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  1. No such luck for high school kids. Then, if they were planning on playing college ball, they get the double whammy of potentially losing their scholarship, or aid (if going D-3).
  2. Just ran into E-man at the Cleveland airport. Guess he’s back in town to visit. He said his heart is doing great. He’s disappointed basketball season ended so early. Still a great young man. Small world!
  3. Dru’s heartfelt speech to Rome at the Kent game halftime.
  4. Let them play X-Box against each other in a 68 team bracketed tourney and televise it nationally. I'll be Jonesing so hard for hoops next week I'd probably watch it.
  5. There goes Duquesne’s shot at an at-large...
  6. As long as it’s not the pink ones.
  7. 1.) I hate Rudy Gobert. If he hadn't become "Hoops Patient Zero," we'd at least have some college and pro basketball on TV for the next month. 2.) Since they're already at the arena, do Groce and Co. run out to the court and cut down the nets?
  8. The 6th seed in the A-10 tourney, Duquesne takes on the winner of the 11/14 seed GW/Fordham game on Thursday. Interesting A-10 fact: 8 different schools, none being Dayton?, have won the past 10 championships (Temple, Richmond, St. Bonaventure, Saint Louis, Saint Joseph’s, VCU, Rhode Island and Davidson Dukes-centric A-10 Tourney Info Question of the day - Is Dayton "The Gonzaga of the East"?
  9. Buffalo’s exit costs the tournament a few thousand tickets sold. Miami and NIU might bring 300 combined to their Thursday game.
  10. The JAR was rocking from the get-go on Tuesday night. The best mid-week energy I've felt in that place in a long, long time. Tonight is going to be an absolute blast. Can't wait for tip-off!
  11. Nice to see the Zips scoreboard acknowledging the 2019 Dean’s List honorees. Congrats to Utomi and Ivey for their inclusion!
  12. For those considering staying at home and watching the game on TV, I have one question for you - "What's in your wallet?"
  13. Dukes beat St Bonny (10-6 in the A-10) by 4, and GW (4-12 in the A-10) by 3 to reach the vaunted 20-win mark! Big "measuring stick" game vs. VCU looming on Tuesday....
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