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  1. There's renewed hope for the Liechtenstein women's fencing team to medal in Tokyo. The USA's loss is their gain. If that costs me a regular fry, I'll be pissed.
  2. Can we have a few ushers stand up in the aisle too?
  3. How much Boz Scaggs and Orleans can one man take?
  4. Make the pain stop.... Since we cut down the nets after the MAC basketball championship in early March, being a Zips fan has absolutely sucked. One depressing, embarrassing news release after another...
  5. Another Penn Hills safety replaces Featherstone. Can't go wrong with Penn Hills players. šŸ‘
  6. The Zips version of Dirk Nowitzki
  7. I can't believe he'd redshirt. He'll be 20 years old when MAC play begins this season. He's roughly 6' 10" and has international playing experience. We lost Riak and Sayles. X too. At worst I'd give him "Ali Ali Level" freshman minutes.
  8. MaxPreps_Epps 6' 5", 255 lbs. LT from Georgia
  9. Reading up on him, it seems like he had some injury problems. That's been the case with a lot of our P5 transfers over the years (Ryan Bain, Warren Ball, Deltron Sands, etc.). They couldn't stay on the field. I hope he's healthy.
  10. The NBA lottery's loss is Buffalo's gain.
  11. After reading that story, Iā€™m a big fan of Idaho President Chuck Staben.
  12. To take a team that was 2-10, and go 6-6, 10-4 and 8-5 in successive years is a trend in my book. They'd have been a lot better last season if Tyree Jackson didn't listened to bad advice and declared for the draft. I'm "buying" Leipold. Just my opinion.
  13. OK - Buffalo and Ohio are typically among the MAC's better programs.
  14. Been on my mind too. Have to trust Groce. It would be nice if a couple P5 transfers were awaiting grades/degrees.
  15. Maybe 2% of them. And those grousing were typically fans of "Keith," not the Zips. Anyone with even the smallest basketball acumen saw what Groce was up against during his first couple seasons, and understood there'd be a lot more "L's" than "W's." Those who didn't were predominately pouting that Dambrot was somehow treated unfairly. Poor guy got over a million dollars per season to try and restore the glory of his dad's alma mater. Talk about getting kicked out to the curb.šŸ™„
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