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  1. Difficult game to handicap. Zips are terrible. Bryant is a bad FCS program. Zips pull away late and win 31-16. I don't care how bad the rest of the MAC appears to be, I still don't see a second win on the horizon. Mathison is the only Arth recruit that is proven to be worth the price of admission. Offense or defense. That's not enough. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. I’ve become an expert on bad football.
  3. What a bungled train wreck of a sequence. Giving the gave away on a silver platter. Unreal…
  4. Bowden had is early tenure surprises against Michigan and Pitt. The clock is ticking for Arth to coach his first "The Akron fans were pleasantly surprised..." game of his tenure. At some point he needs to give Zips fans some tangible hope that things are improving. Playing an AAC team that's 1-7 in their last 8 games, at InfoCision, seems like a great opportunity. Losing 56-12 would deflate the bandwagon in record time. Dre is right...this is sort of a do-or-die game. The champagne popped after the BG win has long since evaporated.
  5. I think the casual fan will lump Akron and Temple in the same non-P5 grouping. But Temple's success over the last 10-or-so years blows the Zips away. Al Golden left Temple for Miami FL, Steve Addazio left for BC, Matt Rhule was hired-away by Baylor and Geoff Collins took the Georgia Tech job. They hired Rod Carey away from NIU. They've had one losing season since 2013. In that same time JD Brookhart left Akron to sell CAD software, Rob Ianello's forced exit landed him the coveted Buffalo's WR Coach job, and Terry Bowden recently resurfaced at doormat Louisiana Monroe after being fired. Over the year's Kent has had some terrible teams...but they maintained some respectability because they had some great QB play. Jose Davis, Josh Cribbs and Julian Edelman compensated for horrible defenses with a high-scoring offense. I hate Kent, but those guys were fun to watch. If Irons can prove the Auburn appearance wasn't a fluke, and Arth opens the offense up, the 2021 Zips could actually be watchable. I wouldn't have thought that when the season began. I see this game playing out slightly worse than the the UAB game a couple years ago. Temple 45 Akron 23. I don't see us stopping Temple, no matter how badly they appeared to play against Rutgers. I'd tighten the spread if a few more Jeslord Boateng's joined the defense this week. He makes plays behind the line of scrimmage. I like him.
  6. The Auburn game was easy money. No way a Zips defense that couldn't make Kent punt once last November was going to hold Auburn under 50 nine months later. Temple is a little more difficult team to gauge. And Irons is a wild card.
  7. Going off 35 year old memories, I believe Akron’s first “major” D1-A opponent was Auburn. I was watching it on Channel 55. The cameras panned to some Zips fans in the stands with a sign that said “Just let us score.” Probably just as applicable a sign today. Auburn 59-0.
  8. My speculation - His frame was similar to the often-injured Warren Ball's. Two of his three seasons at Indiana ended prematurely (2016 Game #3, 2018, Game #1) due to season-ending leg injuries.
  9. Doesn’t every team get new uniforms every season?
  10. ESPN is the $300 weekly stimulus check...it's welfare. MAC schools would rather sit and home and collect ESPN's checks than build their programs, market them and fill stadiums. It's a lot less work.
  11. If he says "Waah waah... I wouldn't have built that stadium," he's the wrong person for the job. If he says "That stadium is a resource, and I'm gonna figure out a way to get 20k in it on a regular basis," then he's the right guy.
  12. Clayton Qualifies for Tokyo Is he still pissed at UA, or has that been smoothed-over?
  13. What will get you more "clicks?" "Coach punishes Jewish football player - forces him to eat pork" or "Disruptive local HS football player punished - chooses to pull pepperoni off pizza rather than eat chicken nuggets"
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