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  1. God Bless you if you can enjoys a Zips Game Day without tailgating.
  2. Since this is in the football forum, it begs the question - are they "Athletics" supporters, or basketball-first or soccer-first supporters? Nothing would make some basketball and soccer supporters happier than to see the Zips football program drop to a lower division. It would be nice to have someone with a passion, and a clue, regarding G5 football on the committee. There are too many nimrods that think dropping to the FCS level will magically cure all Zips athletics ills. I'm scared of nimrods.
  3. My son attends UC. We went down for the UCF / UC game last fall. Gladly paid $120 for a pair of tickets. So did the other 40k+ fans in attendance. We lucked into a nice tailgate lot that was only $25. Friday night game. Had a blast. Here was the crowd from my vantage point. Not quite InfoCision.😁 HeHere is the student section rushing the field after knocking off a Top 25 team. My son is 985th from the right.😁 At least I'll have a team to root for this fall.🐻🐈
  4. January-March was actually debated as an option? Maybe if they hold the games in the Stiles Center, but that's the only way.
  5. I guess when considering all the old school bars/owners, Manny is the Last Man Standing.
  6. From what I hear, the 2021 slogan is being added to the truck. It's either - "Division 2 Fever - Catch it!" or "Akron Football - The Northwest Missouri State of the East"
  7. I will guess they keep the scholarship, but a year's athletic eligibility is lost. You can't have a 2021 football team with 110 scholarship players.
  8. Hopefully we are not making decisions regarding Zips Athletics to placate the faculty union / senate.
  9. He’s on a pace to be a 5-⭐️ within the next 48 hours!
  10. A few questions: How deep does the task force really need to dig...isn't it as simple as reviewing Akron's budget and comparing it to like-minded programs? It should take roughly 15 minutes? Does anyone on the task force have a vested interest in the finding's outcome? Was anyone on the task force responsible for putting the football program in the hole it's presently in? (i.e. did they sign off on hiring guys like Wistercil, Ianello, etc)? The George Thomas article from a week or so ago pretty much laid it all out. The task force should read it.
  11. Please place your Covid-19 debates and opinions within this thread. Please do not clutter the sports boards with pandemic-related thoughts unless they directly relate to the Akron Zips.
  12. Please discuss and debate whatever pandemic-related facts and opinions you'd like within this thread. Please keep them out of the sports threads.
  13. When you enroll as a full time student, I believe. You can pay for your own 9 credits and the clock doesn’t tick.
  14. I would assume they pay for the fall, and then get put on scholarship in the spring (when they officially join the team).
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