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  1. Xeyrius is the best P5 UA transfer (Dayton is a "P5" in hoops) since Jamie Bosley.
  2. Duquesne is 7-2, and beat Pitt by 19. So they aren't chopped liver.
  3. Speaking from my perch amongst the unwashed masses of the GA and upper reserved section, it's good to see the T-shirt cannon "stick it to da man" and knock a few dentures our every once in a while!
  4. I would think the next 2 Sundays should be games where the PA announcer says "Everyone from the GA section, come on down and sit with the Blue Hairs." It'll be the only time GA fans will have a chance to catch a free t-shirt.
  5. Over/under on "NFL Sunday" attendance at the JAR? December 8th: 500 December 15th: 550 Over/under on Teddy Bears tossed: 12
  6. Frenchy Fries at 40! Xerius on a roll! Great first half for the Zips.
  7. I don't read it that way. When I interviewed Trevor Brown earlier this year I asked him about his absence from the pre-season all-MAC teams. He said, "With team success, the individual recognition will come." We had no team success, so some of our better players got overlooked. Lako had a noteworthy season. But Davis was guilty by association with a secondary full of true freshman and 1st year starters. If I were drafting for an NFL team, and only picking the best available player, I'd take Davis over Lako. Trevor had a similar situation as Davis. An argument could also be made for Jest's inclusion. He had an outstanding 2019 at the nose. Unfortunately, he wasn't flanked buy anyone who could put pressure on the QB.
  8. Goddammit...Georgia Tech beat us by one lousy punt!!😡😡
  9. Discuss University financing here. Discuss football in the football forum.
  10. Not every player that enters the Transfer Portal in hopes of achieving Power 5 glory has a storybook ending.
  11. If you consider we were out gained 603 yards to 74 yards overall, the passing numbers aren’t so bad? Holy Moley...
  12. Much classier than other tweets I've seen. He's a special dude.
  13. Did George attend the game? Good for him if he did!
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