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    Did the Zips recruiting the correct "areas" this year? Georgia (8), Ohio (6), Florida (3), California (2), Iowa (1), North Carolina (1), Pennsylvania (1), South Carolina (1)
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    With the personnel packages you saw, how many delayed hand-offs did you witness?
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    Penn Hills. Hope Arth gets some more kids out of Western PA. Been some good ones here in the past. Kid is big. Never hurts to have receivers/RB's thinking about getting run over by a freight train if they have the ball.
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    I feel it should be noted that Northern Illinois gets the vast majority of their recruits from the Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin area and they consistently compete at the top of the MAC. None of those states are listed in the top 10 above. Texas, California, Georgia, Florida all are known for producing top end recruits so those states are also the most heavily recruited. I feel Illinois/Wisconsin/Minnesota area is a place we can look to get a couple top end MAC recruits that fall through the cracks per year.
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    With the 9:00 PM start, let's hope the Zips' offense doesn't put us to sleep.
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    Light sticks and t-shirts tonight.
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    Yessir. I actually did it last night, but I haven't added the new walk-ons yet. The "few extra" scholarships comment Cap'n referenced caught my eye as well as the only "5 DBs on scholly" comment. What I have shows otherwise and actually shows we are completely full on schollies. Now obviously there are some things we don't know in regards to the extra scholarships. I.E. maybe Denzel Butler did transfer out of the program, Featherstone decided not to use his med redhsirt, the new freshman punter will be the only on on scholly, etc. Same goes with the DB comment. Does he include players listed on the roster as CB and S in that comment? Even if he doesn't I count 7. If you want to exclude Butler and somebody else, then we are down to 5. But that doesn't include "CB" and "S", so that situation isn't as bad as it looks, though I do agree if Butler is gone then we are very thin with players that actually play CB. Zips Football Scholarship Chart.xlsx
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    It's very clear that our Zips are just an average middle of the road MAC team. On a good night they can challenge the better teams in the league and on an off night can lose to the worst. They're just not there yet. Improved from last year and going in the right direction but still short on the type and depth of talent to be at the top of the conference. I guess the only good news is that I have just described about half of the teams in the MAC.
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    Really appreciate WKYC's article. A few mistakes, however... ...sweeping their way to the Mid-American Conference Tournament Championship... (Championship is missing) ...The 2018 season marked the second time the Zips finished as the national runners-up and their third appearance in the College Cup finals... Actually, it is the 3rd time as runners-up - 1986, 2009, and 2018 and 4th appearance in the final - 1986, 2009, 2010, 2018.
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