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  1. Game 26- @ PCCC

    Kent board abuzz for the big rivalry game.
  2. 2018 Recruiting

    Agreed. I'm tired of sweating out every XP kick, let alone the 28 yard FG's.
  3. Zips in the NFL

    Jatavis needs to pick it up in 2018
  4. Game 23—@Ohio University

    Yeah...it would suck to reach the Elite 8.
  5. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    For those keeping track - the Dukes have dropped 5 of their last 7, most-recently falling to the 10-12 Dayton Flyers by 15 last night (88-73). A big Fordham cupcake this weekend may be just what the doctor ordered for the former Zips HC?
  6. Game 23—@Ohio University

    With 7 scholarship players? No chance.
  7. Game 23—@Ohio University

    How many games would Dambrot have won last season if he'd lost Kwan, Noah, Antino, Big Dog, Poke and Dunn-Martin? That's about what Groce is up against right now. I liked what I saw from Groce and the kids when we had 75% of a full complement of scholarship players. But when we're down to 54% of the scholarship players everyone else has, you start to feel like the black knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail. We can can bleed on the opponent. But with no arms and one leg, that's about the only option we've got.
  8. Game 23—@Ohio University

    Now he's featured for 23 minutes per game on a 12-13 New Mexico team. Hope he's happy.
  9. 2018 Recruiting

    This is the first year in memory that there's no promotion of Signing Day.
  10. Game 23—@Ohio University

    @clarkwgriswold - you remember when you went on that vacation and forgot you'd tied Aunt Edna's dog Dinky to the station wagon bumper? Quoting the police officer - "The poor little guy probably kept up for a mile or so..." This ramshackle, snake bitten Zips squad bravely kept up this season ... until about the 00:30 mark of the second Ball State OT. Then the legs gave out. Excuse me while I go back and pick the carcass off the road.
  11. Game 23—@Ohio University

    Groce wasn't. Skip was.
  12. Zips in the NFL

    Chase with the Panthers
  13. Game 23—@Ohio University

    I see it too...but to me it's just human nature. Every night we are facing teams that are bigger, stronger, more experienced, deeper...that beats you down. Utomi's points, rebounds and minutes are through the roof when compared to last season. He's worked really hard to improve himself, but he just doesn't have the supporting cast to win. And if you came to Akron to play basketball, your expectation is to win...a lot. That beats you down. Tough season for the players and fans. Hopefully the guys shake this mid-season malaise and get a couple wins to finish the regular season. A little confidence, and Sayles return, might get us a game in Cleveland? Seems impossible right now, but once you get past Toledo and Buffalo...the MAC ain't very good. A hot Utomi/Ivey/Duvivier can do some damage.
  14. Game 23—@Ohio University

    2 years at a lower division. 1 year at a D1 program. I don't see him leaving. Groce has raved about his work ethic and commitment all season. Now that's he's hit a little wall he's out the door? Not buying it.
  15. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    I was watching the Patriots post game show last night and Charlies Weiss was being interviewed. He said NFL teams will scout college games searching for creative 2-point conversion plays. In particular he mentioned Boise State having some good ones. Obviously someone was watching the Zips/Bobcats...