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  1. I wish there were such a thing as a "gimme" for the Zips.
  2. Put me amongst those tired of seeing the Zips name associated week-in-week-out with the nation's longest losing streak. I want to see our guys smiling and celebrating a win for the first time in 2 years. I'll take a win any way I can get it.
  3. She was responding to a previous post that began “Gentlemen...”
  4. Nelson - injured Sands - graduated...and might have dislocated his shoulder reaching for his diploma Burkhart- medically ineligible Knight -RB and special teams.
  5. One could argue they had a roster bare of talent in that 4-8, 2018 season. Alvin Davis just happened to go "Teon Dollard" on the Wildcats.
  6. On the Zips top 10 list of things to fix, return man is low on my priority list. Our most impactful player on defense, by far, is a 5' 9" middle linebacker. That's a big problem.
  7. Forgive me Teon...I’m tapping out. The kickoff did me in.
  8. I’m still watching cuz if Teon won’t quit, I can’t quit. Man is that kid a baller. Can he play on defense too?
  9. 611 yards in the 3rd quarter. Will they get 800?
  10. It’s like we’re playing with 8 guys on defense. No DB is close enough to a Kent WR to break on the ball. Kent is shooting fish in a barrel.
  11. No. I’m rooting for more turnover pencil sightings.
  12. I don't think over half were Kent fans. But there were certainly a lot. It made for a fun game day. When InfoCision opened, I envisioned that environment being a lot more common than it's been...
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