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  1. Game 4—@Troy Trojans

    Embedding issue is hopefully fixed.
  2. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Will the Cyclones overlook Akron?
  3. What Zips Newcomer Would You Like to See More?

    I voted for Williams because we need some downfield plays from our WR's. If Burkhart and his 40-inch vertical give us that threat, then by all means let's see more of him. Our edge rush has also been "meh." If Sampson can put some heat on the opposing QB, get him some reps. This is week #3. There really hasn't been any reason for Bowden to open up the playbook in week's #1 or #2. Incumbent players have had their fair chance to prove they should be starting. I expect to see some new wrinkles in the Zips offense and defense this week. And, some new, younger faces getting more PT too.
  4. Season Ticket Renewal

    Tough to retain a guy that quit to pursue his "Dream Job." Do people think we were going to pony-up $1,000,000 for him? If you were a KD Fan more than you were a Zips Fan, you probably won't be missed. Hopefully the KD Fans leaving open up some good lower-level seats for Zips Fans.
  5. Game 2—Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions

    Maybe 17k announced/10k butts in seats. Hopefully we get decent weather and a real 15-20k this weekend.
  6. What Zips Newcomer Would You Like to See More?

    He played a lot until he got injured. I would really be interested to know his status, but I don't expect to see any announcements.
  7. Gavin returned 2 kickoffs 98 yards each for 2 TD's in Aurora's loss to Twinsburg Friday night. Also had a 17 yard rushing TD. Good night's work.
  8. Game 2—Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions

    Worst referees ever.
  9. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Iowa - Iowa State this Saturday
  10. Game 2—Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions

    I don't think the conventional wisdom regarding scheduling has been the Zips primary problem since they've been in the MAC. I could write a book on all the problems...I probably already have...I just need to compile my posts beginning in 1997. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Lot 9 this weekend. Weather looks to be perfect.
  11. Game 2—Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions

    I would say as a G5 program you play for two things - your conference championship, and a bowl berth. If it is legal to play a cupcake, and the cupcake game counts towards bowl eligibility, you need to do it. That game automatically puts you 17% of the way to a bowl. Bowl berths are important. The $600,000 price UNLV paid for their poison cupcake last weekend is way above the prevailing scale. Historically black colleges can be scheduled for under $400k. The $1,000,000 the Zips got for Penn state pays the appearance fees for Iowa State and Pine Bluff. With some change to spare. That's a fair use of the money. The beating incurred by playing two Top 10 P5 teams in September will kill most G5 teams. Playing a smaller program like Pine Bluff after a physical Big10 team is perfect. For comparison, here are the "major" (non D1-AA) 2017 MAC opponents: Akron Penn State, Iowa State (Home), Troy BG Michigan State, Northwestern, Middle Tennessee Buffalo Army, FAU, Minnesota Kent Clemson, Marshall, Louisville Miami Marshall, Cinci and Notre Dame OU Purdue, Kansas (Home), UMass Ball State Illinois, UAB, WKU CMU Syracuse, Kansas and Boston College EMU Army, Kentucky, Rutgers, Charlotte Northern Illinois Boston College, Nebraska, SDSU Toledo Nevada, Miami FL, Tulsa WMU @ USC, @ Mich State, Idaho
  12. Game 1—@Penn State Nittany Lions

    Unlike last season, the Zips have 4 available QB's. Kelley and Johns were specifically added because of their college experience, and the fact that Woodson's health was/is still questionable. Bowden will be fair to Woodson, but won't hesitate to play any of the three guys behind him if he falters.
  13. Game 2—Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions

    Glad we didn't schedule Howard this season
  14. Penn State ZN.o Game Column

    It's been a hectic Labor Day weekend. Here is the belated write up on the Zips/Nittany Lions game. Thanks to Dr. Z for taking the time on his holiday weekend to create the layout. Akron - Penn State
  15. Saquon Barkley vs. Warren Ball

    How much does Ball play? Does he tear through the Penn State defense like he did in his short stint against Wisconsin? Is Barkley in a ball cap on the sidelines at halftime? Does Franklin try to get him some gaudy numbers to aid his Heisman quest?