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  1. Finish The Climb

    Kobie Booker has quit school and football. Nine out of ten times that would be terrible news, but it makes room for Maverick Wolfley to get immediate playing time. Maverick rules. Travonte Junius has hung up the cleats. Injuries played a big part in the decision. There is a good chance that Jonah Morris will be immediately eligible to play due to the medical hardship affecting his family. The NCAA has become increasingly more player-friendly in their eligibility rulings. Morris’s 6’ 4” 205 lb frame and experience are expected to be a huge addition to an otherwise very small and inexperienced WR corp. Beautiful day for golf, and a blast as always. More fans should take advantage of the event. It never disappoints!
  2. Zips Offer Austrian OL?

    Colorado may have the upper-hand
  3. T.J. Deshields - walk-on QB

    Selected to Play in the Penn-Ohio Game
  4. Bowl has been sold for huge profit!

    Other than it’s Municipal Stadium? Photo 9/9 in the slide show is actually of the Rubber Bowl.
  5. From West Branch HS
  6. 2017 Commit: SF Eric Parrish

    Complete speculation - some decent program said they were booked scholarship-wise for 2018-19, and told him they'd sign him for 2019-20 if he played JUCO ball for a year. Or - he had mediocre interest due to his limited body of work, and thought he could improve his 2019-20 stock by putting up some gaudy JUCO numbers. Wherever he went he'd need to sit out a year, so I'm sure playing any level of basketball was more appealing than sitting on the end of a bench in street clothes watching the other guys have all the fun.
  7. 2017 Commit: SF Eric Parrish

    I agree. Good decision for him to go JUCO. I assume he'll have a great season, and probably find a nice mid-tier D1 program for his final 2 seasons. My money is on Houston.
  8. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    I went to Nebraska in 1997 for the Zips game. UA had a deal where, for $365.00 you got hotel, game ticket, and airfare to Lincoln. About 20 members of their band came over and played the Zips fight song to our group during the 3rd quarter. Their fans couldn't have been nicer. Had a blast.
  9. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    Corn Nation Looks at the Zips
  10. MAC Transfer Overview

    From Hustlebelt
  11. Jonah Morris

  12. 2018-2019

    Why should it take a couple more years to re-establish ourselves? We made it to Cleveland last year with two hands tied behind our back. I'd expect to be playing on Friday night at The Q this season, and I'd give us a puncher's chance against any "major" opponent this year...at least as much of a puncher's chance as any MAC program would have.
  13. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    I would put it at 1.
  14. Jonah Morris

    Boy would it be nice to see him at WR for the Zips
  15. 2018 Offers

    See this post.