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  1. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    The last time we played Liberty was memorable... I recall walking into the Rubber Bowl with about 10 minutes remaining in the first quarter, and we were losing 14-0. I recall Bobby Hendry ran for a bazillion yards that day. I recall Lee Owens executed an onside kick with the Zips winning 41-14, late in the game. I also recall a Liberty coach subsequently screaming profanities out the Rubber Bowl press box...something about Owens being a "Classless Mother #@!*%."
  2. Game 27- Miami Redhawks

    Injury? I don't see it. He's always been incredibly streaky from behind the arc. And he struggles to score in the paint (for a guy that's built like Jeremiah Wood). If I were his shooting coach...and I'm not...for good reason...i would have him totally reconstruct his shot and flatten it out. It is tough to be consistent with such a high-arching, finessed jump shot. I can't think of any other basketball player with a shot trajectory like Daniel's.
  3. 2019 Schedule

    First - You know it's going to be a monsoon for that game...it always is for a big game at InfoCision. Either that, or a few key Zips players will get suspended. If we avoided aforementioned Curse of InfoCision, and Kent brought in a decent team, I think we could approach the 21k butts-in-seats number. Very smart, and blatantly obvious move by Larry Willliams to move that game date up from late November. It will be a fun day on campus.
  4. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    I would not have pressed with 35.8 seconds remaining. Just play D
  5. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    Horrible charge call on Utomi.
  6. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    We played a good first half on the road...what could possibly go wrong?
  7. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    Never good when Utomi misses his first shot.
  8. Game 25- Ball State Cardinals

    We did win the free throw percentage battle.
  9. Game 25- Ball State Cardinals

    When the kid shooting the half court halftime shot ends up with three fewer 3-pointers than your entire team, you’re probably gonna lose.
  10. Game 25- Ball State Cardinals

    I wish we had a scorer...
  11. Game 25- Ball State Cardinals

    Riak getting no favors from the refs at either end.
  12. Game 25- Ball State Cardinals

    I bet we play a good first half.
  13. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Jerry Falwell made a lot of money fleecing the elderly. Gotta spend it somewhere.
  14. 2019 Commit: Ali Ali, 6-7 SF

    It isn't the worst thing to red-shirt next year. Our roster will be loaded with upper-classmen, and Freshman PT would be minimal. That said, I wish we recruited an instant-impact frosh that would push the seniors for PT. We need a kid that can consistently shoot the 3-ball.
  15. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    If Arth is serious about centering his recruiting around NE Ohio, the Youngstown area is important. Though not what it was in through the early 90's, it remains a very good football town. If the Zips stomp YSU, it would inform potential recruits who think they're better than FCS-level that there's a viable FBS football alternative 50 minutes up I-76. If we lose...scrap that idea. I think playing YSU is a great. I'm guessing they'll bring a few thousand fans and it will be a fun environment. You can't say InfoCision has been "a fun environment" very often. At least without your nose growing.