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NIT Selection Process and College Basketball Postseason for Mid-Majors


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The NCAA has done it again. A year after schools like Florida Atlantic and San Diego State made the Final Four and mid-majors like North Texas and Utah Valley went deep into the NIT, the NCAA has taken action to quell any mid-major uprising.

In an announcement that it seems they almost tried to keep quiet it was announced that the NIT will no longer give automatic bids to schools that won their conference in the regular season but lost in their conference tourney and were not selected as an at large to the NCAA tournament.


Instead they have announced that they are going to give automatic bids and top seeds to the two highest NET ranked schools from each so called “Power Six” conference that we’re not selected to the NCAA tourney.

So now there is no longer a guaranteed reward for a season long campaign that earns a regular season championship and it’s all about the conference tournament and the NCAA.... or maybe something like the CBI for a 24 or 25 win MAC regular season champ.


I think this is simply wrong. Giving 15-19 (5-15 Big Ten) Ohio State a bid and a favorable seed over a 27 win MAC champ is an absolute travesty.


We need as many people complaining about this in as many channels as possible.


What are everyone’s thoughts?

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My complaining isn't going to do too much about it.  But maybe this will open the door for a creation of a mid major post season tournament for the regular season champs and one other team from those conferences.  I think that would be a lot of fun and may get akron a few more home games.

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