michigan in 2016 to didn’t they?

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We could feed Herbie a dozen sauerkraut balls and watch him have to excuse himself to go to the bathroom during the primetime broadcast.  I miss sauerkraut balls. Can't get them anywhere but NE Ohio.

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