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  1. I saw Decavilon Reese made an appearance Saturday? No idea what the story is on him. Maybe NCAA clearing house issues held him out the first half of the season? Just a guess...
  2. I would say they were "high-risk/high reward" recruits. And in the end the risk outweighed the rewards. I don't fault KD for giving them a shot, but it seems like the exception rather than the rule that non-qualifiers pan out.
  3. Fearless Forecastβ„’ - Zach Gibson tosses for 379 yards and 5 TDs. The passing success opens up the running game, and the Zips post 128 rushing yards and 2 TD's. Kent runs a Fumblerooskie with 21 seconds remaining, but Crum trips flat on his face and can only watch in despair as Alvin Davis scoops up the ball and runs 78 yards to paydirt, sealing the Zips thrilling 47-45 win. Both Zips students in attendance storm the field, uprooting an orange goal line pylon and later, victoriously carry it around campus on their shoulders.
  4. That explains why I saw Groce walking around campus in waders a couple weeks ago.
  5. Since you are an Akron historian...πŸ˜€...do you recall Lee Owens' first season? The Zips were 1-6, and Owens was disgusted with his QB play, so he pulled Greg Gromek's redshirt in Game 8...and the Zips subsequently won 3-in-a-row. Gromek subsequently blew out his knee the next season and used his redshirt for that reason. Say Gibson beats Kent...and beats Buffalo...and beats NIU...how do you not start him at BG? Yeah, it's a fairly improbably scenario considering we're 0-5...but it is the MAC. It's possible.
  6. You owe it to the team to give them the best chance to win games. If Gibson clearly gives you that chance, you play him.
  7. Rather than having 6 student athletes in the portal, I think we now have 6 athletic students. They can tear-up the US Intramural League for a short bit this fall before moving on. I assume their scholarship holds through the end of the semester, since it is already paid. You'd think a requirement for them getting a scholarship is to attend classes? And they would be much more marketable to another University if they were in good academic standing, rather than dropping out. Other than Dre, I can't believe any of the Portal 6 are going to play at the D1-A level again.
  8. Who's in it? Who's not? How do these soon-to-be-ex-Zips stack up against the portal entries from other MAC programs? National articles on The Transfer Portal...it all falls under this topic.
  9. Kent message board I think there are 4 total posts in October, so keep your expectations low.
  10. Last year, 4-8 Bowden beat - Northwestern Morgan State (4-7 FCS) Kent State in OT (2-10) CMU (1-11) We lost 9-of-11 starters on defense, and that defense carried the 2018 team. Due to the timing of his hire he completely missed out on the initial signing day. We lost our best returning WR, Jonah Morris, before the season even started. Shocking that we're bad in 2019. Who knew? Arth is a good person, and a hard worker. He's legitimately focusing on NE Ohio recruits, which is something Akron fans have bemoaned for years. Everyone here should support the guy. Against a lot of odds, his staff and team are busting their ass to bring Akron a winner. If you repeatedly post on ZipsNation bitching about Arth, you're just trying to bring the program down. And bring the supporters down. And that is not why I pay the money, and spend the time, to run a nice site that represents UA well. People that repeatedly bitch make ZipNation toxic and drive good, interesting, fun fans away. That won't fly.
  11. If it is indeed true that - "You improve through criticism. You do not improve from sunshine and rainbows and apathy" then I'll offer the following candid thoughts - You have 3,870 posts on ZipsNation. I am still waiting for the first good one. You started off strong in 2012 with your avatar, and everything since then has been a banal, verbose waste of space. You offer a stunning combination of ignorance and self-importance. #Facts. Tough Love.
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