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  1. Reese threw down a nice dunk in warmups. Doesn’t seem to be limping?
  2. Dukes scarf down yet another cupcake, nipping now 6-10 (0-4) Fordham at PPG Arena in OT, 58-56. I watch the 2nd half on the treadmill last night...Dukes looked crappy. We'd beat them. Lots of people complain about our basketball Marketing. To get people off their backs they should set up a 2020 Saturday night game - Duquesne vs. Akron at Rocket Mortgage Field House (formerly The Q). Or even The Convo. They'd easily draw 12k for that one. It'd be a blast, and a shot in the arm for local college basketball. If the Dukes wanted a home-home, I'm sure Groce would oblige. Is KD afraid to schedule his old team? Is he "too good" to play a MAC program home-home now that he's in the A-10?
  3. I'll guess it is a combination of wishful thinking and Urban Legend.
  4. Blackford basketball is classified 2A this year. "Big School" classification in Indiana is 4A.
  5. Don't know why someone wouldn't appreciate your contribution. Thank you taking the time to provide so much info regarding a Zips recruit. He seems like a heck of a baller. But 2021 is a long ways away. Hope he doesn't get too big for us in the mean time. 🙂
  6. Seems like D-III is a lot more competitive now than when his Pop was running Mount's program. They aren't the juggernaut they used to be.
  7. Cut me some slack on the poll...as of the time I posted it, it was the most-recent edition. No excuse for mixing up the two USC’s though. Maybe I need to ban myself.
  8. Gavin's basketball Journey Takes Yet Another Bizeau Twist
  9. No more 11 pm posting after an 8 hour Sunday car trip. I'm just going to bed from here on out. 🤐
  10. I agree it was a good move for him, but not because he torched a bad UCLA team for 13 points. LCJ, Cheese or X would have put up 20 easily if the Zips played these Bruins. Utomi is a nice 5ppg role player on a good Trojan team. They should make the Big Dance. One of those rare situations where both the player, and his former team, are both better off after the separation.
  11. St Louis was a decent win, but the other 3 conference wins were against the dregs of the A-10. Let’s see what they do against RI, Dayton, VCU, etc.
  12. You need 5 approved posts before they will show up immediately.
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