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Five Questions for Prospective Coaches


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As the interviewing process begins I'm curious what five questions all of you would ask the prospective hire if a ZipNationer were given a seat at the table.  Frankly, I personally have no idea how to manage and coach a DI team with this budget.  Look forward to reading your insights.

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Nice topic. I have no experience in supervising anything other than a bunch of parole officers on my last job.

1)Recruiting: What parts of the country do you see as essential to recruit successfully to upgrade and maintain a talent level that will keep the program competitive in the MAC season after season?

2) Current talent level: What is your assessment of the talent level of the current roster? Be specific to each unit...offense,defense special teams. Which unit is it essential to upgrade first?

3) Assistants: If hired,do you have names of potential assistants with experience in recruiting,scholarships,academic requirements who could be willing to start immediately?

4) What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as a potential head coach? What do you think have been your biggest 'mistakes' as a coach at any level? What did you do to correct those situations?

5) Discipline: Scenario: You have a talented player who is not a good 'citizen' or teammate. Tell me what steps you would take to try to remediate that situation. 

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1.  Do you think football should be played on Saturday?

2.  Do you know LeBron?

3.  Do you trust corn farmers?

4.  Do you think "Fear the Roo" (with the piercing eyes) is the best logo ever?

5.  What is your username on ZipsNation?

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