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    New Walk on that we added via tryout Enrique Freeman Summer League highlights
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    That is fearless! Not so much the first part, but the second. 🤯
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    It's appalling to me that so many here have risked epic failure on an entirely new level (and that's saying a lot from a program that was recently 3-33 over a 3 year span) by firing a coach who recently had the most successful season of any coach in UA history (on 2 of 3 relevant measures: 1) most wins in a season, 2) bowl victory in a very entertaining game against a respectable program, but 3) not a MACC, but we did make the MACC and lost, finishing second). This is particularly ridiculous given the financial struggles of the University, which made national news for its unprecedented level of academic program cuts. But why stop there? Let's make note of being the worst D-1A program in the country by earning our first winless season in program history. Balsy is right, the approach from most of you here is to just roll the dice hoping to come up with a coach who gets us to that magical and unprecedented plateau of a Top 25 finish. That's delusional. You can't just be satisfied with new levels of success even if that bar is relatively low for UA Football? What's wrong with a few down seasons every once in a while? That's what happens when a great coach like Fleck leaves for greener pastures anyhow. What's wrong with continuity? Continuity matters. See Steelers versus Browns success. We are the Browns of college football. Y'all are enablers! (Not you, akronzips71.)
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    Groce mentioned him at the media day finding him at a campus trout so yes he is a walk-in. He is academically a sophomore so maybe that is why he is a redshirt?
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    Nice to see the Akron Canton Pro Am league is still stressing defense!
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    FF : The Akron Alumni Band outnumber Kent State's Marching Band
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    League Two 20 Under 20: Defenders https://www.uslleaguetwo.com/news_article/show/1055599 Daniel Strachan and Carlo Ritaccio
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    Check Stow High School and Jackson High School. That's where they've been practicing.
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    Well said by both of you.... A big crowd is needed on Saturday night.... I do not want to see Chris Brennan of Copley and his team celebrating on the field. Chris Brennan is a talented goal scorer...but I think that Marco and Carlo will be fired up to stop the BGSU talented scorers...so they can lead the zips to a 1-0 record in the MAC I want the only happy Copley folks to be friends and family of Skye Harter, the hard working nice young man from Copley.
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    Not official, but hearing rumblings about 2021 Brecksville QB Joe Labas. I saw on his Twitter that he received a BG offer. Local coach I know shared that he is "the real deal."
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    You are gonna get me banned from here LOL
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    I think what is missing in the Bowden discussion is that he was a better coach-period and that finding a high caliber coach from a skill perspective, not name recognition, willing to cone to Akron is not easy. Firing Bowden shows just how arrogant Larry William's is. I also think some of you are in denial about competing with bigger schools for talent. Yes, some B10 schools did it, but that was a different time before the gap between haves and have nots in college football was not as enormous as it is now. The NCAA is not interested in parity or they would put a cap on the amounts programs could spend. Arth sucks, plain and simple. Losing to UMass is inexcusable. The Zips will go winless.
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    Running game will still suffer, but Zach Gibson allows Arth to run more of his offense and the Zips shock the world and Kent State still sucks. Need some positive vibes for this program.
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    Well there you go. 0-12 is better than 11-0 if you are Akron.
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    Vise Versa, 2016 we was one victory away from a Bowl Game & Woodson & Chapman went down, had Hoyer & Nelson on sideline & we used neither & went to a WR in Goodman & didn’t get the victory. We had a couple of games to get that victory & Bowden wasn’t burning Nelson’s redshirt, sucks we didn’t get that victory but it was the right decision not use Nelson, now why we didn’t try Hoyer IDK
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    You owe it to the team to give them the best chance to win games. If Gibson clearly gives you that chance, you play him.
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    I was never on board with Bowden being fired. Yes, he had a bad end of season. To replace a coach with a national championship on his resume with an unknown is just dumb. That is my opinion and I am sticking with it.
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    If you're looking for proactive reporting by George, you're barking up the wrong tree. "I do exactly what is expected of me and nothing more."
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    Bowden won some games, got us a bowl, got us into a MAC champ game. This guy has gotten us the WORST TEAM IN D1 Title on only 5 weeks. Sorry, this is a bad joke. The players are leaving because, lets face it, anyplace is better than this place. They should just fire him today and appoint an interim coach. Enough of this nonsense.
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