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  1. Most places have the over/under Akron win total at 2.5. Seems like easy money taking the over. Beat SF and just squeeze out two conference wins.
  2. Another one to check out now is On3.com. It is another rating service like 247 and Rivals. They do their own ratings but also come up with a combined rating of all three services. They are gaining a lot of traction in the recruiting world. I haven't looked up how our class of 23' compares on this vs Rivals and 247 but might be a good project for anyone willing to take it on - or maybe I will this weekend. Interesting, they have QB Steele Wasel as most likely going to Tulsa https://www.on3.com/db/steele-wasel-108253/
  3. Looks like Irons has some finger damage on his left hand
  4. You just don’t know. Some of his original offers may not be offers anymore. Ohio and Marshall may already have enough commits at his position and he no longer has theirs offers. So many factors involved that the general public doesn’t know about.
  5. It’s not gonna be Tennessee, their quarterback and offense are electric - horrible matchup for the Zips D
  6. St Francis - W Michigan St - L Tennessee - L Liberty - L Bowling Green - W Ohio - L Central Michigan - L Kent St - L Miami - L Eastern Mich - W Buffalo - W Northern Illinois - L I think the offense under JoeMo will be much improved, but unfortunately, I don't think that the defense will be good enough this year. At least that will make for some high scoring, entertaining games to watch. 4-8 Could surprise Ohio and make it to 5-7
  7. Looks great, now I just really want to see some asses in the seats and some wins on the scoreboard!
  8. I hope you're joking. You mean they aren't going to put the Akron wording on the 10 yard line either?
  9. All logos and wording are sewn in
  10. Maybe it’s just the lighting but the blue on the sideline definitely looks darker than the end zones
  11. Anderson High School, Cincinnati 🤔
  12. Actually, that blue almost looks more like a royal blue than the standard Akron navy blue.
  13. Man that old turf looks tired!
  14. Looks like all of his offers were in 2020. Something changed between now and then. Maybe he got in trouble? Maybe bad grades? Maybe really bad junior and senior years? His last offer was October of 2020, looks like Akron was his only option. Must have a lot of talent but there is obviously some baggage...
  15. Turf replacement generally takes 4-6 weeks so mid July would be really pushing it. My guess is that maybe they are waiting until camps are completed and they will start late June.
  16. Apparently this is a well kept secret
  17. Does anyone know what the timeline is for the new turf installation? If they haven't started yet I assume they will start any day now so that it will be ready by August.
  18. I assume Clark isn't listed on the roster because maybe he hasn't enrolled yet?
  19. I love marching bands and I think they are a big part of the college football experience but nobody pays to go watch the band perform (except maybe their parents).
  20. Maybe Mom should have been more concerned about his tardiness - that crap won't fly at the next level.. Everybody wants to be a victim these days.
  21. Now that the new logo has been selected, can anyone that was involved in the process now share some insight on the logos that did not make the cut? Did any include a marsupial along with the "A"?
  22. As I continue to warm up to the new logo I wanted to make one more point. Most logos, especially one letter logos, become identifiable over time. Check out the Big 10 logos. Honestly, most are very boring and unimaginative. In my mind the new A is easily as good or better than Nebraska, Purdue, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, and Illinois. Debatable vs Ohio State, Minnesota, Indiana and Northwestern. Less imaginative vs Iowa, Michigan State and Penn State. Bottom line, win some MAC championships and bowl games and it will look much better.
  23. It took me almost 24 hours but I finally figured out what the new A reminded me of - the old A from the AFL football league. Very similar if you take of the top right “wing” and take a notch out of the right side of the cross on the A. Has a very similar feel to it. Having said that, I don’t hate it, don’t love it either. One thing that really helps it is the color combo, that navy and gold is so nice. As others have said, it’s just not identifiable enough yet. I wish the Roo could have been tied in somehow but overall I’ll give it a solid B.
  24. Thank you for the insight, appreciate it. You, and a couple others on here, mention that you’ve seen the new logo but I’m a little confused how you’ve contradicted yourself by saying “a decision will be made soon”. I assume there is one design that is clearly the leader but they just haven’t confirmed it yet?
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