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  1. You never know with Akron Marketing…
  2. The logo isn’t centered, and is atop the “50”? Strange…
  3. I'll take a Miami kid like Zayden Laing-Taylor any date of the week, and twice on Sunday. He's a starter on a HS team that's the 3-time defending 5A champ in Florida. They lost twice in 2021...to Bishop Gorman (Nevada State Champ) and St John Bosco (Calif.). His HS produced James and Dalvin Cook, amongst other NFL guys. If we want to win, we need to be successful recruiting Florida and Georgia. I think Joe's off to a solid start. As a side note - with the transfer portal, are kids like this going to see fewer P5 offers out of HS? Will the MAC schools become the 1st stop for P5-level kids who don't want to sit at a P5 program for a year or two and develop? They can play in the MAC in year's #1 and 2, and then transfer with immediate eligibility for their final two seasons at P5's?
  4. Am I missing the link to the golf outing? I can't find it.
  5. Get used to it, my friend. Until the next AD comes along, you’re stuck with it. Next field turf replacement is scheduled for 2033.
  6. Your speculation is other people’s educated opinion. Be grateful they share it with you. If you want 100% rock solid info, go down to the Stiles Center and ask the coach. This isn’t Ohio State . He’d be happy to speak with you.
  7. Seems like an upper-tier MAC-caliber player. Could fellow Syracuse transfer Curtis Harper and Coach Reno Ferri convince him to be a Zip?
  8. Does the Zips baseball team have the full allotted scholarship number? I recall that we were below the rest of the MAC when the program was resurrected. I think we had 5 total (partials allowed), and the max was 11.7. Did we ever fully catch up?
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only Zips fan that feels this way! 😁 As recently as Arth's first year, you had a pretty solid idea who was going to be on the field when the season began. Today? Good luck. I think you can place either "Who's he?" or "Meh" next to anyone's name but Bubba's on defense. You saw a flash of potential here or there with some of the incumbents...but there are three All MAC team levels, plus Honorable Mention, and no 2021 defensive Zip was anywhere close to nabbing a spot. Charles Amankwaa is one unmentioned name that bears watching (I don't think he's transferred?). 3 INT's last season led the team.
  10. College football, huh? 😞 I guess if you're a MAC-first fan, it's irrelevant. They'll never be more than coffee and doughnut money here. I remember several years ago Chris Spielman talking about walking into OSU's stadium and seeing his jerseys everywhere, and in the bookstore, and at shirt vendors and on the giant stadium banners...and he's basically just got a college scholarship out of the deal. I get it. He's the show, and gets little for it. Although getting national exposure, great instruction/preparation for the NFL, great facilities etc. also have some worth. But to me, the "old days" of underhanded, back-alley payments were somehow less slimly than what's going on now.
  11. Embarked on his second portal tour on April 29th. Still there as of today...
  12. EKU Bio Played in all 12 games his freshman year. Started all 11 games last season and had a couple INT's (the Zips only had 6 as a team in 2021). We aren't exactly overflowing with talent on the defensive side of the ball. I would expect him to be in the mix for a starting job. Bright kid...offered by Cornell, and was Scholar Athlete of the Year at his HS.
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