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    Zips Equipment just posted this. Nice gesture.
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    I don't think the Huskers are going to have to worry about that Big Ten Championship date. Or a bowl game.
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    Coaching just not sharp enough today
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    Pissed we basically threw the white flag with all that time left.
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    It's a shame seeing Minnesota getting crushed. Really have to feel for Fleck.
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    Give me some Deltron Sands. We need a back that can make someone miss.
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    Down 17-10 going into the half I like the fight in our defense. They are definitely making Iowa State work for it.
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    Montgomery is a difference maker. So tough to bring down and quick in the hole. So far our defense has been ok but the offense is sputtering after a decent start.
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    Sad the weather robbed us the likelihood of beating their butt on national prime time television.
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    What a boot! THAT was a beautiful and critical kick!
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    Akron tied 7-7 with Iowa State in the 2nd Qtr Ohio U is up 21-0 on Cincinnati early in the 2nd Qtr Kent State tied 7-7 with Ole Miss in the 2nd Qtr Buffalo up 21-6 on Rutgers in the 2nd Qtr Toledo up 21-14 on Nevada in the 2nd Qtr
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    Big stop. Now we need to put together a drive and get some points on the board.
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    https://gculopes.com/news/2018/9/20/mens-soccer-msoc-gcu-akron.aspx "It was a defense that was no-nonsense," said GCU head coach Schellas Hyndman, who noted that the Akron defense was the best his team has seen this season. "They didn't make any mistakes for us to capitalize on." "It wasn't just a good defense from Akron," Hyndman said. "It was good overall play. They didn't give us a lot of opportunities. Whenever they were put under pressure, they were able to deal with it."
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    That's hilarious. It's like something out of a comedy movie.
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    I'm so glad this game is on FSO. My man cave chair and I have a date with the TV starting at noon. I'm fresh out of Bud Light (Dilly Dilly to the Browns!), but the drink of choice will be a smooth Sam Adams Octoberfest. Here's to another upset, and another week of flying the Jolly Roger!
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    I hope we stand our ground and don't roll over for a "settlement". And I hope Bethune-Cookman demands payment in advance.
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    I think I saw something similar during last nights Temple -v- Tulsa game. Temple's new slogan is "The Dark Side," & a couple of their fans had their faces painted like Darth Maul (kinda Temple's colors if you darken the red). Anyway, they had 4 students(?) dressed as Storm Troopers jumping around on the sideline all game. I pray this doesn't get as popular as Miami's Turnover Chain has.
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    Hey -- did I miss something here??? There was a kickoff -- the game started.. contract fulfilled.. Show us the money...
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    Yeah, I am guessing Moos is putting on a show for their fan base, who did not believe we should be paid, and will quietly pay us in full after it has died down. They went ahead and found an FCS team after their program started in the dumpster and we beat NU. They are quietly realizing that cancelation may have very well saved them further embarrassment.
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    Not through the whole thing yet but one thing that stuck out is he says he wants to at least go until he's 70. Cites his dad not winning a title until he was 63, same with Tom Osborne. He's 62 and claims it's the prime of a coaching career
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    I may be at a wedding today, but i will be, sneaking score updates snd trying to listen to the game on my phone(should be a interesting) Go Zips!
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