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  1. After the part of you that died then, and the part that died after the t-shirt cannon assault, what's left?
  2. We go as Trimble goes. The last good team we played was Kent...and we were run off the floor. Trimble was 1-9 from behind the arc (2-12 overall). If we omit the statistical anomaly of the 10-14 BG game, in his other 5 most-recent games he's a combined 5-39 from 3-point land. That's 13% over 5 games!? Even if you include that 10-14 performance against BG, he's still only 28% from three over 6 games. For the volume he shoots, that's a killer. Our rebounding suffers when balls are careening off the iron from 25 feet away. The Zips are good enough to eek out games against lower competition when Trimble is off. But if he hangs another 1-9 game against Toledo, we'll get smoked. Prediction: If Trimble hits 5+ 3's, we win. Anything less and the bus ride home ain't no fun.
  3. He has people to do that for him. 😀
  4. There's a possibility of a 3-2 start? That's three season's worth of wins in "Arth Years."
  5. I believe the money is accurate. But to call it a "money game" in the same light that Ohio State, Auburn, Michigan State or Tennessee is a money game is a bit of a stretch. They lost to Terry Bowden's 4-win ULM team last year. I'd expect us to be very competitive.
  6. That's like compromising, and taking arsenic over cyanide. Fun old video, though. I'm sure I was there. 🍻
  7. Like most fans, I saw a lot of potential in Irons. Great size, speed, arm strength and accuracy. Ball security was his kryptonite, and you'd like to think Joe will address that. That said, I'd be shocked if we went into next season with only the three incumbent QB's. There HAS to be a P5, 5th year QB transfer waiting in the Signing Day wings.
  8. Mumpfield was a freshman last year. Maybe this kid makes a similar year #1 impact? The opportunity for playing time will certainly be there. When you bring in one of the best skill position players from one of the best high school teams in the south, you’re allowed to get a little excited. Every great player was a freshman once. 🦘💪🏽
  9. I always like Omar Jacobs' (former Florida HS star, BG QB and Steelers draft pick) take on playing college football in the north. He felt is was important to show NFL teams that he could play in the cold weather, so he chose BG over similar-level southern schools. Although he didn't do anything in the NFL, it did get him drafted by the Steelers.
  10. Heath better be sending Gary Waters one hell of a Christmas gift every year…that season he rode Waters’ kids to the Elite 8 pretty much bankrolled his college coaching career.
  11. 1,000 points…that averages out to 100 per year for him over his college career?
  12. If you’re concerned about COVID, you should come to the JAR. My section is at about 8% capacity. Others are even more sparse. You have a better chance contracting COVID in your own attic than you do at the JAR this year.
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