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  1. Board Conduct

    I'd rather not accept any donations for one reason - once you accept money, then it complicates the issue of removing someone if they get out-of-line. I couldn't deal with the "I paid my $10 so I'll say whatever I want!!" guy. It also keeps anyone from inferring that I'm doing something shady with the funds. I reserve the right to change my mind if costs escalate...but for now they aren't too bad so it's not a big deal to fund it. I do appreciate your offer to help!
  2. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    I never saw individual player stats the entire UT Martin game. Maybe I just looked at the wrong time? Game 1 I noticed them multiple times. Guess we'll see how it evolves as the season progresses...
  3. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    It's a two hour game, and there are multiple state-of-the-art scoreboards. You can display both.
  4. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    For anyone who was driven to drink by the 2016-17 Zips guard's ole' defense...you have to be loving Duvivier's defensive footwork. Not only is he physically big...he does a great job of getting to the spot before the offensive player. He's fast become my favorite Zip. Beyond the defense, his confidence in his own offensive game is awesome. No hesitation on his jumper when he has space, and drives the lane when it's open. Love him.
  5. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    Poke needs to look for the alley-oop. That was his bread and butter last season. There were at least 2 occasions where the Zip ball handler was looking for that play, and Poke was not paying attention. Groce seems like a very detail-oriented guy. I'm sure Poke's offense will be addressed.
  6. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    I cannot believe that we would spend the money for new, state-of-the-art scoreboards and not use them to display individual stats. It had to be a glitch with the new software, or perhaps there was no student available to enter the data. There's no way a college head coach would prevent stats from being placed on the scoreboard. Individual stats are displayed at every level of basketball. What do you do for road games...tell your players (shaking your finger at them) - "Don't you even think about looking up at the scoreboard or I'll bench you!". The individual stats appeared on the side boards in game #1. Hopefully they return for the UT Chattanooga game.
  7. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    Wagon Wheel Mac n Cheese. Love it!
  8. Game 1 — Cleveland State

    I am not on the Parrish/Diggs bandwagon. Diggs was a whirling dervish, and Parrish is a cool cucumber. I'm as bullish on his potential as any Zip I've seen in some time. His defense needs work, but that will come. Offensively, he's beyond his years. Kostelac had a nice block. We'll need him as we face bigger front courts. Looking forward to his minutes increasing as the season progresses. Cotton needs some adjustment time to D-1 hoops. But I like his flair. I look for him to make a big jump from game 1 to game 2. Love his free throw stroke. Duvivier's dunk is a Top 5 JAR all-timer. I liked his comments after the game when French and Dunn were gushing over it. Loosely quoted - "That was my 'welcome to Akron' dunk. I'll have a couple more of those this year." He reminds me of a shorter Gary Trent. liked that Groce ran some inbound plays rather that just tossing the ball in to the tallest Zip. Looks like a loveable team that we can rally around and watch grow. My family enjoyed watching game 1 of the Groce era!
  9. Board Conduct

    A few guys put us in a really bad position tonight. That situation has been addressed. ZipsNation was founded to provide a forum where Zips fans can discuss Zips athletics. It does not exist to cyber bully people. It doesn't condone excessive profanity. The moderators do not get paid. Instead, we pay to fund this site. We have real jobs and lives. As best we can, through occasional interviews and photography we try to elevate the site. We want to take pride in it. ZipsNation is a supposed to be a fun, hopefully informative break from everyone's daily grind. When it becomes unfun, that's a problem. If you've recently been disappointed with our site, I can't blame you. Hopefully our corrective steps are effective and the site becomes fun again. And not work.
  10. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    Somewhere Alex Abreu, Quincy Diggs, Tree Treadwell and Chris Jaquemain are tipping their caps to Thomas Woodson for his discretion. Tradition never graduates. Go Zips.
  11. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    Woodson suspended for the Miami game.
  12. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    Miami Message Board
  13. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    What's clearly happening is - we are a better team than our opponents. I don't see any good fortune in beating Pine Bluff, BG, BSU, WMU and Buffalo.
  14. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    I disagree. In the fantasy world where we are 3-6 instead of 5-4, we would have a different coach and players. Because the ones we have in the real world are 5-4. That's inarguable. They made winning plays that the fantasy 3-6 team didn't make. No better or worse fortune than anyone else. Ball and Guiser are our two team captains, and they didn't make it half way through the season. How fortunate is that?
  15. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    ...and if the Troy WR would have dropped the ball on their 4th and 5 play, we'd have won instead of lost...and if my aunt had nuts she'd be my uncle... The Zips earned their wins against Buffalo and WMU. The D made some awesome stands at the end of those games. Hopefully we beat Miami in convincing fashion. A simple 3-point win where the Zips defense holds the opponent under 21 points isn't quite enough to keep some fans from focusing on how they might have lost, rather than how they won.