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  1. I was in a hurry this morning...still am...but hopefully it reads a little more accurately now.
  2. Can't believe he's 66 years old? When he was at Akron the guy never got his due. He brought in some great players...guys that Brookhart won a championship with...with no Stiles Center, and no Infocison...just a dilapidated Rubber Bowl. It took him 9 years at UA to get the Zips to a "nice" 7-5. His tenure at Ashland was "very good," but not "great." But it does make you wonder what he could have done had he stayed at UA. He was loyal to Ashland for 22 years, so if he continued at Akron there's a chance he could have been that long-tenured, "Solich-like" coach? And with improved resources, 8 or 9 win seasons wouldn't have been crazy talk. We'll never know... Enjoy retirement, or whatever comes your way, Lee.
  3. Only in Akron could you have a 1st and 10 on the opponent's 35 with 3:15 remaining and turn over the ball twice + give up a TD on a 4th and 10. That's a hell of a 3 minutes and 15 seconds.
  4. Hey, I didn't say "Earl Morrall"!
  5. Undercuffler is fine as our "Gary Danielson" or "Don Strock", but I don't see him as our starter. Arm strength and accuracy just aren't there.
  6. Buffalo would be killing us if they had our wide receivers.
  7. Zips 29 Buffalo 28 Zips players and Staff are confident. Buffalo is overconfident. Undercuffler won’t get the breaks he got last week with his under-throws. But hopefully the running game carries us.
  8. If the portal we around 25 years ago, Jason Taylor would have gone to the HOF as a Panther, not a Zip. I love that kids like Jacque-Louis and Whigan get a chance to play as starters before their eligibility expires. But it’s sad to see guys like the St Francis kid bolt the program that gave him a shot when no one else did. I’m sure there are “overlooked “ D3 kids bolting for FCS that offset the FCS kids bolting for G5, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.
  9. Freeman and X are missing free throws, in addition to wide open looks. Freeman is much easier to double when no one has to respect the perimeter. X needs to snap out of the funk. If he's legitimately good, he should be able to score against the defenses he's faced thus far. He hasn't been smothered.
  10. Benevolent announcers made this drubbing as watchable as was possible.
  11. Now that the NCAA can’t stop players from making money they need something else to wield their authority over. Dirtbag D3 schools wanting to elevate to D1 basketball are the new whipping boys.
  12. BG lost to some school named “Queen” tonight. Does not appear BG will be 2023 MAC champions, my friends. They don’t even seem to be fighting, to the end.
  13. Irons was in an arm sling on the sideline Saturday. There was no chance of playing.
  14. Last one was CMU over 4 years ago.
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