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  1. Dawson's 3 stroke is getting better by the game. His energy is always there. He's a big guard that can body-up with a lot of the thicker 2's and 3's in the MAC. I want to see more of him. He's definitely trending up. BTW I like Jeff Boals, but it was a wuss move to complain to the officials about the Dawson trash talk after the made 3. Like Jeff never talked any trash in his day. I don't think the refs even heard anything...they just listened to Boals erupt about it, and then called the T. I hate that the refs are calling T's on one or two word chirps after a key made bucket. Reese got a similar one a game or two ago that was just as bad.
  2. I hear our 3rd string kick holder in going to enter the portal tomorrow. Expected to “move up” to either Otterbein of Maine or North Central Pennsylvania Tech. Both are Division 4 powerhouses. Stay tuned.
  3. Just because he drove to Florida and enrolled there doesn't mean his situation bears any resemblance to Council's. Dylan is an exceptional kid, but if he plays a down for the Gators, aside from possibly against whatever FCS team they pound 73-3. I'll be astounded.
  4. It is tough to live with the fact that a program founded 8 years ago is presently considered similar, or better than Akron.
  5. The great Cam Lyons leaves. How will we ever recover?
  6. Wow...they may need to move the game to Northwestern’s field?
  7. It will be interesting to see if some P5 programs with middling records, and an NIT invite, opt out.
  8. Captain Kangaroo


  9. I liked Dakich’s comment when, after making a bucket, Wynn flexed his muscles towards the Zips bench -“That’s gotta be a Triple technical!” alluding to the soft technical on Reese earlier in the game.
  10. This is a bad Kent team. They really need a home crowd pick-me-up, but it ain’t coming.
  11. Karma. The Kent guy was out of bounds when he “saved” the last ball.
  12. Technical? Is this Akron-Kent or Saturday morning CYO?
  13. Luckily the most talented team doesn’t always win.
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