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  1. Looks like Cincy is hiring Satterfield from Louisville
  2. I swear yesterday yesterday I saw somewhere on social media the game was listed for Saturday, now I can't find it. Maybe it was a misprint and they took it down? Any also see that?
  3. Agree, I'd even venture to say that most that hit the portal are told in a nice way that you aren't going to play here, go see what else is out there.
  4. So there are 14 2023 commits and the transfer portal offers are flying out fast and furious. It's always hard to look at the roster and know exactly how many Seniors are coming back but it does seems apparent that this will be another year of major turnover on the roster. I guess it's just the new normal.
  5. Hear they might make up the game on December 3 in Buffalo
  6. If the NFL isn't playing there, no way the MAC plays
  7. Obviously, losing the turnover battle 3-0 is the biggest statistic. But yes, there are some MEANINGFUL statistics that they won. When you win first downs 20-13 that is meaningful. That means you were moving the ball. When you have 316 yds passing and almost 400yds of total offense that is also meaningful. Any coach would tell you that those are meaningful. These stats but scoring only 9 points shows that you can’t finish. Their red zone efficiency is terrible.
  8. This is what blows me away. You dominate the stats but still lose by 18 points. It’s like Groundhog Day every Saturday. I see so many things that give me hope but ultimately get kicked in the nuts again every week. Painful
  9. If Irons stays it will be his job, no debate, but it is always great for a QB to early enroll to learn the system. If he progresses like JoeMo would hope it would be his job in 2024.
  10. How does a D1 kicker come up short on 39yd field goal? Wtf
  11. Does anyone have any inside info on these helmets? Are these just a concept for next year or will they wear them this week/year?
  12. Caden Clark is actually a redshirt freshman this year, you have him listed as a sophomore
  13. I was at the game on Saturday and I was surprised how much updated/new logo merchandise that they had in the pro shop in the stadium. They had a great selection of everything - hats, shirts, sweatshirts etc. Way better selection than the student center gift shop. Now the price...that's another story, if it has the swoosh on it it won't be cheap.
  14. That looks great, break those out this week with navy pants and white jersey 🔥
  15. These are all D1 schools that all get 85 scholarships. Even many FCS schools with only 65 scholarships make the jump and play D1 powerhouses. The biggest negative factor right now is that Akron is bad, and has been bad for a long time. That is our problem. When you lose 52-0 or 63-6 I would agree with you, that is no fun and a waste of time. But how about if you’re Kent and you lose 39-22 vs the number 1 ranked team? Or if you’re Miami and beat Northwestern this year? Or if you’re Eastern Michigan and you beat Arizona State this year? Etc etc. Bottom line is that we need to get better and these games will make more sense.
  16. Every year MAC teams beat power 5 schools and often times they are competitive. Grow a pair and play them once or twice a year. When did JoeMo say he doesn’t want to play these schools?
  17. Agree, shoot for the stars. I know it doesn't happen very often but look what PJ Fleck did at Western Michigan taking them to a New Years group of 6 bowl game, almost beating number 8 Wisconsin. I don't know if Joe can pull in enough talent at Akron to repeat that but he's certainly a good enough coach to say it's possible.
  18. Zips are undefeated in gold helmets and 0-4 in white helmets...just sayin'
  19. -The MAC schools get much needed money for their program. -The players want to play on the big stage against the best competition, on bigtime TV networks and love the thrill of pulling off the major upset. -The P5 schools get their win...usually. -The MAC fans love to travel to these big venues to watch their team play in front of 80,000+. I would much rather travel to watch them play at Kentucky, or Indiana, or Tennessee than Buffalo or Central Michigan etc. Sure it sucks when it's a beatdown like the Zips got this year but as they improve they will compete.
  20. Students barely come to home games, they aren’t going to travel to Toledo. Keep P5’s on the schedule, it’s good for everyone.
  21. This is good crap right here. I believe in this guy. He’s a great coach, a great guy, and is committed to building this program. It’s an uphill battle with a program that has been down for so long but I think he can do it. We all want immediate results but it’s a process. Everyone needs to grab a friend and drag them to the games, change is coming!
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